2020-10-19 21:34 Pennsylvania seniors abandon Trump after he downplayed coronavirus pandemicTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 21:32 Trump targets Fauci instead of COVID-19 as cases and deaths rise Washington bozemandailychronicle.comTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 21:30 Floridians line up to cast ballots as early voting crosses ...Tweet Tweet
2020-10-19 21:16 Enforce quarantine to crush pandemic, says WHO.Tweet Tweet
2020-10-19 21:14 Texas leads US in early voting numbersTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 20:58 Trump says 'criminal' Joe Biden shouldve been locked up weeks ago and says Bill Barr had mercy on himTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 20:52 Muted Mics For Upcoming POTUS Debate, Commission Rules; Will Trump Still Attend? DeadlineTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 20:48 Coronavirus: Belgium facing 'tsunami' of new infections - BBC NewsTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 20:40 Harvey Weinstein Accuser Writes #MeToo Stage Musical With Diane Warren (Exclusive)Tweet Tweet
2020-10-19 20:40 Erdogan sees \'power vacuum\' as Trump flails.Tweet Tweet
2020-10-19 20:38 GUILD: SACRAMENTO BEE ties journalist pay to story clicks.Tweet Tweet
2020-10-19 20:36 Israeli companies inch one step closer to COVID-19 breathalyzer test - The Jerusalem PostTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 20:34 20% of verified coronavirus patients did not develop immunity - The Jerusalem PostTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 20:30 Helicopters Above DC Will Assess Radiation Prior To InaugurationTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 20:30 500Tweet Tweet
2020-10-19 20:30 Trump and Biden will have mics cut during opponent's answers in final debateTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 20:24 Sweet 16 party leaves 37 infected with COVID-19, nearly 300 quarantined, health officials sayTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 20:16 Supreme Court denies GOP request to stop extended period for returning mail ballots in PennsylvaniaTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 20:10 Commission on Presidential Debates to mute microphones under new rules - Washington TimesTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 20:06 Jeffrey Toobin was masturbating in front of New Yorker bigs: reportTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 18:00 A California shark lab tagged a record number of sharks off the Southern California coast this year kctv5.comTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 17:48 Traces of coronavirus found on frozen seafood packagingTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 17:32 France Vows to Root Out Islamist Extremism After Beheading of Teacher Samuel Paty - WSJTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 17:26 Massive 7.4 magnitude earthquake strikes off coast of Alaska sparking tsunami warning Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 17:14 How Apprenticeship, Reimagined, Vaults Graduates Into Middle Class - WSJTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 17:08 Niche Sports Are No Longer an Ivy League Admissions Plan - The AtlanticTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 16:52 Ghislaine Maxwell loses fight to keep her Jeffrey Epstein testimony sealedTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 16:46 Poll: Fewer Americans want a Covid-19 vaccine as soon as possibleTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 16:36 Donald Trump has a problem: White women in Pennsylvania - POLITICOTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 16:26 Pentagon estimates cost of new nuclear missiles at $95.8BTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 16:00 Trump calls CNN dumb bast**ds in fiery attack during Arizona rally and hits out at Chris CuomoTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 15:56 Trump Lashes Out at Reporters in Bizarre Tarmac ScrumTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 15:52 Heard any Biden jokes? Study of late-night comics finds fewTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 15:42 California may replace cash bail with algorithms but some worry that will be less fairTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 15:32 Biden takes cautious approach ahead of second Trump debate TheHillTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 15:26 Ballot Drop Box Catches Fire Outside CA Library.Tweet Tweet
2020-10-19 15:18 New strategies target hot spots.Tweet Tweet
2020-10-19 15:06 New Yorker suspends Jeffrey Toobin for showing penis during Zoom callTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 14:38 Trump says Sudan will be removed from terrorism listTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 14:28 New Yorker Suspends Jeffrey Toobin for Zoom Dick IncidentTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 14:18 Bill Gates: 'Shutting down' economy 'nowhere near sufficient' to stop climate change Just The NewsTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 13:54 Eagles Fans Get In Violent Fistfight In Stands Despite Social DistancingTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 13:14 6 Russian military officers charged in vast hacking campaignTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 12:26 Voter confusion rattles election officials in Pennsylvania near Monday's deadline to registerTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 12:00 Trump Calls Fauci 'A Disaster,' Talks About Firing HimTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 12:00 NASA is launching a 4G phone network on the moon - CNETTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 11:56 Fox News Passed on Hunter Biden Laptop StoryTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 11:46 Trump calls Dr Fauci an IDIOT and says people are tired of hearing about CovidTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 11:40 SSC Tuatara now world's fastest car at 316.11 mphTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 11:36 Comedian mocks.Tweet Tweet
2020-10-19 11:36 Trump's den of dissent: Inside the White House task force as coronavirus surges - Connecticut PostTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 11:00 Coronavirus hospitalizations are growing in 37 U.S. statesTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 10:54 Latest Clash: Fistfight in Fiji.Tweet Tweet
2020-10-19 10:42 Revealed: chaining, beatings and torture inside Sudan's Islamic schools Global development The GuardianTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 10:18 Officers Open Fire On Sex Assault Suspect At Paramount Studios Lot In Hollywood CBS Los AngelesTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 10:16 Trump launches a frenzied effort to save his brand - POLITICOTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 10:08 Will Kansas go blue?Tweet Tweet
2020-10-19 09:48 Fauci says he's not surprised Trump got COVID, admits administration has restricted his media appearances - CBS NewsTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 09:40 LIST: World\'s BestTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 09:16 Glamorous Miami club caught in power struggle over the virusTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 09:14 Wales imposes two-week lockdown: 'everybody must stay at ...Tweet Tweet
2020-10-19 08:56 Large 2,000-year-old cat discovered in Peru's Nazca lines - BBC NewsTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 08:56 Coronavirus: The place in North America with no cases - BBC NewsTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 08:24 AP-NORC/SAP poll: 1 in 4 US workers have weighed quittingTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 08:22 2016 sequel? Trump's old attacks failing to land on BidenTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 08:18 Chinas Economy Is Almost Over Covid-19 - WSJTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 08:08 'Our house is on fire': Suburban women lead a Trump revoltTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 08:04 Vaccine storage issues could leave 3B people without accessTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 07:50 INSIGHT-Times up: After a reprieve, a wave of evictions ...Tweet Tweet
2020-10-19 07:46 Chinese military beefs up coastal forces as it prepares for possible invasion of Taiwan South China Morning PostTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 07:20 Bye-bye, maximalism. Hello, minimalismTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 07:06 Miso Robotics Flippy robot on sale for $30,0000 - Business InsiderTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 06:58 U.S. police chiefs grapple with new Election Day threat: Armed men at the pollsTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 06:44 'Cyclops' albino baby shark with one eye absolutely baffles fishermen - Mirror OnlineTweet Tweet
2020-10-19 06:36 Den of dissent: Inside White House task force.Tweet Tweet
2020-10-19 00:30 Donald Trump Jr slams Twitter and Instagram for his declining retweets and likes Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet

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