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2018-07-17 11:54:07 Sacha Baron Cohens Who Is America? Debuts Low In Ratings Deadline
2018-07-17 10:48:08 Sacha Baron Cohens Scathing Satire Who is America? Scores Just 327,000 Viewers Showbiz411
2018-07-16 19:14:04 Showtime defends Sacha Baron Cohen in new statement
2018-07-16 10:24:08 Sacha Baron Cohen Criticized for \'Stolen Valor\' on Hijacked Billboard.
2018-07-15 19:52:04 New Sacha Baron Cohen series Who Is America? faces fresh controversy over rape skit
2018-07-15 06:38:07 Who Is America? Review: Sacha Baron Cohens New Spoof Series Sucks Deadline
2018-07-15 06:32:07 U.S. lawmakers shown backing fake kindergarten gun scheme in Sacha Baron Cohen satire Reuters
2018-07-15 06:32:07 Sacha Baron Cohen nabs Bernie Sanders.
2018-07-14 09:20:04 Who else might be a victim of Sacha Baron Cohen's new show? Television & radio The Guardian
2018-07-12 21:20:10 Sacha Baron Cohen Stunt May Violate Stolen Valor Act Law & Crime
2018-07-12 21:12:05 Sacha Baron Cohen Continues to Troll Sarah Palin for Showtime Show Who Is America? - Today's News: Our Take TV Guide
2018-07-12 16:34:05 How Sacha Baron Cohen Duped Ted Koppel for Showtime Show Hollywood Reporter
2018-07-12 16:08:05 Sacha Baron Cohen hits back in character at 'fake news' Sarah Palin Television & radio The Guardian
2018-07-12 14:28:21 Sacha Baron Cohens Showtime Series Character Refutes Sarah Palin Claims Deadline
2018-07-12 13:48:09 Michael Cohen Purchases New York City Apartment for $6.7 Million - WSJ
2018-07-12 07:04:04 LISTEN: Karen Straughan Was Sacha Baron Cohens Masquerade As A Vet Funny Or A Felony? KXL
2018-07-12 01:26:04 Joe Walsh says Sacha Baron Cohen duped him too
2018-07-12 01:26:04 Sarah Palin, Sacha Baron Cohen interview: What happened
2018-07-12 01:26:04 Sarah Palin, Dick Cheney and Bernie Sanders Reportedly Duped by Sacha Baron Cohen
2018-07-10 22:12:19 Will Sacha Baron Cohen's undercover series be the TV event of the year? Television & radio The Guardian
2018-07-10 22:12:19 New Sacha Baron Cohen series a Hollywood hit job on GOP, source says Fox News
2018-07-10 19:52:40 Sarah Palin slams Sacha Baron Cohen for duping her in 'truly sick' prank
2018-07-10 19:52:40 Sarah Palin Claims Sacha Baron Cohen Duped Her into 'Sick' Interview
2018-07-10 17:56:52 Sarah Palin Was "Duped" on Sacha Baron Cohen's 'Who Is America?' Hollywood Reporter
2018-07-10 15:50:07 Sarah Palin says Sacha Baron Cohen pretended to be a wounded veteran for This Is America interview Daily Mail Online
2018-07-09 14:40:33 Michael Cohen is sending a clear message to Donald Trump by speaking 'real truth,' sources say - CNNPolitics
2018-07-09 14:40:33 Sacha Baron Cohen Asks Dick Cheney to Sign Waterboarding Kit
2018-07-09 14:40:33 Sacha Baron Cohen reveals promo, premiere date for new Showtime series
2018-07-09 10:02:09 Why Am I Going to Continue to Be Silent?: Michael Cohen Is Ready to Kick Off the Lanny Davis Era Vanity Fair
2018-07-09 06:10:04 Dick Cheney Signs Waterboarding Kit In Promo for Sacha Baron Cohen Show.
2018-07-08 09:50:06 Rudy Giuliani says Michael Cohen should cooperate with federal investigators - Washington Times
2018-07-05 22:08:04 Sacha Baron Cohen in Talks With Showtime for Comedy Interview Series Variety
2018-07-05 18:00:05 Michael Cohen hires Bill Clinton lawyer Lanny Davis - Business Insider
2018-07-05 17:14:06 Cohen adds ex-Clinton aide Lanny Davis to legal team.
2018-07-05 06:38:08 Sanctioned Russian oligarch linked to Cohen has vast US ties
2018-07-04 19:53:51 Sacha Baron Cohen Trolls Trump with Mysterious July 4th Message.
2018-07-02 18:38:06 Here Are The Documents Recovered From Michael Cohens Shredder
2018-07-02 14:24:05 Prosecutors Now Have 1.3 Million Michael Cohen Files
2018-07-02 08:48:05 Michael Cohen Interview Shows He Could Strike Deal with Feds Law & Crime
2018-07-02 07:32:07 EXCLUSIVE: Michael Cohen says family and country, not President Trump, is his 'first loyalty' - ABC News
2018-07-02 07:26:07 Michael Cohen Breaks From Trump in ABC News Interview: I Put Family and Country First Mediaite
2018-06-25 05:58:06 Stormy Daniels meeting with prosecutors on Michael Cohen cancelled US news The Guardian
2018-06-24 20:42:36 Stormy Daniels to meet with prosecutors in Michael Cohen investigation - Laredo Morning Times
2018-06-23 10:30:08 Cohen Denies Plan to \'Take Down Trump\'.
2018-06-22 20:16:05 Few client communications found so far in Michael Cohen documents: judge
2018-06-22 08:02:05 Tom Arnold tweets picture with Michael Cohen, says he 'has all the tapes'
2018-06-22 08:00:05 TOM ARNOLD: Cohen and I are teaming up to take Trump down.

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