2023-02-08 19:38 Ukraine war: Rishi Sunak says 'nothing off table' after Volodymyr Zelenskyy travels to UK to make plea for fighter jets Politics News Sky NewsTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 19:34 James OKeefe Is on Paid Leave From Project VeritasTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 19:32 Disney announces layoffs, reorganization, cost cutsTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 19:18 State Of The Union Viewership Down Across Major Broadcasters And Cable News Networks DeadlineTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 17:54 The Biggest Penguin That Ever Existed Was a Monster Bird DNyuzTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 17:42 Mars rover finds rippled rocks caused by waves: NASATweet Tweet
2023-02-08 17:26 FBI Warns against \'Radical Traditionalist Catholic Ideology\'.Tweet Tweet
2023-02-08 17:16 Spy balloon confirms 'pattern of Chinese behavior' that poses threat to NATO members, Stoltenberg saysTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 17:08 UK to look into sending Ukraine fighter planes after Zelensky visitTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 16:48 California proposal would reinstate prisoners' voting rights AP NewsTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 16:38 Obama's Chief Propagandist" Richard Stengle is exposed...again - Revolver NewsTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 16:38 Disney Earnings Top Forecasts, Disney+ Loses Subs for First Time - VarietyTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 16:28 Russell Wilson's Why Not You Foundation raises millions. Less than half goes to charityTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 16:16 Thread by @Steve_Sailer on Thread Reader App Thread Reader AppTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 16:16 Federal judge says constitutional right to abortion may still exist, despite Dobbs - POLITICOTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 16:16 Says it allTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 16:16 Berenson: Lord Fauci now admits mRNA Covid vaccines hardly work and might not be approvableTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 16:16 Klobuchar rising: Leadership path opens for Minnesota Dem - POLITICOTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 16:10 Inside secret talks and future of Brady.Tweet Tweet
2023-02-08 15:58 Gov. Sununu takes major step toward running for president.Tweet Tweet
2023-02-08 15:48 23 Million Viewers Watch Bidens State Of The Union Address, With Fox News Drawing Largest AudienceTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 15:32 'There's a new sheriff in town': DeSantis celebrates seizing Disney's Reedy Creek Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 15:12 Corporations turn to ballot to combat California's progressive agenda, raising alarmsTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 15:08 Bill Gates finds love again with Paula Hurd, widow of Oracle CEO Mark Hurd Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 14:58 NYC Wealth Exodus Drives Billionaires Bet on South Florida BoomTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 14:48 Whats a Japanese Mobster to Do in Retirement? Join a Softball Team. DNyuzTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 14:30 How Psychedelics Became the New Club DrugTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 14:18 February 8, 2023Tweet Tweet
2023-02-08 14:18 Thread by @EoinLenihan on Thread Reader App Thread Reader AppTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 14:18 Just a moment...Tweet Tweet
2023-02-08 14:07 Taylor Lorenz cries outTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 14:07 Report: Harvard Cans School's Media 'Misinformation' ExpertTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 14:07 Truth Dominatrix Nina Jankowicz mournsTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 14:07 February 2, 2023Tweet Tweet
2023-02-08 14:07 Donovan has testified in front of House and Senate subcommittees on the spread of misinformationTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 13:48 Assad BOMBS earthquake-hit rebel-held area as rescuers try to save Syrians trapped beneath rubble Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 13:45 Loomer makes her moveTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 13:45 Denver Is Now Americas Crime Capital - The New AmericanTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 13:45 HmmmmmTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 13:45 #TwitterFilesTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 13:45 Theater of the Absurd in J6 Courtrooms: Julie KellyTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 13:45 Thread by @ShawnBaxterAZ on Thread Reader App Thread Reader AppTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 13:33 Sarah Huckabee Sanders gets a SOTU spotlight. Trump gets the affirmation. - POLITICOTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 13:33 TellingTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 13:33 February 7, 2023Tweet Tweet
2023-02-08 13:30 China Sends Spy Balloons Over Military Sites Worldwide, U.S. Officials Say DNyuzTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 13:12 Eritrean-American entrepreneur gunned down in front of his Atlanta nightclubTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 13:12 NASCAR star Kyle Busch sentenced to 3 years in Mexican prison for trying to take .380 pistol and hollow point shells on private plane leaving CancúnTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 13:12 Democrats sent by Kamala Harris' advisors to praise her actually confided to the New York Times that they'd 'lost hope in her'Tweet Tweet
2023-02-08 13:12 Mind-boggling dataTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 13:12 Video Purportedly Shows Ukraine Using Chemical Weapons On Russian Troops - Valiant NewsTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 13:12 February 7, 2023Tweet Tweet
2023-02-08 13:12 Nothing to see hereTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 13:12 FBI Stops Alleged Racist Nazi Power Grid Attack, Insists 'Threat' Was 'Real' - Valiant NewsTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 13:12 Transurrection?Tweet Tweet
