2016-12-10 18:24 Washington Statesman Matt Shea Announces Congressional RunTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 17:24 TRUMP CHEERED AT ARMY-NAVY GAME(AP)Tweet Tweet
2016-12-10 17:18 World War 3 'will be in Europe': Continent facing mass civil unrest Daily StarTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 17:08 At least 13 people reportedly killed by two bombs in 'inhuman terror attack' at the Besiktas football stadium in TurkeyTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 17:02 Stanford University Band Suspended after being Accused of systemic cultural problemTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 17:02 Suspected Car Bomb Wounds around 20 Outside Istanbul Soccer StadiumTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 16:56 British Court Rules Al Gore Film Exaggerated Climate Claims Fox NewsTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 16:32 Could uncertainty over President-elect Donald Trump lead to a Mariel-like exodus from Cuba? McClatchy DCTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 16:24 Trump greets troops, draws cheers at Army-Navy gameTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 16:08 Pentagon Buries Evidence of $125 Billion in Bureaucratic WasteTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 16:00 http://cdn1.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/RTSV96I.jpg
2016-12-10 15:52 Stanford University band suspended after being accused of 'systemic cultural problem' - LA TimesTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 15:44 Islamic State retakes parts of Syrias historic PalmyraTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 15:14 Suspected car bomb wounds around 20 outside Istanbul football stadium: ministerTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 15:08 Trump to name Exxon CEO Tillerson secretary of state: NBC NEWSTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 15:08 Breaking! Congress Admits CIA Moving To Ban Free Speech In AmericaTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 15:08 IMF Chief Lagarde on Trial in FranceTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 15:08 Trump Labels CNN Fake NewsTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 14:40 Extreme cold weather snap contributes to 3 electricity records in Alberta Globalnews.caTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 14:08 Orlando police launch 'safe place' initiative for LGBT residents, visitors - Orlando SentinelTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 14:06 Seizes 4M Toys, Will Give Them to Poor Kids.(AP)Tweet Tweet
2016-12-10 13:50 'Rogue One' Premiere Targeted by Pro-Trump Street Artist Hollywood ReporterTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 13:46 Weekend snow sets stage for Polar Vortex's icy returnTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 13:42 Rex Tillerson of Exxon Mobil Expected to Be Named Trump's Secretary of State: Sources - NBC NewsTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 13:30 Rex Tillerson is Donald Trump's leading candidate for secretary of state - CBS NewsTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 13:24 Santacon protesters and revelers clash during bar crawl New York PostTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 12:22 Chris Wallace on Trump: He Is Kind of the Commander-in-Chief AlreadyTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 12:22 FBI Sent Planeload of Agents to Frame Assange in Iceland, got Snubbed by MinisterTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 12:08 Spicer Says Russians Never Hacked The RNC, Reports Are False The Daily CallerTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 12:02 http://cdn1.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/sheet-mulch-beginning.jpg
2016-12-10 12:02 http://cdn1.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/APEC-SUMMIT-.jpg
2016-12-10 11:56 Trump Bashes CIA, Dismisses Russian Hacking ReportTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 11:44 Breaking News: Climate Scare Is Over!Tweet Tweet
2016-12-10 11:34 Washington Post Fake News: Secret CIA assessment says Russia was trying to help Trump win White HouseTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 11:32 Exclusive: DHS Says Georgia Hack May Have Been Rogue Employee LifeZetteTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 11:28 http://cdn1.pri.org/sites/default/files/russia_vladimir_putin_eurasian_union.jpg
2016-12-10 11:24 2 Killed in Fiery Street Racing Crash NBC Southern CaliforniaTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 11:04 Golden Globes Voters Told to Return Gift of Tom Ford Fragrance Hollywood ReporterTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 11:02 Former Major League pitcher becomes police officer (Dec 10, 2016) FOX SportsTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 10:56 Carnage as drunk revellers fight, fall and spew on street in Cardiff, Leeds and Birmingham Daily StarTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 10:50 Russia launches plan to destroy Merkel in Germany election, claims US official World News Daily ExpressTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 10:20 New UN chief to be sworn in amid uncertainty over Trump World Malay Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 10:12 Trump bashes CIA, dismisses Russian hacking reportTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 10:06 FBI sent planeload of agents to frame Assange in Iceland, got snubbed by minister RT NewsTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 09:58 Study: Half of people "remember" events that never happened - CBS NewsTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 09:48 2016: The year in picturesTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 09:36 New York elite at war over nonstop Christmas music New York PostTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 09:30 Move to a leafy suburb to cut cancer riskTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 09:22 France Extends Emergency Law as Terrorist Threat Remains High - BloombergTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 09:22 Non-OPEC Said to Join OPEC in First Global Cut in 15 Years - BloombergTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 09:20 DONALD ATTENDS ARMY-NAVY GAME.(AP)Tweet Tweet
2016-12-10 09:10 Catholic Church: New Priests Will be Expected to Preach Global Warming Watts Up With That?Tweet Tweet
2016-12-10 09:02 'La La Land' expected to lead Golden Globe nominationsTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 09:00 Spotlight turns to US forces' role as IS fight continuesTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 08:54 Mexico quietly marks 10 years of drug warTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 08:50 Taiwan says China air force conducts long-range drillsTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 08:44 Ho, ho, ho! SantaCon is coming to townTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 07:58 The Intercept: A Clinton Fan Manufactured Fake News That MSNBC Personalities Spread to Discredit Wikileaks DocsTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 07:54 Joe Scarborough: Hillary Clinton Cost Hillary Clinton the Election, Not Fake NewsTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 07:50 Yahoo Spreads Fake News Story About Hillary Getting Most Votes EverTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 07:48 Trump: Companies That Leave U.S. Will Have a Very, Very Substantial Tariff or Tax to PayTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 07:44 STUDY: 77 percent of Trumps general election news coverage was negativeTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 07:42 Hillary Clintons losing campaign cost a record $1.2BTweet Tweet
2016-12-10 07:40 BOOM: Trump offered to buy Hillarys election night fireworks!Tweet Tweet

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