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2018-01-23 17:52:05 Herriman High students launch alternate school newspaper after administrators delete article on teacher's firing - The Salt Lake Tribune
2018-01-18 11:24:07 Images of Trump, Weinstein and Spacey used in new Justin Timberlake video TheHill
2018-01-17 11:24:05 Flake compares Trump's media attacks to Joseph Stalin Daily Mail Online
2018-01-14 06:48:05 Heat wave breaks records in Southland; Lake Forest is hottest place in U.S. - LA Times
2018-01-14 06:20:05 Condoleezza Rice on #MeToo: 'Let's not turn women into snowflakes' - CNNPolitics
2018-01-11 13:14:07 GOP Sen. Jeff Flake says bipartisan group of senators reached immigration deal: NBC
2018-01-08 15:02:05 Aide: Mitt Romney was 'successfully treated' for prostate cancer last year - The Salt Lake Tribune
2018-01-05 09:24:04 Justin Timberlake's new single 'Filthy' is dividing Twitter
2018-01-05 05:56:04 Justin Timberlake Enlists Dancing Robot for New Filthy Video: Watch Pitchfork
2018-01-03 01:14:06 Justin Timberlake is rebranding as a white man The Outline
2018-01-03 00:04:07 Will Mitt Romney now run for seat being vacated by Orrin Hatch? - The Salt Lake Tribune
2017-12-27 18:22:05 Flipping out! Pancake ice forms on Chicago's Lake Michigan Daily Mail Online
2017-12-27 09:06:08 Erie smashes snowfall record with flakes still falling
2017-12-06 18:52:05 PCSO arrests Davenport mayor, says she was using dead people's handicapped placards - News - The Ledger - Lakeland, FL
2017-12-01 17:20:05 Brian Head Fire led officials to uncover survivalists explosive-filled bunkers hidden near makeshift cabins - The Salt Lake Tribune
2017-10-30 13:02:04 Flake Considers Independent Senate Run.
2017-10-25 08:54:05 The Media to Jeff Flake: Great Speech, Now Can You Help Us Impeach Trump? [Montage] :: Grabien News
2017-10-24 18:58:04 Jeff Flake wont rule out taking on Trump in 2020 primary New York Post
2017-10-24 18:16:05 Dems cheer Flake after scathing Trump speech TheHill
2017-10-24 16:10:04 Sen. Jeff Flake won't seek re-election -- FULL SPEECH (C-SPAN) - YouTube
2017-10-24 16:04:05 Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake will not seek re-election
2017-10-24 15:38:05 Jeff Flake says he won't run for re-election to Senate in 2018 - CBS News
2017-10-24 15:28:07 Flake announces retirement as he rebukes Trump - POLITICO
2017-10-24 15:24:07 Arizona GOP Sen. Flake to Retire, Had Tangled With Trump - Bloomberg
2017-10-24 15:22:07 Arizona GOP Sen. Flake to retire, had tangled with Trump
2017-10-24 14:54:05 Senator Jeff Flake announces he will not seek reelection
2017-10-22 22:36:05 Justin Timberlake to Perform at 2018 Super Bowl Halftime Show Billboard
2017-10-22 20:24:04 Justin Timberlake headlines Pepsi Super Bowl LII Halftime Show -
2017-10-17 14:26:05 Lakeshore HS freshman injured playing ISIS Game
2017-10-15 18:32:19 Jeff Flakes Lesson for Republicans: Cross Trump at Your Own Risk - The New York Times
2017-10-13 15:46:04 How does a 3-year-old get left at a Utah corn maze? Its a numbers issue, polygamous father says. - The Salt Lake Tribune
2017-10-06 12:16:05 Holy spirits: Closed churches find second life as breweries - The Salt Lake Tribune
2017-09-28 15:24:05 Lake Ozark bar criticized for NFL jersey doormat seen as racist
2017-09-27 17:32:05 Justin Timberlake Frontrunner to Perform at Super Bowl, but Nipplegate Still Looms Variety
2017-09-24 07:10:05 'The stuff the movie-makers dream of.' In Lake Michigan, a graveyard of long-lost ships captivates historians - LA Times
2017-09-22 07:50:05 Mystery in Salt Lake City: where have hundreds of homeless people gone? US news The Guardian
2017-09-17 12:20:20 Strange lights spotted in sky above Salt Lake City
2017-09-07 10:48:16 Protesters Block Part of Lake Shore Drive During Morning Rush - NBC Chicago
2017-09-03 22:22:05 Controversy at Lakewood? Osteen's six-minute response - Houston Chronicle
2017-09-01 08:02:05 Terrifying blob creature that looks like a BRAIN discovered in a spooky lake called 'The Lost Lagoon'
2017-08-31 21:30:12 'World's largest loop coaster' coming to Six Flags Great America - Lake County News-Sun
2017-08-31 09:34:05 Antidepressants found in fish brains in Great Lakes region
2017-08-28 20:02:05 Poll: Flake Is In Trouble In GOP Primary The Daily Caller
2017-08-28 12:16:04 Joe Arpaio may challenge Jeff Flake for Arizona Senate seat
2017-08-24 16:56:05 Town drains lake to catch single fish.
2017-08-18 18:24:08 Cops: Lake Worth man turns violent when restaurant employees say theres no free pizza -
2017-08-17 16:16:05 Watch: Cars disappear into waves of foam as Bengaluru lake froths again india-news Hindustan Times
2017-08-08 16:32:04 High-ranking Mormon official excommunicated; first such ouster in nearly 3 decades - The Salt Lake Tribune
2017-08-03 23:00:05 'All the roadways look like a lake': Drivers trapped, roadways closed after knee-high flooding in Acton - LA Times
2017-08-03 11:32:04 California secession finds unlikely ally in conservative Utah - The Salt Lake Tribune

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