2018-10-19 13:00 First group from Honduran caravan crosses into Mexico, testing President Trump's red lineTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 12:52 US and South Korea again call off a major military exerciseTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 12:48 Mexico to Offer Visas to Caravan Migrants, but Only 100 a Day - WSJTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 12:38 Sherrod Brown accuser's attorney releases statement.Tweet Tweet
2018-10-19 12:16 French lawmaker proposes bill to outlaw mockery of accents ReutersTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 11:52 Ford boosts production of $400,000 GT supercar to keep up with demandTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 11:52 "Poliolike" Childhood Muscle-Weakening Disease Reappears - Scientific AmericanTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 11:50 Far from fame, poverty blossoms in 'forgotten California'Tweet Tweet
2018-10-19 11:46 WHO IS FUNDING?Tweet Tweet
2018-10-19 11:40 What's at stake if investors begin to shun Saudi ArabiaTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 11:34 Trump: 'Very Severe' consequences if Saudis killed KhashoggiTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 11:34 Want to know when youre going to die? - MIT Technology ReviewTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 11:30 Inside notorious \'serpent church\' where devotees die from grabbing rattlesnakes.Tweet Tweet
2018-10-19 11:26 Maxine Waters 'Halloween' Billboard Made by L.A. Street Artist Sabo Hollywood ReporterTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 11:24 Border caravan puts Trump legacy on the lineTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 11:24 Texas family paints giant BETO sign on lawn, angers HOA Fort Worth Star-TelegramTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 11:20 Haley: Our political opponents are not 'evil' TheHillTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 11:20 Haley pokes fun at Trump, Elizabeth Warren at Al Smith DinnerTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 11:16 Kamala Harris, Democrats push to repeal and replace Trump tax cutsTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 11:16 A former Hillary Clinton adviser says there's a chance she will run in 2020Tweet Tweet
2018-10-19 11:10 \'Oldest Working Man In Texas\' Turns 101.Tweet Tweet
2018-10-19 10:28 Shark washes up dead on Florida shore with old hat wrapped around head - Orlando SentinelTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 10:18 WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange sues Ecuador for 'violating his rights'Tweet Tweet
2018-10-19 10:16 Fentanyl smuggled from China is killing thousands of Americans - Los Angeles TimesTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 10:04 CNN's Acosta sends private message to former Melania Trump aide: 'F**k you' TheHillTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 09:40 White House Infighting: Kelly, Bolton Get in Profane Shouting Match Outside the Oval OfficeTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 09:30 Cops: Presidential Helo Mechanic In Meth Bust The Smoking GunTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 09:26 VIDEO: Beto ORourke supporters cant name any of his accomplishmentsTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 09:24 White privilege symposium will feature racial justice board game - The College FixTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 09:18 Hate preacher Anjem Choudary smirks while leaving bail hostel after release from prison as horrified neighbours slam himTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 09:08 Pope accuser strikes back, blames gay priesthood for abuse Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 08:46 Saudi Royal Family Considering Replacement For Crown Prince bin Salman: Report Zero HedgeTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 08:40 Haley breaks with Trump: 'In America, our political opponents are not evil' - POLITICOTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 08:40 How Do You Solve a Problem Like Hillary? - POLITICO MagazineTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 08:34 Brexit: What happens next?Tweet Tweet
2018-10-19 08:06 Halloween Bound To Record $80M-$90M+ At Weekend Box Office DeadlineTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 07:50 Sex robot joins TINDER: Real-life cyborg Harmony racks up DOZENS of swipe rights Daily StarTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 07:46 The military draft is making a comeback in Europe - Laredo Morning TimesTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 07:44 Booker gets warm welcome in SCarolina.Tweet Tweet
2018-10-19 07:42 Outgoing UN Ambassador Nikki Haley introduced as 'next president of the US' at charity dinner - ABC NewsTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 07:36 Democrats eyeing White House flock to Iowa's new starTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 07:34 Copter crashes on USS Ronald Reagan in Asia, sailors hurtTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 07:22 Wealthy Los Angeles grapples with outbreak of typhus among its poorest US news The GuardianTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 07:14 Flash - Italy's model migrant town struggles to survive - France 24Tweet Tweet
2018-10-19 07:12 New moon: China to launch lunar lighting in outer space - Channel NewsAsiaTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 07:04 X-37B Military Space Plane Wings Past 400 Days on Latest Mystery MissionTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 07:00 Biohackers Are Implanting Everything From Magnets To Sex ToysTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 06:50 Can Theresa May Be Forced to Hold a Second Brexit Referendum?Tweet Tweet
2018-10-19 06:34 Shocking state of plane after severe turbulence injures 15 passengers on eight-hour flight from hellTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 06:26 South African city set to seize land in national 'test case'Tweet Tweet
2018-10-19 06:20 Migrants, police mass in town on Guatemala-Mexico borderTweet Tweet
2018-10-19 06:04 Trump praises Montana congressman who body-slammed reporterTweet Tweet

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