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2019-05-14 22:18:03 Official describes Venezuela\'s Maduro as paranoid, weak, isolated.
2019-01-29 14:52:03 Jussie Smollett Emergency Call Describes Noose Placed Around Neck
2019-01-22 13:44:04 Undercover St. Louis cop says colleagues beat him 'like Rodney King'; describes attack as 'free for all' Law and order
2019-01-15 16:06:04 Witness at 'El Chapo' trial describes alleged $100 million bribe to Pena Nieto Reuters
2019-01-10 07:44:04 Cal Poly student describes shark attack in SLO County CA The Tribune
2018-11-26 20:20:04 Woman describes torture, beatings in Chinese detention camp
2018-11-08 22:40:07 Pablo Escobar's widow describes forced abortion in new... Daily Mail Online
2018-10-08 11:20:07 L.A. immigrant who spent six months in detention describes harsh conditions at Adelanto facility - Los Angeles Times
2018-09-19 18:22:05 'I told her that I believed her': Lawmaker describes meeting with Kavanaugh accuser - SFGate
2018-09-19 17:48:04 I told her that I believed her: Calif. lawmaker describes meeting with Kavanaugh accuser - The Washington Post
2018-08-02 17:10:05 Death row journo describes searing memories of 400+ executions.
2018-06-29 18:50:14 Edward Snowden describes Russian government as corrupt US news The Guardian
2018-06-19 09:26:06 WikiLeaks on Twitter: "In his own words: Alleged CIA #Vault7 whistleblower Joshua A. Schulte describes FBI raid 1) https://t
2018-06-12 10:28:06 Report describes Dubai real estate as money-laundering haven
2017-12-18 21:38:07 Navy pilot describes 2004 encounter with UFO off San Diego coast - The San Diego Union-Tribune
2017-12-03 09:14:07 Witness describes terror after man hurls Molotov cocktail into supermarket New York Post
2017-11-06 06:06:08 Hero describes how he tracked down church shooter after attack - San Antonio Express-News
2017-11-05 23:16:05 Hero describes how he tracked down church shooter after attack - San Antonio Express-News
2017-11-05 23:14:07 Hero describes how he tracked down church shooter after attack - Houston Chronicle
2017-11-02 14:02:08 Man Describes Sex Relationship With Kevin Spacey at 14.
2017-10-04 18:54:06 Las Vegas gunman's girlfriend describes Stephen Paddock as 'kind, caring, quiet man'
2017-09-17 12:28:18 StL Reporter Describes "Scariest Moment of My Career" After Far Left Mob Assaulted and Chased Him from Rally (VIDEO)
2017-06-15 13:04:02 Elon Musk paper describes how SpaceX will help colonize Mars - Business Insider
2017-05-29 13:44:05 Hamerton Zoo 'tiger attack' witness describes hearing 'screams' as keepers 'threw meat over the enclosure to entice tiger away' - Cambridge News
2017-05-16 12:20:05 Lawsuit describes VR startup's office 'kink room,' parties 'rife with sexual impropriety'
2017-05-03 09:10:04 He Wants to Kill Us: Rachel Maddow Describes Her Bizarre Phone Call With Donald Trump Mediaite
2017-02-02 21:04:12 One woman describes what its REALLY like to sleep with a man with a penile implant Daily Star
2016-11-28 08:24:05 Philippines' Duterte describes Western threats of ICC indictment as 'bullshit'
2016-11-15 07:58:02 Exclusive: Fox anchor Megyn Kelly describes scary, bullying 'Year of Trump'
2016-11-10 12:30:06 Nigel Farage Describes Barack Obama as a loathsome creature and Warns Donald Trump Not to Touch Theresa May
2016-11-10 08:08:02 Nigel Farage describes Barack Obama as a 'loathsome creature' - and warns Donald Trump not to touch Theresa May
2016-10-21 08:58:16 Cardinal Describes Uncomfortable Seat Between Candidates.\'Iciest Place On Planet\'.
2016-10-16 11:48:07 Bill Clintons Son Describes Hillarys Abuse
2016-08-27 11:14:02 Clinton Global Initiative Moderator Describes Groups Events As Creepy, Disgusting, Gross
2016-08-23 19:02:40 Utah man describes 'nightmare' conditions in Venezuela jail
2016-08-05 15:52:13 Pope Francis Describes Transgenderism as the Annihilation of Man
2016-08-05 08:28:53 Pope Francis Describes Transgenderism as the 'Annihilation of Man' - Breitbart
2016-07-15 12:22:40 AFP photographer describes heartbreak of Nice attack aftermath
2016-07-08 13:10:04 Dallas Shooting Witness Describes Traumatic Event
2016-07-08 09:12:39 #BlackLivesMatter Protester Describes How Dallas Police Saved His Life During Shootings (Video)
2016-06-13 00:20:05 Witness Describes Second Shooter, Accomplice Blocking Door in Orlando
2016-05-16 08:06:42 Man who fractured his PENIS during sex describes moment he heard a loud 'snap Daily Mail Online
2016-04-30 19:42:02 Scientology Leaders Father Ron Miscavige Describes the Moment When He Says He Escaped - ABC News
2016-04-12 16:42:06 Dealer Describes How He Sold Fast & Furious Weapons for ATF
2016-03-21 12:34:05 Anti-Trump Protester Who Slapped Police Horse Describes Herself as a Commie Feminist
2016-03-15 08:14:05 Ex-stripper describes 13-year nightmare as tech titans sex slave New York Post
2016-01-20 15:58:09 Flint Resident Describes Symptoms of Lead Poisoning
2016-01-07 19:58:03 Unlike Anything Ive Ever Seen: Mike Rowe Describes His Wild Night With a Pack of Rat-Hunting Dogs in New York City Video
2015-12-05 14:28:06 Obama Describes U.S. Gun Law Loophole as Insane
2015-12-02 13:16:09 Trump Is Right: Video Describes How Jersey City Muslims Held PRE-PLANNED 9/11 Rooftop Celebration

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