2018-10-08 23:02 https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/storm_graphics/AT14/refresh/AL142018_3day_cone_no_line_and_wind+png/094401_5day_cone_no_line_and_wind.png
(Image located at: https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/storm_graphics/AT14/refresh/AL142018_3day_cone_no_line_and_wind+png/094401_5day_cone_no_line_and_wind.png )
2018-10-08 21:46 He taught himself to draw in prison. Now hes winning over the art world.Tweet Tweet
2018-10-08 21:46 Gov. Warns: \'Possibly Greater Than I\'ve Seen In My 59 Years\'.Tweet Tweet
2018-10-08 21:36 Lindsey Graham has 'zero interest' in joining Trumps CabinetTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 21:34 West Allis man accused of assaulting workers at Racine County haunted houseTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 21:34 Skeletal remains tested after Va. leader called them Halloween decorations WTOPTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 21:34 Rand Paul Wife: I Sleep with Loaded Gun After Threats.Tweet Tweet
2018-10-08 21:34 How your surgeon could soon be replaced by a robot - SectorWatch - MarketWatchTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 21:24 Rosemount educator on leave after tweeting 'kill Kavanaugh?' - StarTribune.comTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 21:18 Morgan Stanley: Global investors are betting on US 'exceptionalism'Tweet Tweet
2018-10-08 21:18 ISS astronaut captures stunning shots from space Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 21:18 Brazil leans toward unsparing vision of far-right Bolsonaro Miami HeraldTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 21:18 Flash - Bolsonaro woos Brazil voters with simple recipe for ending violence - France 24Tweet Tweet
2018-10-08 21:18 Gay porn star is found dead, aged 21 Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 21:18 Typhus epidemic spreads across LA, health officials say - CNNTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 21:18 Video: Antifa Thugs Block Roads, Direct Traffic, Threaten People Who Dont ObeyTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 21:12 GOES-East - Sector Views: Gulf of Mexico - GeoColor - NOAA / NESDIS / STARTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 21:04 Tropical Tidbit for Monday Evening, October 8th, 2018 - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 21:04 Historical Analogues for Hurricane Michael: Hermine, Dennis, Ivan, Opal, and Kate by Dr. Jeff Masters Category 6 Weather UndergroundTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 20:18 Venezuela says jailed lawmaker commits suicide; opposition says he was killed ReutersTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 20:14 What's Saints QB Drew Brees been like leading up to breaking NFL record? 'Same ole Drew' Saints theadvocate.comTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 19:54 Cyberchondria and cyberhoarding: is internet fuelling new conditions? Society The GuardianTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 19:52 Bear cubs' weighted bodies found in Prince William Sound - KTVA 11 - The Voice of AlaskaTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 19:28 DMV says about 1,500 customers were improperly registered The Sacramento BeeTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 18:50 Most wanted fugitive in X-rated music video with half-naked women Daily StarTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 18:32 'A Shadow of Slavery's Power on America Today': Ocasio-Cortez Calls for Abolishing Electoral College Fox News InsiderTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 18:22 Trump Campaign Aide Requested Online Manipulation Plans From Israeli Intelligence Firm - The New York TimesTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 18:12 Robert Redford: I Feel Out of Place in the Country I Was Born Into IndieWireTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 17:54 Independents disapprove of Democrats' handling of the Brett Kavanaugh nomination by a 28-point marginTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 17:44 Enes Kanter, a Wanted Man in Turkey, could be withheld from Knicks regular-season game in London - NY Daily NewsTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 17:38 Alligator found, rescued from Lake MichiganTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 17:28 Watchdog presses FEC for audit on Maxine Waters fundraising practices Fox NewsTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 17:08 Another big Democratic loss. And yet more complaints about a rigged system. - The Washington PostTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 16:56 Border Patrol Spread Thin.Tweet Tweet
2018-10-08 16:44 UFOs over Myrtle Beach: Mysterious lights caught on video Myrtle Beach Sun NewsTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 16:40 Venezuela's annual inflation hits 488,865 percent in September: congress ReutersTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 16:22 Graffiti targeting Columbus Day found at two South Philly sitesTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 16:20 Trump Blasts 'Terrible' Chicago Crime, but Figures are Down - NBC ChicagoTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 16:18 Bolsonaro 'tsunami' swells far-right party in Brazil congressTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 16:00 Owner of limousine company involved in horror crash is a former FBI terror informant Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 15:44 U.S.-China Tensions Break Out in Beijing - WSJTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 15:36 Evacuations ordered as Hurricane Michael speeds toward FloridaTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 15:10 John Mayer Wants to Create a New 'Male Contract' Regarding Masculinity TMZ.comTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 14:46 Here We Go Again... Hillary Clinton Coughs Uncontrollably at Mansfield College - Requests Water (VIDEO)Tweet Tweet
2018-10-08 14:46 Navy petty officer wins transgender bodybuilding contestTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 14:34 Netflix addiction treated in Indian clinic's first case, report saysTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 14:30 Animal welfare workers save 71 beagles crammed in small home PennLive.comTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 14:26 Aaron Lee of band Red Daughters shot in NE. Mpls. street robbery - StarTribune.comTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 14:14 That Daily Glass Of Wine May Lead To An Earlier Death, Study FindsTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 13:46 Drive-By Shooting Sparks Chaotic Series Of Collisions On CA Highway.Tweet Tweet
