2020-10-20 23:06 Trump, stirring up more chaos in final stretch, may be exhausting the voters he needsTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 23:06 Trump has dormant bank account in CHINA that paid $190k in taxes to the communist country over three years The US SunTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 22:48 Trump asks Barr to investigate dubious claims against Joe and Hunter Biden US news The GuardianTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 22:42 832 COVID DEATHS TODAYTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 22:14 Trump ups pressure on Barr to probe Bidens as election nearsTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 22:10 Trump Campaign Burned Through Almost Half Its Cash in SeptemberTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 21:54 'Politics is BORING without me': Trump says it's him or 'Sleepy Joe' Biden at Pennsylvania rally Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 21:28 Minnesota Weather: Record-Setting Snow Storm Drops Several Inches Across State WCCO CBS MinnesotaTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 21:24 McConnell warns White House against making stimulus deal as Pelosi and Mnuchin inch closerTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 21:20 Trump, unhappy with questions from '60 Minutes' host Lesley Stahl, threatens to release interview himselfTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 21:16 Chief Colina: Actions Of Uniformed Miami Officer With Pro-Trump Mask At Voting Site Unacceptable CBS MiamiTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 21:12 Televangelist Pat Robertson says God told him Trump will win, then an asteroid will hit Earth TheHillTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 21:06 Flesh-eating bacteria in ocean is killing people in Carolinas.Tweet Tweet
2020-10-20 21:02 Trump Records Shed New Light on Chinese Business Pursuits DNyuzTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 19:02 White Santee customer berates Black Starbucks barista in viral video - The San Diego Union-TribuneTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 18:46 Southern States Are the Seething Center of Americas PandemicTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 18:44 Cuomo Blames Super-Spreader Trump for Coronavirus Deaths in New YorkTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 18:40 Biden Looking to Longtime Aide Ron Klain for Chief of StaffTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 18:28 Trump Threatens to Post Video from 60 Minutes InterviewTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 18:08 Trump Is Launching an All-Out Assault on the Next Debate Moderator Vanity FairTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 18:00 Judge OKs immediate release of Ghislaine Maxwell transcriptsTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 17:58 Texas woman died of Covid-19 on a plane, county report says - CNNTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 17:42 Michael Bloomberg in talks to take his media empire publicTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 17:40 24% of New York City's bus and subway workers have contracted COVID-19, and 76% said they personally knew a coworker who died, a new NYU survey findsTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 17:24 GOP senators, fearing a loss, keep distance from Trump and begin to ponder party's future - CNNPoliticsTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 17:16 COVID-19 Death Rates Are Going Down, And Not Just Among The Young And Healthy : Shots - Health News : NPRTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 17:04 Top Universities Took Billions in Unreported Foreign Funds, U.S. Finds - WSJTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 16:46 Trump Posts Shot of Maskless Leslie Stahl at InterviewTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 16:30 Trump abruptly ends '60 Minutes' interview before taping joint appearance with Pence - CNNPoliticsTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 16:22 Pennsylvania Officials Confirm First COVID-19 Positive Cat In State CBS PhillyTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 16:12 Zuckerberg: Facebook will restrict less content after US elections Fox BusinessTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 15:50 The Mystery of the Immaculate Concussion GQTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 15:22 Arrest warrants issued for founders of Panama Papers firm: reportTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 15:12 Minneapolis residents sue city council for lack of police, blame 'defund police' movement Fox NewsTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 15:00 Can empathy and emotions make soldiers better learners? The Armys trying to find outTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 14:50 Ireland To Impose Six Week National Lockdown, Estimates 150,000 Job Losses : Coronavirus Live Updates : NPRTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 14:50 Conservative lawyer floats challenge of election outcomeTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 14:32 Jeffrey Toobin fathered a son with young lawyer and visited a swingers club with Roger Stone Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 14:20 Amid Covid-19 pandemic, U.S. has seen 300,000 excess deaths'Tweet Tweet
