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2018-11-12 21:44:10 WATCH: Protesters Chant 'Trump!', 'Fake News!' at MSNBC's Ari Melber During Chaotic Live Show in Broward County
2018-11-09 16:42:04 Protesters chant 'lock her up' outside Broward elections office as Florida's midterm elections descend into chaos - Sun Sentinel
2018-11-08 18:38:09 Protesters target home of Fox News' Tucker Carlson
2018-11-08 07:24:06 'They were threatening me and my family': Tucker Carlson's home targeted by protesters - SFGate
2018-11-07 21:38:04 Protesters Chant Outside Home of Fox News Host Tucker Carlson National Review
2018-10-30 21:38:07 Trump mourns 11 synagogue martyrs as more than 2,000 protesters accuse him of fueling anti-Semitism Daily Mail Online
2018-10-22 12:56:08 California company that hires protesters is accused of extortion The Sacramento Bee
2018-10-20 09:56:05 Nancy Pelosi cursed out by protesters in Florida
2018-10-07 13:12:11 WATCH: Leftists Protesters FREAK OUT, Claw At Supreme Court Doors While Brett Kavanaugh Is Sworn In Daily Wire
2018-10-05 20:02:05 Manchin drowned out by protesters as he explains vote TheHill
2018-10-05 14:58:05 Undercover cops break Facebook rules to track protesters, ensnare criminals
2018-10-04 21:34:05 Marco Rubio Drowned Out by Protesters While Talking Brett Kavanaugh
2018-10-04 19:16:06 Scores of Kavanaugh protesters arrested after descending onSenate building TheHill
2018-10-03 15:48:08 McConnell vows Republicans wont be intimidated by Kavanaugh protesters - MarketWatch
2018-10-02 13:34:05 Weed-Smoking Protesters Assault Republican Congressman at His Office
2018-09-24 22:32:04 Ted Cruz Chased Out Of DC Restaurant By Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters The Daily Caller
2018-09-18 17:04:04 EXCLUSIVE: Soros-Backed Activists Slip Cash To Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters Before Arrests The Daily Caller
2018-09-04 14:12:04 Elizabeth Warren Has No Problem With Protesters She Wants Them To Stay And Interrupt Kavanaugh Hearing The Daily Caller
2018-09-03 12:22:07 Chicago murders: Protesters hope to shut down O'Hare Airport
2018-08-31 13:26:05 Inside Kavanaugh's hearing prep: Mock hearings and faux protesters - POLITICO
2018-08-25 12:16:05 Protesters clash at UNC-Chapel Hill, less than a week after Silent Sam was toppled News & Observer
2018-08-25 08:38:04 SHOWDOWN: UNC board member calls for Confederate statue to be reinstalled on campus after protesters tear down.
2018-08-20 22:10:08 Silent Sam statue toppled by protesters in Chapel Hill News & Observer
2018-08-13 10:42:08 Do Him Like Gaddafi Antifa Protesters Caught On Video Threatening To Kill The President The Daily Caller
2018-08-12 09:32:10 Cal Perry on Twitter: "Protesters very aggressive with media. #Charlottesville "
2018-08-07 07:30:05 Black Lives Matter Protesters Crash Wedding Of Cop Linked To Deadly Shooting.
2018-08-05 08:56:01 Metro weighing separate subway cars for 'white civil rights' rally participants, protesters - Washington Times
2018-08-04 11:04:05 Flash - Iran protesters attack religious school: Fars news agency - France 24
2018-08-03 14:36:07 Violence on streets of Iran as police use tear gas on protesters Daily Mail Online
2018-08-03 06:24:07 Violence on streets of Iran as police use tear gas on protesters Daily Mail Online
2018-07-27 14:08:07 Protesters Interrupt Bill Clinton Speech, Demanding Decriminalization of Sex Workers Worldwide
2018-07-26 08:26:05 Occupy ICE PDX Protesters Leave Heaps Of Trash, Human Waste For City To Clean At Taxpayers Expense
2018-07-19 12:00:05 Masked Protesters Hurl Feces At Pro-Trump Coffee Shop.
2018-07-14 10:38:05 Donald Trump taunts protesters at Scottish golf course as they tell him to 'go home'
2018-07-07 23:24:08 Mitch McConnell confronted by Louisville protesters Saturday
2018-07-01 06:22:07 Portland Police revoke permit, declare riot as protesters clash downtown
2018-07-01 06:22:07 Tear gas as protesters throw fireworks, eggs.
2018-06-28 17:30:04 Dem congresswoman among anti-Trump protesters arrested inside Capitol office building Fox News
2018-06-28 06:18:04 CHAOS IN TEHRAN! Iranian Protesters Chase Police Down the Street, Then Torch Their Bikes (VIDEO)
2018-06-26 21:50:05 Protesters disrupt immigration agents with encampments across U.S.
2018-06-26 06:02:05 Protesters Gather Outside White House Adviser Stephen Millers Apartment, Pass Out Wanted Flyers The Daily Caller
2018-06-25 16:16:09 Feds order Occupy ICE PDX protesters to abandon camp on their property or face arrest
2018-06-22 20:36:05 Protesters descend on Kirstjen Nielsen's home: 'No justice, no sleep' - Washington Times
2018-06-20 21:24:31 Trump has protesters kicked out of Minnesota rally Daily Mail Online
2018-06-20 00:12:11 Protesters harass, chase DHS secretary from dinner at Mexican restaurant: WATCH
2018-06-09 12:16:08 Facing gunfire, Nicaraguan protesters build own mortars
2018-05-31 16:12:05 Protesters toss scooters into street to block tech buses in SF - SFGate
2018-05-27 18:06:07 Hundreds of far-right protesters descend on Whitehall after Tommy Robinson arrested for 'breaching the peace' London Evening Standard
2018-05-15 12:34:04 UN ambassador Nikki Haley lauds Israel for 'restraint' during clashes with Palestinian protesters
2018-04-27 16:08:05 Israeli forces kill three Gaza border protesters, wound 400: medics Reuters

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