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2019-01-08 11:40:03 Fort Worth pastor who called Orlando massacre victims 'scum' ousted over prostitution allegations Fort Worth Dallas News
2019-01-06 09:18:03 Slain police officer called 'American hero' at his funeral - SFGate
2019-01-06 08:40:04 Nevada inmate whose execution called off found dead in cell
2018-12-18 09:10:04 Yob called Jesus smashes church window before vowing to be a monk Daily Star
2018-12-13 06:50:03 'Hi-tech' Russian robot called 'Boris' turns out to be man in a costume
2018-12-04 11:56:12 12 million pounds of beef recalled in salmonella scare.
2018-11-27 22:00:12 An exorcist called Celine Dion's children's clothing line 'demonic' Daily Mail Online
2018-11-16 13:30:04 Jenny-O Turkey recall: 91,000 pounds of raw turkey recalled today because of salmonella outbreak - CBS News
2018-11-12 11:46:07 Trump called him 'stone cold crazy.' Now Richard Ojeda is running for president in 2020 - ABC News
2018-11-11 07:38:08 Tucker Carlson says man hes accused of assaulting called his daughter a whore - Business Insider
2018-11-11 07:38:08 Tucker Carlson Denies Avenatti's Claim of Alleged Assault, Says Man Called His Daughter a 'W****'
2018-11-09 15:26:08 Here are all the uncalled House, Senate and governor's races
2018-11-09 10:26:04 Some called him Cujo, others knew him as The Dog. But in this Utah town, all knew him as a killer National
2018-11-08 21:00:04 Matt Whitaker Called Political Makeup Of Mueller Grand Juries Concerning The Daily Caller
2018-11-08 10:24:05 Sheriff's sergeant called wife, then rushed into Thousand Oaks mass shooting scene. 'He died a hero' - The San Diego Union-Tribune
2018-11-07 15:06:01 Female paramedics 'forced to watch porn and give sexual favours' at ambulance service where women were called 'fresh meat'
2018-10-30 08:40:05 Homeland Security called in for traffic stop in South Carolina Daily Mail Online
2018-10-08 21:34:16 Skeletal remains tested after Va. leader called them Halloween decorations WTOP
2018-10-08 08:50:05 Hazmat Crews Called In After \'Sticky Substance\' Found In Church Offering Plate.
2018-10-04 15:02:05 New San Antonio strip club called 'Emergency Room' raising concerns
2018-10-02 18:38:06 J.B. Pritzker moves to clean up toilet mess vows to refund $330,000 tax break called part of scheme to defraud
2018-09-26 07:50:06 Houston mayor says so-called 'robot sex brothel' slated to open is not wanted Fox News
2018-09-20 12:12:04 Booker's push for Kavanaugh vote delay called out over his 1992 column detailing teenage groping Fox News
2018-09-19 16:36:05 Coroner called to shooting at MDJs office: reports
2018-09-18 14:00:07 Lana Del Rey Says Her New Album Is Called Norman Fing Rockwell Variety
2018-09-14 17:16:08 Top Indian tiger hunter called in to find beast thought to have killed 13
2018-09-04 15:10:05 John Kelly called Trump 'an idiot' who had 'gone off the rails' Daily Mail Online
2018-09-04 11:42:05 Trump called Sessions \'mentally retarded, dumb Southerner\'.
2018-08-27 16:42:07 Bloomberg News reassigned reporter after Wells Fargo CEO called to complain
2018-08-22 13:10:05 Called To Testify In Congress.
2018-08-17 06:56:04 China police detain man for asking why can't Taiwan be called a country Reuters
2018-08-13 17:06:04 ProPublica's appeal for dirt on Brett Kavanaugh's baseball outings called 'desperate' and 'hilarious' Fox News
2018-08-08 21:20:05 'Worlds smallest horse' stands tall at 19 inches and hes called Gulliver Daily Mail Online
2018-07-31 21:26:13 PC's plan to scrap Ontario basic income pilot project called 'shameful' by NDP leader CBC News
2018-07-31 07:40:04 Portland Police Refused To Help ICE Agents Who Called 911, Agents Say The Daily Caller
2018-07-30 21:52:18 Ready to burst: 12-pack Durex condoms recalled over fault concerns
2018-07-26 12:44:05 Trump Organization Finance Chief Called to Testify Before Federal Grand Jury - WSJ
2018-07-23 11:38:05 Tom Brady Body-Shamed On Socials, Called \'Out Of Shape\' After Beach Photos Surface.
2018-07-15 18:18:05 Black woman says CVS manager called police because she had wrong coupon Chicago Sun-Times
2018-07-06 16:00:04 AP Exclusive: Attacks beset psychiatric center called 'hell'
2018-07-05 18:10:05 Socialist Darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Called For Tax Cuts When She Was Running A Business, Now Wants To Raise Taxes To Fund Her Radical Agenda The Daily Caller
2018-06-30 11:26:17 "Girl From The Bronx" Ocasio-Cortez Called Out In Fact Check; Actually Grew Up In Wealthy Enclave Zero Hedge
2018-06-19 12:20:04 US-led coalition destroys Islamic State narcotics cache including 300,000 so-called Jihadi pills
2018-06-15 13:20:57 FBI Agent Who Questioned Hillary for Email Probe Called Her the President4 Months Before Election
2018-06-06 11:24:07 15 fire engines and 97 firefighters are called to fire in London's Knightsbridge Daily Mail Online
2018-05-30 11:38:36 Donald J. Trump on Twitter: "Bob Iger of ABC called Valerie Jarrett to let her know that ABC does not tolerate comments like those made by Roseanne Barr. Gee, he never called President Donald J. Trump to apologize for the HORRIBLE statements made and sai
2018-05-14 18:28:06 Circuit attorney drops charge against Greitens after judge rules she can be called as witness Law and order
2018-05-14 11:26:04 Residents hold cookout at park where white woman called cops on black family barbecue.
2018-05-13 12:28:04 Quick release of gun data called trailblazing and troubling
2018-05-08 13:18:05 He's Not Being Dramatic: So-Called 'Man Flu' May Be Real After All - Study Finds

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