2020-10-20 14:12 Iowa Leans to Flipping Blue.Tweet Tweet
2020-10-20 14:02 Overdose deaths appear to rise amid coronavirus pandemic in U.S.Tweet Tweet
2020-10-20 13:58 San Francisco set to pass legislation about racist 911 callsTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 13:50 Woman Finds Headless Bear With Paws Missing Near Foresthill CBS SacramentoTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 13:42 China's billionaires see biggest gains ever, fueled by IPOsTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 13:24 U.S. fighter jets intercept Russian bombers near Alaska - CBS NewsTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 13:00 Melania Trump still sick with 'lingering cough' and WON'T appear at Trump rally tonight to extend her yearlong absenceTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 12:38 Police: Man, 26, Busted For Battery After Domestic Pumpkin Attack The Smoking GunTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 12:28 NIH chief: Trump has not met with White House COVID-19 task force in 'quite some time' TheHillTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 12:20 GOP pollster Luntz blasts Trump campaign as worst he's ever seen TheHillTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 11:38 Hogan Explains Vote For Ronald Reagan In 2020 Presidential Race: I Dont Think Either One Of The Candidates Is The Right Choice CBS BaltimoreTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 11:36 75% of US Jews voting for Biden in US presidential election - The Jerusalem PostTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 11:36 The third wave of the coronavirus is gaining steam in the U.S. - AxiosTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 11:20 Republicans see bright spot in 2020 voter registration pushTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 10:38 Joe Biden Fends Off President Trumps 2016 Playbook - WSJTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 10:20 Researcher proposes new theory of consciousness.Tweet Tweet
2020-10-20 10:08 F-22s to intercept a pair of Russian bombers near Alaska Fox NewsTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 10:06 A deepfake bot on Telegram is violating women by forging nudes from regular pics - CNETTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 09:58 U.S. Justice Department hits Google with biggest antitrust ...Tweet Tweet
2020-10-20 09:34 Winchell\'s Ghost Still Haunts Media Biz That Divides America.Tweet Tweet
2020-10-20 09:04 How Trump plowed through $1 billion, losing cash advantageTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 08:50 Coronavirus live updates: Hospitalizations on the rise in 41 US states, analysis shows - ABC NewsTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 08:46 Trump Demands Bill Barr Investigate Unverified Hunter Biden StoryTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 08:20 Cities brace for Election Day chaos - AxiosTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 08:18 Every resident of Kansas nursing home infected with COVID-19 TheHillTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 07:52 An Update on My Health: It's a Roller Coaster - The Rush Limbaugh ShowTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 07:46 A NASA Spacecraft Is About to Land on an Asteroid And Grab a Sample. Watch It LiveTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 07:44 Americans worry about 2020 being another 2000, but the real worry is another 1876Tweet Tweet
2020-10-20 07:38 Georgias Early Vote Soars 142% After GOP Attacks Mailed BallotsTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 07:36 UK paves way for first tests to expose people to coronavirus - The Hindu BusinessLineTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 07:24 Mouthwash, baby shampoo deactivate coronaviruses, may slow spread of COVID-19 - Study FindsTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 07:04 McConnell aims for unity amid growing divisions with Trump TheHillTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 06:56 Scientists Just Discovered a Mysterious Organ Lurking in The Centre of The Human HeadTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 06:56 Covid-19s Global Divide: As West Reels, Asia Keeps Virus at Bay - WSJTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 06:48 Robots Encroach on Up to 800 Million Jobs Around the WorldTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 06:48 Protest arrests show regular Americans, not urban antifaTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 06:44 COVID-19 hits key states and demographics two weeks from vote National heraldmailmedia.comTweet Tweet
2020-10-20 06:42 Why Beijing may want to keep Trump in the White House - France 24Tweet Tweet
2020-10-20 06:42 China deploys DF-17 hypersonic missiles across from Taiwan to prepare for invasion Taiwan NewsTweet Tweet

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