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2019-02-14 12:16:03 Jussie Smollett Changes His Story Again National Review
2019-02-06 12:18:03 MLB, union discuss major rule changes
2019-02-03 19:02:04 Dementia patients to be tracked by smart meters so that doctors can monitor any sudden changes Daily Mail Online
2018-12-10 18:20:03 Veritas Suit Makes First Amendment HISTORY: Changes MA. Recording Law Project Veritas
2018-12-09 20:24:06 Screen Time Changes Structure of KidsBrains, 60 Minutes Says
2018-11-10 08:48:05 'World's most accurate' lie detector tracks changes to the temperature of your NOSE Daily Mail Online
2018-11-08 11:10:04 Trump reviewing answers to Mueller as he changes who oversees the Russia investigation - CNNPolitics
2018-11-07 15:06:01 Trump Touts Big Victory After Split Result, Says Cabinet Changes Possible - WSJ
2018-09-13 20:42:07 Cops: Man Duped Caregivers Into Diaper Changes The Smoking Gun
2018-09-10 14:04:07 ESPNs New Boss Changes Course, in Step With the N.F.L. - The New York Times
2018-09-05 08:36:04 President suggests changes to libel laws.
2018-08-02 06:42:04 Pope Francis changes Vatican's death penalty stance saying it is 'always inadmissible' - Mirror Online
2018-07-30 12:14:07 Canadian legally changes his sex for cheaper car insurance Daily Mail Online
2018-07-21 13:32:05 Cuba moves toward changes to officially recognize private property, foreign investment - Laredo Morning Times
2018-06-23 18:42:08 Hah! Hacker Changes Menu of Little Liberal 'Red Hen' Restaurant that Tossed Out Sarah Sanders and Her Children...
2018-06-13 20:22:07 Catholic bishops rebuke Trumps asylum changes, suggest canonical penalties - Religion News Service
2018-05-27 18:08:08 Farrakhan changes his opinion of Trump.
2018-05-25 18:22:06 Check out the 'brain-controlled film' which changes depending on how you are feeling - Nottinghamshire Live
2018-05-21 21:38:20 Rating Changes in 19 House Races, All Toward Democrats
2018-05-04 10:02:05 Tropical disturbance brings big changes to Central Florida this weekend WFTV
2018-03-10 08:54:07 'A Wrinkle in Time' changes book's Christian messaging and ending - INSIDER
2018-03-07 06:22:08 Newsweek announces 'strategic structural changes' amid turmoil TheHill
2018-03-04 13:26:04 LSD: Drug "harmonizing" on brain, changes personality for years, studies from Scientific Reports and Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews find Miami Herald
2018-02-14 18:52:05 Changes to Valentines Day celebration at Bethel School District spark unlovely reaction Local Eugene, Oregon
2018-02-05 21:52:11 Humanity will need to make some drastic changes if it wants to keep the 'good life' going
2018-02-05 12:24:04 Whole Foods workers say they are miserable over Amazon changes Miami Herald
2018-02-01 08:06:05 Gays, Unmarried Couples Face Jail for Sex as Islamists Push Legal Changes - WSJ
2018-01-31 11:32:05 The Washington Post Changes Headline The Daily Caller
2018-01-30 14:42:02 Pfizer Plans $5 Billion Boost in U.S. Manufacturing From Tax Law Changes - WSJ
2018-01-12 18:50:04 Murdochs News Corp. Warns Facebook to Avoid Political Changes - Bloomberg
2018-01-08 15:38:05 A Crypto Website Changes Its Data, and $100 Billion in Market Value Vanishes - WSJ
2017-12-23 13:26:05 As Prince Accelerates Changes for Women, Saudis Adapt at Varied Pace - The New York Times
2017-12-19 10:18:05 Techs Winners and Losers Under Tax Changes The Information
2017-11-27 11:04:05 Trump signals openness to changes in GOP tax plan
2017-11-08 12:16:05 2,000-yr old sundial changes perception of ancient Rome - Archaeology -
2017-11-06 21:38:10 Sleep deprivation stops brain firing properly.Changes how see world.
2017-11-03 18:40:05 Florida church changes sign after message misinterpreted as...
2017-10-30 07:40:09 ABC News Changes Headline About Kevin Spacey After Spinning His Emotional Coming Out Mediaite
2017-10-15 12:54:05 Las Vegas tourism sees changes in aftermath of shooting
2017-10-10 07:10:04 Trump calls for tax law changes for NFL over protests: Twitter post Reuters
2017-09-28 15:12:05 Senators close to bipartisan deal on health exchanges: Schumer Reuters
2017-09-28 13:16:04 Philippine leader changes his tune with praise for U.S. 'allies' Reuters
2017-09-04 08:32:04 Blood test for PTSD on horizon as scientists find genetic changes in traumatised soldiers
2017-08-18 15:38:05 Eclipse prompts California power grid changes when solar energy supply dips - LA Times
2017-08-18 10:36:09 Newt Warns Trump: 'Serious Changes' The Daily Caller
2017-07-10 17:32:08 Trump-Trolling Republican Senator Changes Tune In Front of Activists.
2017-06-27 08:54:03 Online dating changes with Donald Trump's election The Sacramento Bee
2017-05-29 08:24:18 GOPs Proposed Tax Changes Are No Match for Status Quo - WSJ
2017-05-26 21:12:10 Trump Pushing Big White House Changes as Russia Crisis Grows - WSJ
2017-05-25 13:14:05 Montana Assault Witness Changes Story, Says No Neck Grab LifeZette

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