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2018-09-07 21:28:16 Sleeping naked: Two-thirds of Millennials sleep nude, study says
2018-09-07 17:18:05 Trump on Obama's scorching speech: 'I fell asleep' - POLITICO
2018-09-06 21:32:21 Ebola outbreak: Official says 'NO ONE should sleep well around WORLD' after case in city UK News
2018-09-05 20:52:07 The sleeper cells have awoken: Trump and aides shaken by resistance op-ed - The Washington Post
2018-09-04 15:24:04 Lack of sleep could raise risk for stroke, early death, say studies
2018-09-02 08:52:05 Suspected MS-13 member broke into sleeping girl's Brooklyn bedroom, raped her: cops
2018-08-28 08:10:07 Dull Skin? Restless Sleep? Theres a Drink for That - WSJ
2018-08-27 07:48:04 Sleeper case could torpedo Mueller report - POLITICO
2018-08-21 12:54:05 No Cats, No Sleepovers: Boomers Become Housemates - WSJ
2018-08-21 06:24:04 Youre Getting Very Sleepy. (So Is Everyone Else.) ::
2018-08-17 11:26:08 Iranian-Backed 'Sleeper Cell' Militants Hibernating in U.S., Positioned for Attack
2018-08-14 12:04:07 Sleep deprivation fuels loneliness because tired people are socially repellent, say scientists
2018-08-14 11:50:04 Getting too little sleep may 'age' the heart
2018-08-11 13:12:05 Growing Spokane, Washington, sheds its sleepy city image
2018-08-07 20:12:05 Sleeping more than 8 hours a night could increase risk of death: study CTV News
2018-07-25 21:26:15 Trouble Sleeping? High-Tech Masks Can Help - WSJ
2018-07-17 18:26:07 Sleeping Giants Anonymous Founder Unmasked; Top Ad Writer Behind Boycott Campaign Targeting Breitbart, Ingraham The Daily Caller
2018-07-12 17:12:08 6-Foot-Long Boa Constrictor Falls From Ceiling, Lands on Sleeping NY Man - NBC New York
2018-07-12 12:00:10 New ways to conquer sleep apnea compete for place in bedroom
2018-06-22 20:36:05 Protesters descend on Kirstjen Nielsen's home: 'No justice, no sleep' - Washington Times
2018-06-22 17:04:05 Garcetti says L.A. can resume disputed ban on overnight sidewalk sleeping
2018-06-06 19:00:07 Glass of wine and good night's sleep can ward off Alzheimer's, says scientist
2018-05-23 10:26:04 People who sleep in on weekends avoid dying young, study suggests - San Antonio Express-News
2018-05-23 06:46:06 Flash - Learning to nap in New York, city that never sleeps - France 24
2018-05-21 21:28:10 STARBUCKS Says Drug Use, Sleeping Unacceptable as It Clarifies Guest Policy.
2018-05-04 13:52:05 Chicago Cops Storm Wrong Home, Terrify Sleeping Family.
2018-04-26 00:28:05 Bill Cosbys lawyer falls asleep during testimony Page Six
2018-04-25 22:18:06 Jackson troubles shine light on a fact of Washington life: Sleeping pills - POLITICO
2018-04-06 09:10:06 'The Russians are coming!' Faulty warning siren sparks fears of 'invasion' in sleepy Norwegian town near border - Mirror Online
2018-04-03 13:48:11 Wheres Your Teen Sleeping? Check Chuck E. Cheese, then Walmart - WSJ
2018-04-03 06:28:07 Elon Musk Is Back to Sleeping at the Factory - Bloomberg
2018-04-01 09:32:07 Homeless people are moving tombstones and sleeping inside graves at cemetery Metro News
2018-03-23 06:48:05 Humans are sleepwalking into a mass extinction of species not seen since the demise of the dinosaurs indy100
2018-03-16 17:10:04 Steve Eisman, who called the 'Big Short' during last financial crisis, says he's sleeping easy now
2018-03-10 19:56:05 Chuck Todd Responds to Trumps Sleepy Son of a B*tch Jab Mediaite
2018-03-10 19:28:07 VIDEO: Trump Rips Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd "He's a Sleepy Son of a Bitch, I Tell You"
2018-03-10 19:24:05 Washington Examiner on Twitter: "Trump on Chuck Todd: "He's a sleeping son of a bitch." "
2018-03-08 17:24:07 Want better sex? Try getting better sleep - CBS News
2018-03-08 13:52:05 Lack Of Sleep Leads To Weight Gain.
2018-02-22 14:54:05 JITTERS: Sleepwalking Student Causes School To Cancel Classes.
2018-02-07 14:28:05 VIDEO: Dem Rep falls asleep on House floor - as Nancy Pelosi speaks! - The American MirrorThe American Mirror
2018-01-25 14:14:05 Facebook Wants To Know Who You Sleep With The Daily Caller
2018-01-24 09:58:05 Angry illegals converge on Schumer home: 'We won't let him sleep!' - The American MirrorThe American Mirror
2018-01-23 16:16:07 Middle age sleep problems tied to cognitive decline down the line Reuters
2018-01-14 07:48:04 Want better sleep? Write a to-do list, study says
2018-01-09 21:22:25 Sleep yourself slim: how an extra 90 mins in bed can stop sugar cravings
2018-01-06 09:58:13 Does Music Help You Fall Asleep? - WSJ
2018-01-01 09:36:04 These Are The U.S. Cities Getting The Least Sleep Zero Hedge
2017-12-18 13:26:04 Deep Sleep A Natural 'Fountain Of Youth' In Old Age, Study Says
2017-12-15 11:14:10 Health Officials Urge People To Sleep At Least Arm\'s Length Away From Cellphone.Never Carry In Pocket.Increased Risk For Brain Cancer, Low Sperm Count, Headaches, Impaired Memory.

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