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2018-09-09 08:08:05 Shooting at Alabama McDonalds leaves 1 dead, 4 wounded, police say Fox News
2018-09-04 20:58:07 Gordon Closing in on Mississippi-Alabama Coastline by Bob Henson Category 6 Weather Underground
2018-08-26 18:36:04 Alabama man fined for touching endangered Hawaiian monk seal
2018-07-02 17:28:08 Former Alabama player Les Williams is one of more than 100 suing NCAA over brain injuries - The Washington Post
2018-06-06 06:36:04 Alabama GOP Lawmaker Who Disavowed Trump Forced Into Primary Runoff - WSJ
2018-05-27 05:34:05 Storm Alberto prompts emergency declarations in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi Fox News
2018-05-16 22:06:04 Birmingham mayor responds to church sign saying 'black folks nee - Montgomery Alabama news.
2018-05-05 12:30:05 Immigration detention prolonged in Alabama's 'black hole'
2018-04-19 21:44:05 Supreme Court allows Alabama to execute 83-year-old inmate
2018-04-19 11:54:08 Alabama to execute inmate, 83, oldest in modern U.S. history
2018-04-18 07:46:04 UPDATE: Alabama Endures NYC \'Poop Train\'; \'Smells Like Death\'.
2018-04-08 07:56:06 Alabama woman finds message from 1982 in Diet Sunkist bottle
2018-02-08 16:38:05 Alabama Man, 52, Attacked Roommate Over Stale Cap'n Crunch Cereal, Cops Say The Smoking Gun
2018-01-25 20:16:08 Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey arrested in Alabama on robbery charge involving $15 phone charger - Baltimore Sun
2018-01-23 11:10:08 Alabama residents hold candlelight vigil for Taco Bell that burned down - Story WNYW
2018-01-12 13:24:04 Alabama flu outbreak declared emergency: Schools close, hospitals reschedule surgeries
2018-01-10 15:10:05 Alabama teen charged with molesting horse
2018-01-09 12:26:05 It was fixed! Conspiracies abound over Alabamas win over Georgi
2018-01-08 21:38:08 VIDEO: Alabama star player yells 'F*ck Trump!' before title game - The American MirrorThe American Mirror
2018-01-08 20:30:04 Trump greeted at Georgia-Alabama game with roaring mix of cheers, boos
2017-12-28 13:54:07 Alabama judge turns away Roy Moore's election lawsuit Daily Mail Online
2017-12-28 08:30:08 Roy Moore sues over Alabama loss and demands new election Daily Mail Online
2017-12-28 06:32:05 Roy Moore files lawsuit to block Alabama Senate result
2017-12-15 09:24:05 These states could be the next Alabama - CNNPolitics
2017-12-14 22:50:08 Alabama Teaches America a Lesson - WSJ
2017-12-13 21:58:07 The guru behind Doug Jones' big win holds forth on Alabama, Trump and the Democrats' future - LA Times
2017-12-13 21:42:22 Bannon fuels Republican ire after Alabama Senate loss.
2017-12-13 11:48:04 Alabama win thrills Democrats as Republicans scramble for answers Reuters
2017-12-13 11:08:18 Trump, GOP tax reform impact from Alabama election results, Doug Jones - Business Insider
2017-12-13 11:08:18 Roy Moore refuses to concede Alabama Senate race: 'It's not over'
2017-12-13 07:52:07 How Doug Jones' win in Alabama will impact Trump's legislative agenda Fox News
2017-12-13 06:30:05 Alabama Sends a Message - WSJ
2017-12-13 01:22:05 Steve Bannon's Big Loss in Alabama Roger L. Simon
2017-12-13 00:30:05 Democrats are jubilant and newly confident about 2018 as Alabama delivers win on Trumps turf - The Washington Post
2017-12-13 00:28:04 Alabama Senate race: White House blames Bannon for loss Daily Mail Online
2017-12-13 00:10:11 Moore refuses to concede Alabama Senate race TheHill
2017-12-13 00:02:05 Alabama Senate victor Doug Jones a civil rights champion
2017-12-12 22:54:05 Democrat's victory in Alabama a blow to Senate Republican agenda McClatchy Washington Bureau
2017-12-12 22:46:02 Democrat Doug Jones wins Senate race in Alabama, defeating Republican Roy Moore - The Washington Post
2017-12-12 22:40:04 Once a Long Shot, Democrat Doug Jones Wins Alabama Senate Race - The New York Times
2017-12-12 20:06:05 Live Alabama Election Results: Roy Moore and Doug Jones Compete for Senate Seat Election Results 2017 The New York Times
2017-12-12 20:04:04 Alabama Exit Poll and Results for 2017 Election - NBC News
2017-12-12 18:58:04 Decision day in Alabama after long, bitter Senate campaign
2017-12-12 18:50:05 Republicans Plan Meeting on What to Do If Moore Wins Alabama Seat - WSJ
2017-12-12 18:14:08 Early Alabama Senate race exit polls - CBS News
2017-12-12 17:32:04 Alabamians turn out in large numbers to vote in Alabama US Senate Special Election
2017-12-12 15:58:05 Feds in 'heightened posture' over hackers who may target today's Alabama election - ABC News
2017-12-12 12:02:08 Alabama Senate Seat Race: Roy Moore rides horse to vote The Telegraph
2017-12-12 07:58:04 Scarborough mocks Bannon: You only went to Harvard because you couldnt get into Alabama TheHill
2017-12-11 22:18:05 Alabama Senate Race, Unlikely Nail Biter, Races to Finish Line - The New York Times

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