2023-02-08 13:12 The FBI's McGonigal LabyrinthTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 11:48 Jeffrey Dahmer copycat who used Grindr as a 'hunting ground' and planned to eat victim, 18, is hit with 45-year sentence The US SunTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 11:44 NBC, MSNBC employees plan walkout in protest of layoffsTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 11:42 Marjorie Taylor Greene slammed following embarrassing State of the Union antics Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 11:32 Mitt Romney tells George Santos 'You don't belong here' at State of Union addressTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 11:26 How did seismologist predict 3 days earlier?Tweet Tweet
2023-02-08 11:20 Elon Musk announces he will reveal his 'Master Plan 3' for humanity in less than a month - Daily StarTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 11:18 Harrison Ford: I Know Who the Fk I Am The Hollywood ReporterTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 11:16 Large Numbers of Americans Want a Strong, Rough, Anti-democratic Leader - NextgovTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 11:14 Fox News Plans Greg Gutfeld Super Bowl Ad The Hollywood ReporterTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 11:00 Michael Cohen set to meet with Manhattan DA for 15th time.Tweet Tweet
2023-02-08 10:52 Russia Throws Soldiers into Ukraine Firing Line to Gain Inches - WSJTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 10:48 IRS urges millions of taxpayers to delay filing The HillTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 10:24 American Cars Are Getting Too Big For Parking SpacesTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 09:44 'He rope-a-doped them': Democrats celebrate GOP jeers at SOTU - POLITICOTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 09:42 Just a moment...Tweet Tweet
2023-02-08 09:28 Earthquake Survivors Now Risk Freezing to DeathTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 09:26 State of the Union: What Mitt Romney told George SantosTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 09:18 Consecration: The Devil Is Back and Hes Killing Nuns and PriestsTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 09:14 A Rocky NFL Season Reaches the Super Bowl - WSJTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 09:14 Public Appearances by North Korean Leaders Daughter Spur Succession Speculation - WSJTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 08:40 Scientists have found the most stressful time of the day down to the minute Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 08:06 Just a moment...Tweet Tweet
2023-02-08 08:04 Newly empowered Republicans are coming for Big Tech, alleging collusionTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 07:46 Anti-inflammatory drug turns back time, makes aging blood young again - Study FindsTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 07:36 Madonna says she is caught in the glare of ageism following Grammys backlashTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 07:26 How a Dominion Lawyer Became the Latest Battle in the Trump-DeSantis WarTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 07:05 And they applaudTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 06:58 Half in U.S. Say They Are Worse Off, Highest Since 2009Tweet Tweet
2023-02-08 06:44 GOP on GOP: Romney scolds Santos, 'You don't belong here' AP NewsTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 06:40 LeBron James breaks NBAs scoring record AP NewsTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 06:40 After Shouts of Liar and Worse, Biden Takes on His Detractors in Real Time DNyuzTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 06:36 The state of Bidens union with a GOP Congress: Its tense - POLITICOTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 06:34 Hope fading as deaths in Turkey, Syria quake pass 11,000 AP NewsTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 06:34 Spy balloon offers worrying trial run for a bigger US-China crisis The HillTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 06:33 Jill Biden Kissing Kamala Harris' Husband at SOTU Leaves Internet ConfusedTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 06:22 Arizona rancher, 73, is charged with first-degree murder for shooting dead Mexican migrant Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 06:22 Two Beagles rescued from Fauci-funded torture facilities will compete in Puppy BowlTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 06:22 CBS Deletes Demonic 'Worship' Tweet - Todd StarnesTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 06:22 Sarah Huckabee Sanders GOP response to Bidens SOTU: First man to surrender his presidency to a woke mob that cant even tell you what a woman isTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 06:22 Dementia triggers random angry outburstsTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 05:39 They made itTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 05:39 Turkey, Syria Quake Rescuers Race Against Time as Death Toll RisesTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 05:17 February 7, 2023Tweet Tweet
2023-02-08 05:17 Balloon With 3 Hypersonic Missiles Tested By China In 2018 ZeroHedgeTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 05:07 Highlights State of the Union live hilarity… – CITIZEN FREE PRESSTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 05:07 mishtalk.comTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 04:56 Total Robot Victory: ChatGPT racks up 100m usersTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 04:56 Thread by @Aristos_Revenge on Thread Reader App Thread Reader AppTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 04:56 February 7, 2023Tweet Tweet
2023-02-08 04:45 Caption thisTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 04:45 February 7, 2023Tweet Tweet
2023-02-08 04:34 Thread by @aedanusburke on Thread Reader App Thread Reader AppTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 04:24 February 8, 2023Tweet Tweet
2023-02-08 04:24 #GreenEnergyTweet Tweet
2023-02-08 04:24 February 8, 2023Tweet Tweet

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