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2019-05-24 21:50:03 US beefing up forces in Middle East to counter Iran
2019-05-13 21:32:03 US 'plans to deploy 120,000 troops to Middle East' if Iran attacks American forces in chilling echos of Iraq War
2019-05-06 06:30:06 Aircraft carrier sent to Middle East after indications Iran planned attack on US forces - ABC News
2019-05-05 23:42:05 AP source: Possible attack on US forces led to deployments
2019-04-30 07:20:09 Venezuela: Juan Guaid and Leopoldo Lpez appear together with military forces in Caracas MercoPress
2019-04-25 15:34:04 Brazil's endangered Arara tribe vow to 'take up bows and arrows' against government forces invading their rainforest home
2019-04-22 19:34:04 The missed warnings: How Sri Lankan security forces were first told of the threat on April 4 Daily Mail Online
2019-04-17 09:38:03 North Korean circus from hell forces tormented bears and monkeys to dance, leapfrog and do tricks for gawping crowds
2019-04-08 09:50:03 US pulls forces from Libya as fighting approaches Tripoli
2019-03-30 10:20:03 Mick Jagger illness forces Rolling Stones to cancel US and Canada tour - Mirror Online
2019-03-21 10:26:03 Venezuelan forces detain key aide to opposition leader
2019-03-19 14:44:06 US-backed forces celebrate 'victory' as ISIS 'caliphate' is reduced to tiny scrap of land Daily Mail Online
2019-03-02 11:34:06 U.S.-backed forces launch last battle to defeat ISIS in Syria - Middle East - Jerusalem Post
2019-02-25 13:20:04 \'Ice Tsunami\' Forces Evacuations Along Lake Erie.
2019-02-22 09:42:04 Russia accuses the US of deploying special forces to Venezuela Daily Mail Online
2019-02-20 11:24:06 Venezuela security forces kill, punish anti-Maduro ...
2019-02-15 12:20:04 US forces have 1,000 ISIS detainees and dont know what to do with them
2019-02-14 10:24:04 Venezuela military reinforces Colombian border blockade
2019-02-10 12:18:14 Security forces apprehend Palestinian suspected of murdering Israeli teen - Israel News -
2019-02-10 12:04:06 'Heavy clashes' as US-backed forces make final push against IS
2019-01-30 11:10:04 Record Cold Forces Rethink on Global Warming Trending
2019-01-30 08:58:03 Toxic smog forces Bangkok to close hundreds of schools World news The Guardian
2019-01-23 15:32:03 Venezuelan forces fire tear gas at opposition protesters: Reuters images Reuters
2019-01-23 11:20:01 Caracas Spring? Not so fast, Venezuela's armed forces say Reuters
2019-01-21 07:46:08 Venezuelan security forces fire tear gas against protesters
2019-01-20 23:28:06 In rare move, Israel confirms attacking Iran forces in Syria
2019-01-11 11:40:04 Shifting north magnetic pole forces unprecedented navigation...
2019-01-01 19:08:03 Powerful Antitank Missiles Put U.S. Forces in Middle East at Risk - WSJ
2018-12-20 23:02:02 Grounded: Gatwick airport remains shut down as armed forces brought in to deal with drone crisis above runway City A.M.
2018-12-11 10:22:04 Russia's elite special forces Spetsnaz unit shown for the first time on TV - Mirror Online
2018-12-06 12:06:04 France fears more riots, deploys over 65,000 security forces
2018-11-26 11:04:06 Russia-Ukraine crisis - live: Kiev declares martial law as world powers call emergency meetings after Putin's forces seize ships near Crimea The Independent
2018-11-23 07:20:04 Migrants defy Trump at Mexico border as US forces flex muscle
2018-11-22 11:10:08 Trump plan forces asylum seekers to WAIT in Mexico.
2018-11-09 19:54:07 Five dead in California wildfire as second blaze forces ...
2018-11-08 17:36:07 California Camp Fire forces evacuation of schools, hospital - CNN
2018-10-22 14:00:40 Battle over Air Forces $1,300 coffee cups heats up
2018-10-21 20:24:07 Brazil's Bolsonaro says he intends to use armed forces to fight violence Reuters
2018-10-11 05:58:04 Rocket launch booster malfunction forces astronauts to return to Earth in 'ballistic re-entry' Daily Mail Online
2018-10-10 11:24:12 The exorcists: Bishop setting up team to combat evil forces
2018-09-26 06:16:05 USA Pulling Defense Systems Out of Mideast; Realignment of Forces.
2018-09-25 22:20:04 Planned Parenthood forces cancellation of Gosnell screening
2018-09-16 05:58:04 'We Face Walls of Water': Florence Kills 10 in North Carolina, Forces New Evacuations as Floodwaters Rise The Weather Channel
2018-08-28 14:30:05 Orban and Salvini Seek to Rally Europe's Anti-Immigrant Forces - BloombergQuint
2018-08-24 10:48:08 Hurricane Lanes Hawaii Impacts: Brush Fire Forces Evacuations on Maui; 5 Rescued from Flooding on Big Island The Weather Channel
2018-08-06 18:14:04 Fears shark attacks will increase around the world as global heatwave forces beasts to hunt closer to holiday beaches
2018-08-02 20:08:08 China Forces All Religious Buildings to Fly Communist Flag.
2018-08-01 21:12:07 Louis Farrakhan Asks If 'Outside Forces' Kept His Film Off Netflix
2018-07-28 09:14:04 Orban Rallies Europe's `Illiberal' Forces for 2019 Elections - Bloomberg Quint
2018-07-27 15:04:13 California fire forces on-air evacuation of TV anchor: 'I've never seen anything like it' - ABC News

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