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2019-05-22 19:46:03 Unsealed court filings reveal how Mueller quickly zeroed in on Michael Cohen
2019-05-07 23:40:03 Exclusive: Trump fixer Cohen says he helped Falwell handle racy photos - Reuters
2019-05-06 10:28:58 On his way to prison, Michael Cohen says 'much to be told'
2019-05-06 06:52:10 Michael Cohen heads to prison in Trump hush-money scheme
2019-05-05 22:46:06 Prosecutors Refuse Final Meeting with Michael Cohen as Prison Looms
2019-05-03 12:40:04 Cohen to prison Monday. Ex-officials say the 'rat' should watch his back.
2019-04-29 21:40:04 Showtime, Sacha Baron Cohen Win First Round in Roy Moore Lawsuit Hollywood Reporter
2019-04-29 08:20:04 Michael Cohens LastDaysof Freedom The New Yorker
2019-04-24 12:16:05 Michael Cohen, in Recorded Phone Call, Walks Back Parts of Guilty Plea - WSJ
2019-04-21 09:38:04 How Michael Cohen Turned Against President Trump
2019-04-18 13:22:05 The National Enquirer is being sold for $100 million to James Cohen, CEO of Hudson News - The Washington Post
2019-04-18 08:18:04 Attorney says Cohen can 'fill in the bulk' of Mueller report redactions TheHill
2019-04-08 20:26:04 Adam Schiff rejects Michael Cohen bid for help delaying prison term - CNNPolitics
2019-04-08 19:54:05 Shimon Prokupecz on Twitter: "Adam Schiff rejected Michael Cohens request for help to urge SDNY delay his sentencing, saying he doesnt get involved in sentencing matters as a practice."
2019-04-08 18:08:04 Michael Cohen's usefulness to prosecutors may be at an end
2019-04-04 20:10:04 Michael Cohen's attorney says testimony spurred more investigations -Axios
2019-04-04 19:18:06 Michael Cohens Lawyers Say He Could Aid Trump Inquiries, if Only He Had More Time Out of Prison - The New York Times
2019-03-25 16:04:03 McClatchy Stands By Disputed Cohen-Prague Story After Mueller Finds No Collusion The Daily Caller
2019-03-22 21:12:08 Southern Poverty Law Center chief Richard Cohen announces resignation amid internal upheaval - Los Angeles Times
2019-03-22 21:12:08 SPLC President Richard Cohen Resigns From Embattled Left-Wing Nonprofit The Daily Caller
2019-03-19 19:20:03 Michael Cohen investigation involved secretive "Triggerfish" tracking device - CBS News
2019-03-19 09:38:03 Mueller obtained search warrants for Michael Cohen long before FBI raid - CNNPolitics
2019-03-19 09:10:05 Records show FBI was probing Michael Cohen long before raid
2019-03-07 13:54:03 Cohen sues Trump Organization, wants it to pay legal bills
2019-03-07 12:56:03 Michael Cohen sues Trump Organization in New York top court
2019-03-06 13:32:06 Cohen gives documents to House panel on Trump attorney alleged changes to 2017 testimony - CNNPolitics
2019-03-06 07:28:03 Cohen's 4th day of testimony could touch on Russia, finances Hosted
2019-03-05 20:30:04 McClatchy Stands By Reports That Michael Cohen Visited Prague, Despite Ex-Trump Lawyers Denials The Daily Caller
2019-03-05 09:30:06 Lawyer for Cohen Approached Trump Attorneys About Pardon - WSJ
2019-03-01 09:42:04 Trump demands Congress look at Cohen's 'love letter to Trump' book proposal revealed Daily Mail Online
2019-02-28 22:24:06 Michael Cohen Makes History - WSJ
2019-02-28 21:54:10 Dems look to steer clear of impeachment talk after Cohen testimony
2019-02-28 16:46:04 2016 Michael Cohen Interview 'Certainly Hoped' White House Job
2019-02-28 10:50:10 Cohen returns to Capitol Hill after slamming Trump as liar
2019-02-28 08:44:04 Democrats say Michael Cohen's dramatic testimony escalates need for Trump's tax returns - ABC News
2019-02-28 06:54:04 Cohen Testimony: Trump Business Aides Under Microscope After Cohen Names Names
2019-02-27 21:58:04 Cohen says Trump behaved 'much like a mobster would do'
2019-02-27 21:44:12 Gambino mob heir predicts Michael Cohen will get WHACKED in prison Daily Mail Online
2019-02-27 19:32:03 Michael Cohen Accuses Trump of Expansive Pattern of Lies and Criminality
2019-02-27 17:30:04 Michael Cohen hints New York feds are probing Trump for undisclosed crimes - New York Daily News
2019-02-27 15:16:04 Republican questioning of Cohen might backfire. And the Democrats are 'overreaching.'
2019-02-27 14:44:06 Cohen Leaves Room For Book Deal, TV Contract After Prison The Daily Caller
2019-02-27 13:48:03 Chris Christie Cohen Hearing: Republicans Haven't Defended Trump 'On The Substance'
2019-02-27 12:50:06 Michael Cohen testifies before House committee
2019-02-27 12:50:06 Michael Cohen's most fiery accusations against Trump - POLITICO
2019-02-27 12:46:06 CNN Panel: Cohen Lied When He Told Congress He Never Wanted White House Job
2019-02-27 12:46:06 Jim Jordan Says Democrats Are Using Michael Cohen as Their Pasty to Impeach Trump, Following the Playbook of Clinton Lawyer Lanny Davis and Billionaire Tom Steyer
2019-02-27 12:16:03 The Latest: Trump's eldest sons cast Cohen as disgruntled
2019-02-27 12:00:04 Michael Cohen has no evidence Trump colluded with Russians, 'but I have my suspicions' - Washington Times
2019-02-27 11:42:03 Roger Stone Says Michael Cohen Is Lying About His Conversations With Trump And Wikileaks

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