2016-10-25 13:08 Huma Abedin On Hillary: "She Is Still Not Perfect In Her Head" Zero HedgeTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 13:04 MRC Study: Documenting TVs Twelve Weeks of Trump BashingTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 13:00 Wikileaks: Hillary Caught Rigging Every Angle Of ElectionTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 13:00 New Wikileaks Confirm Media Rigging Polls For HillaryTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 12:48 zerohedge on Twitter: ""She's going to stick to notes a little closer this am, still not perfect in her head"https://t.co/wPAQLg955g https://t.co/eiqhri2V1d"Tweet Tweet
2016-10-25 12:42 Trumps Contract with America and His WarningTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 12:42 Proof Media Is Working For Hillary To Steal The ElectionTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 12:24 Michigan Township Defies Feds: 'Will Not Actively Participate in the Refugee Resettlement Program' - BreitbartTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 12:14 Video: Trump Warns Of Voter Suppression From Rigged PollsTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 12:14 British Special Forces Set to Resume Training democratic & moderate Syrian RebelsTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 12:14 US Shouldnt Treat Philippines like dog with leash DuterteTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 12:14 Soros Linked Voting Machines To Be Used In Key Battleground StatesTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 12:12 http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/women-lege.jpg
2016-10-25 12:12 http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/women-in-afghanistan.jpg
2016-10-25 12:12 http://www.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/RTX2Q829.jpg
2016-10-25 11:52 Just 4 in 10 confident vote will be counted accurately Washington ExaminerTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 11:38 Homes in Sen. Pat Toomeys neighborhood vandalized with anti-GOP graffitiTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 11:38 How To Stop Election FraudTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 11:38 Tech Blogger finds Proof DNC Chiefs Emails werent doctored Despite ClaimsTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 11:38 Destroying Election Integrity By Executive OrderTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 11:02 How pot is firing up this real estateTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 10:36 Don't say 'man up,' 'like a girl,' Chico State athletes sayTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 10:18 Urine is eroding the world's tallest church tower - CNN.comTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 09:36 Philly Mess: Only 2 Insurers Left, Premiums To Rise 53%!Tweet Tweet
2016-10-25 09:34 Foreign observers ratchet up presence at US poll sites, amid interference claims Fox NewsTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 09:32 Log In - New York TimesTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 09:30 http://cdn1.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/women-lege.jpg
2016-10-25 09:28 Joe Arpaio on the ropes as illegal immigrants join fight to oust 'America's toughest sheriff' - Washington TimesTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 09:28 http://cdn1.pri.org/sites/default/files/story/images/women-in-afghanistan.jpg
2016-10-25 09:26 40% Of Voters Expected To Cast Ballot Before Election Day.Tweet Tweet
2016-10-25 09:12 Sean Hannity FULL Interview with The " Fixer " Clinton Operative Jeff Rovin National Enquirer Story - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 09:10 MATT DRUDGE on Twitter: "Did she fall again? Strange gash/bump/implant appeared on side of Hillary face yesterday in NH. https://t.co/UHDU1nXtTE"Tweet Tweet
2016-10-25 09:02 Michael Moore: Trumps Election Will be the Biggest F**k You in HistoryTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 08:36 White House Watch - Rasmussen ReportsTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 08:28 N.C. Democratic Party chair owes $286K in back taxes - Hot Air Hot AirTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 08:10 Clintons Florida Secret Weapon: New Puerto Rican Immigrants - Bloomberg PoliticsTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 08:04 Horrified Sacramento police stumble upon dead body after following woman down the street who was carrying a skull on a stickTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 08:00 Islamic State takes control of half Iraqi town near Jordan-Syria border: sourcesTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 07:56 Norway nuclear reactor leak contained, no injuries sustained: reactor owner IFETweet Tweet
2016-10-25 07:56 Young Egyptians scream their stress away in Cairo bookshopTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 07:54 Philippines' Duterte hits out at U.S., then heads to JapanTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 07:52 Seal 'attacks surfers' in rare Australia encounterTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 07:50 Shrine to Jesus in Israel 'robbed and vandalised'Tweet Tweet
2016-10-25 07:50 'Diabetes cure' herbal medicine kills four in IndiaTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 07:48 Thousands expected at Donald Trump rally in SanfordTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 07:46 Internet Crashes Hard To Stop After Obama Internet Giveaway The Daily CallerTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 07:46 Morrissey: 'Brexit was magnificent'Tweet Tweet
2016-10-25 07:44 Battle for Mosul: Sniper kills ISIS executioner moments before jihadi can behead teenager Daily StarTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 07:44 Could Hillary Clinton start a World War? Sure as hell she could and heres how The IndependentTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 07:44 Log In - New York TimesTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 07:44 Big tech-media mergers raise fresh privacy concernsTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 07:44 Hacked emails reveal plan to counter Rupert Murdoch's climate denial Environment The GuardianTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 07:44 Early voting suggests tight race in key states despite Clinton camp boast Fox NewsTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 07:38 Woman 'sexually assaulted' in virtual reality by pervert cyber-groperTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 07:34 War over polls intensifies TheHillTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 07:34 ObamaCare hikes leave Dems exposed TheHillTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 07:32 Number of STD cases in the US reaches record high as public services 'stretched thin'Tweet Tweet
2016-10-25 07:18 Alleged Clinton Fixer: 'New York Times Has Become the National Enquirer' LifeZetteTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 07:16 Barack Obama L.A. Visit Road Closures Jimmy Kimmel & Final Fundraisers DeadlineTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 07:16 Obamacares Death Spiral: Double-Digit Cost Spikes, Disappearing ChoicesTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 07:16 Report: Votes Switched From Trump to Hillary in TexasTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 07:16 Its A Setup: U.S. Officials Warn That Russians Will Undermine Elections With Fake Documents Showing Voter FraudTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 07:10 Hillary Clintons Security Detail Curses & Foul Mouth National ReviewTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 07:06 WOW! Tim Kaine Holds Rally and ONLY 30 PEOPLE Show Up!Tweet Tweet
2016-10-25 07:02 Campus police to probe \'offensive\' Halloween costumes.Tweet Tweet
2016-10-25 07:02 The First 100 Days: Globalism Or AmericanismTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 06:58 Alleged Clinton Fixer: New York Times Has Become the National EnquirerTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 06:58 Sweden Bans Christmas Lights Under The Guise Of SecurityTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 06:56 AT&T Is Spying on Americans for Profit - The Daily BeastTweet Tweet
2016-10-25 06:48 Wikileaks: Hillary Plotted Fake Grassroots Campaign Using Celebs to Con Youth Into Voting for HerTweet Tweet

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