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2018-09-24 21:40:07 Trump leads aggressive, all-out GOP drive to save Kavanaugh
2018-09-23 14:00:05 Theresa Mays team plot snap election to save Brexit News The Sunday Times
2018-09-23 14:00:05 Helicopter crews save 100 people, 33 animals in flood Charlotte Observer
2018-09-23 13:59:40 'Incredibly frustrated': The GOP's effort to save Kavanaugh amid assault allegation - San Antonio Express-News
2018-09-19 07:48:04 BMW is teaching this motorcycle to drive itself so it can help save lives
2018-09-18 10:54:04 GOP hopes testimony showdown can save Kavanaugh's nomination
2018-09-17 12:38:05 North Carolina Woman Saves 18 'Soaked and Shaking' Dogs The Weather Channel
2018-09-13 07:30:07 Turkish central bank hikes rates in a bid to save tumbling currency
2018-09-10 21:46:13 Discovery of dog saves Oregon man from sex-crime conviction
2018-09-04 16:50:08 Oops! Some U.S. States Forget to Save Despite Growing Economy - BloombergQuint
2018-09-03 06:52:05 Firefighters try to save relics as fire engulfs Rio museum
2018-08-30 07:34:04 How a plan to save Kenya's rhino left 11 dead in historic blunder News24
2018-08-28 00:16:16 This Robot Will Hunt Lionfish to Save Coral Reefs
2018-08-27 11:20:06 1 in 3 Americans have less than $5,000 saved for retirement
2018-08-19 17:04:05 Anthony Man on Twitter: ".@AlceeHastingsFL warms up Democratic rally in Sunrise with a joke about the difference between a crisis and a catastrophe.Crisis: if @realDonaldTrump falls into the Potomac River & cant swim.Catastrophe: If anybody saves his ass
2018-08-17 16:52:04 A whale capsized their boat off the Jersey Shore, and a retired firefighter saved them
2018-08-14 17:58:05 Genoa bridge collapse survivor and Italian footballer Davide Capello tells of falling 160 FEET as he says 'I don't know what saved me'
2018-08-13 22:38:16 Caught on video: 60 dogs, cats saved by police in daring wildfire rescue
2018-08-12 10:04:05 Chisago County deputy saves women in lake on rainbow unicorn
2018-08-08 06:20:04 Vets ready for rare efforts to save ailing endangered orca
2018-08-04 21:06:05 Trump Tries to Save Reliable GOP House Seat in Ohio
2018-07-31 20:10:07 Battle to save the world's oldest tattoo parlour from being turned into a kitchen
2018-07-28 21:54:05 Stripping zeros not the answer to save Venezuelan economy, say analysts
2018-07-24 08:54:05 How tech's richest plan to save themselves after the apocalypse Technology The Guardian
2018-07-20 13:56:04 Pit Bull Saves Family From House Fire.
2018-07-18 11:20:04 Boris Johnson savages Theresa Mays Chequers plan and says it's 'not too late to save Brexit' in devastating resignation speech
2018-07-11 20:20:04 Chinese citizens urged to eat a bug and save a tree as summer cicada glut threatens greenery South China Morning Post
2018-07-09 09:56:06 LIVE: Calls for Boris Johnson to 'save Brexit' as Theresa May faces cabinet crisis
2018-07-07 13:18:08 U.N. official calls for ark to save world from global warming
2018-07-02 17:56:12 Florida teen chased up tree by monster alligator saved by hero...
2018-07-02 15:18:07 This brave dog saved his owner from a rattlesnake
2018-07-02 11:30:07 Eric Trump rushes into NYC traffic to save ailing woman
2018-06-26 15:28:05 Boy saved after dangling by his head from fifth-storey balcony in Taiwan - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
2018-06-24 21:50:06 McCaskill suffers cracked rib after colleague saves her from cho -
2018-06-20 15:36:05 We should not apologize for sex: Can Hugh Hefners 26-year-old son save an ailing Playboy empire? National Post
2018-06-18 19:02:05 Florida man saves his third gator from a python in under a year
2018-06-10 20:46:05 Pit bull tries to save baby, family from Stockton CA fire The Sacramento Bee
2018-06-07 21:28:04 Women who refuse to have babies to save the planet! Daily Mail Online
2018-06-06 09:30:05 Kill the tech bro, save the world: how CEOs became Hollywood's new supervillains Technology The Guardian
2018-06-04 10:54:10 Swimmer dies after shark rips off his penis despite horrified sunbathers frantic battle to save his life on Brazilian beach
2018-06-02 12:28:48 Benedict Cumberbatch saves defenceless Deliveroo cyclist from brutal assault by gang of four muggers
2018-05-30 22:14:04 Strong economy won't save Republicans in the 2018 midterm elections
2018-05-25 07:00:05 Australia builds world's longest cat-proof fence to save wildlife - Channel NewsAsia
2018-05-23 07:48:05 Behind Moonves Crusade to Save CBS From VIACOM.
2018-05-22 11:34:05 Conservationists fight to save animals as mass extinction looms
2018-05-21 17:16:05 Mueller team's special status could save Virginia Manafort case - POLITICO
2018-05-21 07:38:05 Police Officer Performs C-Section On Deer Fatally Struck By Car, Saves Fawn.
2018-05-17 13:54:06 Southern White Rhino Victoria is Pregnant, Could Save Subspecies - Bloomberg
2018-05-16 15:52:05 Senate votes to save net neutrality.
2018-05-16 13:46:05 \'Many lives saved\'.

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