2018-10-08 13:36 Facebook Stifles Ads For Film On Abortion Monster Kermit GosnellTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 13:14 Officer kills Texas police dog after attack on handler Fort Worth Star-TelegramTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 12:52 Boston breathing easier after major raid on MS-13 gangTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 12:46 Wireless voting machines may be vulnerable to hackers Miami HeraldTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 12:32 We Try to Learn Every Terrorist Attack: Inside the Top-Secret Israeli Anti-Terrorism Operation Thats Changing the Game Vanity FairTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 12:29 Need to Flee Venezuela? Pay Huge Bribe or Stand in Line Forever.Tweet Tweet
2018-10-08 12:28 Trouble for Hubble: gyro fails on space telescopeTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 12:02 A $240 Per Gallon Gas Tax To Fight Global Warming? New UN Report Suggests Carbon Pricing The Daily CallerTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 12:00 Hurricane Watches Up For Florida Panhandle For Rapidly Intensifying Michael by Dr. Jeff Masters Category 6 Weather UndergroundTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 11:50 Facebook wants people to invite its cameras into their homesTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 11:46 Democrats' first 2020 debate is only months awayTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 11:44 UN report on global warming carries life-or-death warningTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 11:38 France's Le Pen says Bannon cannot 'save Europe'Tweet Tweet
2018-10-08 11:38 Brazil stock market soars after far-right candidate's first-round winTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 11:34 Stormy Daniels Sorry for Mocking Trump Penis.Tweet Tweet
2018-10-08 11:32 BREAKING Uber drivers will strike tomorrow for 24 hours in London, Birmingham and Nottingham - Mirror OnlineTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 11:28 https://www.tropicaltidbits.com/storminfo/14L_tracks_latest.png
(Image located at: https://www.tropicaltidbits.com/storminfo/14L_tracks_latest.png )
2018-10-08 11:26 Brett Kavanaugh just hired the Supreme Court's first all-women law clerk teamTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 11:22 5G rolls out, but not without controversy - News - The Courier-Tribune - Asheboro, NCTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 11:20 L.A. immigrant who spent six months in detention describes harsh conditions at Adelanto facility - Los Angeles TimesTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 11:16 Avenatti's media honeymoon is over following Kavanaugh accuser backlash TheHillTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 11:08 California governor candidates face off in only debateTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 10:48 https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/storm_graphics/AT14/refresh/AL142018_5day_cone_no_line_and_wind+png/094401_5day_cone_no_line_and_wind.png
(Image located at: https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/storm_graphics/AT14/refresh/AL142018_5day_cone_no_line_and_wind+png/094401_5day_cone_no_line_and_wind.png )
2018-10-08 10:32 New Facebook Portal Camera Follows You Around the RoomTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 10:20 Gruesome Footage of Dairy Calves Exposes a Gaping Loophole in Californias Landmark Animal Welfare LawTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 10:16 APNewsBreak: Hillary, Bill Clinton to go on tour this yearTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 10:12 Flash - Russian trust in Putin plunges to 39 percent - France 24Tweet Tweet
2018-10-08 09:52 Life on the Dirtiest Block in San Francisco :: WRAL.comTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 09:44 Sex Island holiday with 'unlimited' sex and choice of 60 'drug-friendly prostitutes' RETURNS - Mirror OnlineTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 09:32 Rise of obesity and diabetes could exacerbate future flu pandemicsTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 09:12 Poll: Dems have 4-point lead in battleground House districts TheHillTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 09:00 Louisville inmates find unique escape means: trash cans - CBS NewsTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 08:52 Wealth in America: Median household income in richest, poorest statesTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 08:50 Hazmat Crews Called In After \'Sticky Substance\' Found In Church Offering Plate.Tweet Tweet
2018-10-08 08:36 Rare, polio-like disorder AFM on the rise, CDC and health dept. warnTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 08:16 After meeting delay, Rosenstein to fly with Trump on AF1Tweet Tweet
2018-10-08 08:12 Feel Like You Havent Hit Your Peak Yet? Its Never Too Late - The New York TimesTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 08:10 Viral FACEBOOK Hoax Messages Prompts Warning From Officials.Tweet Tweet
2018-10-08 07:54 France's Le Pen distances herself from Bannon's MovementTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 07:50 Interpol's former Chinese chief accused of briberyTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 07:42 Far right, ex-military officer wins Brazil vote, faces ...Tweet Tweet
2018-10-08 07:40 Weather News Weather UndergroundTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 07:34 Pope blames devil for Church divisions, scandals, seeks angel's help ReutersTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 07:32 State Of Play: Republicans fear Democratic 'blue wave' spreading to once-safe districts ReutersTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 07:20 Drones and AI Ward Off Shark Attacksas PredatorsHuntCloser to ShoreTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 07:18 The World's Longest Flight Will Have No Economy SeatsTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 07:02 Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil's far-right presidential candidate wins first round of election - CNNTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 06:44 Size really does matter when it comes to fertilityTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 06:34 Uber Drivers Death Marks Seventh For-Hire Driver Suicide Within a Year :: WRAL.comTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 06:24 Life on the Dirtiest Block in San Francisco - The New York TimesTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 06:20 Pandemonium erupts at Lil Wayne concert in Atlanta, injuring at least 12 - ABC NewsTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 06:10 Tropical Storm Michael Public AdvisoryTweet Tweet
2018-10-08 06:10 TROPICAL STORM MICHAELTweet Tweet

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