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2019-05-23 05:54:04 'Violent tornado' touches down in Missouri capital
2019-05-16 20:58:03 Doctors go undercover to fight Ebola in violent eastern Congo - Connecticut Post
2019-05-14 11:18:04 Cuba Violently Shuts Down 'Illegal' Gay Pride Parade
2019-05-07 23:48:04 Area mosques report receiving threats after video shows Muslim children reciting violent poems, songs
2019-04-23 10:14:06 Easter Bunny brawler is Pasco man and fugitive from New Jersey with violent past Tampa Bay Times
2019-04-22 10:20:06 Media coverage of violent events is found to fuel a cycle of stress National
2019-03-26 08:54:04 Caracas shattered by \'tsunami\' of violent looting.
2019-03-26 07:06:04 CHS: A mysterious syndrome that makes marijuana users violently ill is starting to worry doctors - Business Insider
2019-03-18 12:50:05 France to ban 'yellow vest' protests if violent groups take part: PM Reuters
2019-03-16 09:10:03 Yellow vest \'ultimatum\' rally turns violent in Paris.
2019-03-13 08:30:03 Israel Accuses PA of Trying to Spark Violent 'Religious War' on Temple Mount CBN News
2019-03-07 08:52:04 Study: Pop Music Hits Just As Violent As Rap, Hip-Hop Songs; Country Music Tamest - Study Finds
2019-02-12 14:56:04 Violent, colorful drug lord 'El Chapo' convicted in U.S. court Reuters
2019-02-09 21:18:01 French yellow vest anti-govt protests turn violent in Paris
2019-01-26 12:54:03 Paris 'yellow vest' protesters struck with tear gas in violent clashes in France - Mirror Online
2019-01-26 11:00:04 NYPD: Group Of Teens Targeting Manhattan Newsstands In Violent Crime Spree.
2019-01-13 20:24:04 Arab Christians clash violently with police in Haifa over 'McJesus' sculpture The Times of Israel
2019-01-08 11:14:05 VIDEO: Teen Girl Violent MCDONALD\'S Rampage After Asked To Leave Kids\' Play Area.
2019-01-03 09:30:01 Kerala protests: Violent unrest sweeps southern India as first women to enter temple forced into hiding The Independent
2018-12-26 21:58:02 2018 will be the first year with no violent tornadoes in the United States - Laredo Morning Times
2018-12-19 13:16:04 Revealed: Antifa Leader Relied On Anonymity To Push Radical, Violent Communist Agenda The Daily Caller
2018-12-14 11:54:02 'Priest from hell' violently baptises screaming baby girl while shouting 'Satan sits inside you'
2018-12-08 08:34:10 Police fear violent clashes over \'Brexit Betrayal\' march.
2018-12-06 00:14:06 Martin Armstrong: The 2020 Presidential Election Will Be The Most Violent In American History Zero Hedge
2018-12-04 14:34:03 FEDEX Workers In Violent Road Rage Incident Outside Funeral.
2018-12-01 10:48:03 Violent clashes in Paris as anti-Macron protesters return
2018-11-24 10:46:03 Cincinnati man charged with kidnapping woman had been arrested 53 times before for violent offenses Daily Mail Online
2018-11-17 12:38:05 El Al diverts flight after religious passengers become violent in Shabbat scare The Times of Israel
2018-10-31 16:20:05 TV report: Israel silent as Iran hit by computer virus more violent than Stuxnet The Times of Israel
2018-10-29 21:42:08 At least 26 people shot on Sunday, the second most violent day of the year in Chicago - Chicago Tribune
2018-10-22 10:00:05 A concert-goer rustled a bag of gum during a Mahler symphony. A "violent attack" ensued. Entertainment
2018-10-13 21:10:04 Right-wing march in London turns violent, 1 arrested
2018-10-01 22:08:19 Violent video games' tie to physical aggression confirmed in study
2018-09-25 12:42:04 Bill Cosby Now Officially A Sexually Violent Predator; Sentenced Today Deadline
2018-09-02 07:58:04 China Protest Over Cash-Strapped Citys School Plan Turns Violent - WSJ
2018-08-24 20:38:07 Why Chicago violent crimes go unsolved - Chicago Tribune
2018-08-23 06:06:04 Over The Last 7 Days Our Planet Has Been Violently Shaken By 144 Major Earthquakes Zero Hedge
2018-08-20 19:46:08 After another violent Chicago weekend, top cop says: We can only do so much. We cannot be on every street corner - Chicago Tribune
2018-08-14 08:06:04 'Dozens dead' after motorway bridge collapses during violent storm in Italy Metro News
2018-08-03 18:08:01 UPDATE: Greek Donkey owners get violent after being criticized for giving rides to fat tourists.
2018-07-29 22:14:05 Yoga, herbs and sunshine: New Zealand opens 'humane' jail for most violent inmates World news The Guardian
2018-07-27 08:58:07 Marine Veteran, Man Wearing Trump Shirt Violently Attacked Near Trump Star in L.A.
2018-07-24 18:20:05 Rattled by string of violent attacks, Toronto wonders if city is unraveling World news The Guardian
2018-07-10 09:14:05 BREAKING Donald Trump UK visit: US embassy warns Americans to keep a 'low profile' over 'violent' protest fears - Mirror Online
2018-07-09 07:34:05 NYC subway spat turns violent when rider beats stranger with metal pipe
2018-07-03 20:26:06 Viral video of woman's arrest sparks anger, but LAPD says she was involved in violent kidnapping plot
2018-07-03 12:44:11 Protests Turn Violent In Front Of Philly ICE Building.
2018-06-25 21:40:10 Media Rhetoric On Trump Administration Becomes Increasingly Violent The Daily Caller
2018-06-25 13:52:11 Maxine Waters Praised Violent LA Race Riots As Defining Moment For Resistance The Daily Caller

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