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2018-02-12 08:32:04 George Soros defends donation to anti-Brexit campaign
2018-02-07 19:32:05 George Soros, the man who 'broke the Bank of England', backing secret plot to thwart Brexit
2018-01-28 09:44:08 Trump: I would be tougher in Brexit talks than Theresa May New York Post
2018-01-26 09:30:04 Finland election: Finns Party candidate Laura Huhtasaari wants her own version of Brexit Politics News
2018-01-14 07:52:05 Nigel Farage admits 'historic' Brexit vote is at risk of being reversed
2018-01-11 22:50:11 Brexit news: Farage says second referendum will SILENCE Remoaners Politics News
2018-01-11 07:52:04 Nigel Farage, Architect of Brexit, Sees Case for Second Referendum - Bloomberg
2018-01-04 21:44:10 Genetically-modified animals could be sold in UK after Brexit, says Michael Gove
2017-12-30 16:06:05 EU's east-west schism 'is a bigger worry than Brexit'
2017-12-13 15:56:05 Brexit latest: Theresa May defeated on crucial amendment Politics News
2017-12-08 06:40:05 Tories Welcome Mays Brexit Deal as Farage Slams Humiliation - Bloomberg
2017-12-08 06:26:05 UK, EU claim Brexit breakthrough; eye talks on future ties
2017-12-04 21:44:10 11th Hour Upset to Brexit Deal Complicates Life for Theresa May - Bloomberg
2017-12-04 08:32:10 UK and EU 'appear close to Brexit breakthrough' - BBC News
2017-12-03 17:46:04 U.K.'s May Fighting Fires at Home as EU Brexit Deadline Looms - Bloomberg
2017-11-09 06:56:05 Clock ticks as Brexit talks resume
2017-10-05 06:28:05 Europe Could See Another Brexit-Like RuptureBeyond Spain - Bloomberg
2017-10-04 08:08:05 Catalan crisis 'bigger threat to EU than Brexit', MEP warns
2017-09-05 17:10:04 Leaked document reveals UK Brexit plan to deter EU immigrants UK news The Guardian
2017-08-14 22:18:05 Bad Boys of Brexit - The Movie - Farage could be played by Spacey World News
2017-07-24 07:54:05 Sadiq Khan Takes on Brexit and Terror The New Yorker
2017-07-11 08:52:02 Doubts over Brexit mount as May marks a year in power
2017-06-23 00:14:02 Brexit's true meaning remains elusive a year on
2017-06-17 17:08:02 Secret plot to oust Theresa May as ministers threaten stalking horse if PM fails to deliver hard Brexit
2017-06-12 21:14:03 Tory and Labour MPs plot secret deal to ensure soft Brexit
2017-06-11 13:46:03 Chance of smooth Brexit fades after British election chaos Reuters
2017-06-10 09:00:32 Wounded May soldiers on as election shock complicates Brexit McClatchy Washington Bureau
2017-06-07 16:14:02 On eve of election, May tries to put focus back on Brexit Reuters
2017-05-08 21:16:05 Theresa May pledges to slash net migration after Brexit Politics News
2017-05-07 12:56:05 UK super-rich got richer despite Brexit: rich list
2017-05-06 20:24:05 Merkel slaps down Juncker for inflaming Brexit talks Daily Mail Online
2017-05-02 08:18:19 London Tabloids, Champions of \'Brexit,\' Loom Large.(NYT)
2017-04-29 14:30:08 EU Throws Down Brexit Gauntlet to Britain as Talks Edge Closer - Bloomberg
2017-04-27 14:40:05 Britain airbrushed out of EU maps two years before Brexit Daily Mail Online
2017-04-27 08:56:10 Merkel Warns Against U.K. Illusions in Hard-Line Brexit Speech - Bloomberg
2017-04-06 18:54:10 Sir Michael Caine: Brexit 'was about freedom'
2017-04-04 13:14:05 Spanish navy ship illegally enters UK waters in Gibraltar after Brexit war threat, says government The Independent
2017-03-30 00:54:05 EU vows unity as Britain braces for Brexit
2017-03-29 10:14:05 The Whos Roger Daltrey Supports Brexit, Badmouths Hillary Clinton
2017-03-29 09:26:05 Brexit letter to trigger EU divorce arrives in Brussels Daily Mail Online
2017-03-29 08:08:08 Article 50 live: Theresa May says there is 'no turning back' as Brexit is triggered
2017-03-29 08:08:08 Brexit Day LIVE: Article 50 officially triggered as ambassador Tim Barrow presents Theresa May's historic letter to Brussels - Mirror Online
2017-03-27 08:40:08 Political Sex Pistol: Johnny Rotten backs Brexit and Trump! Entertainment Good Morning Britain GMB
2017-03-26 14:44:07 Nigel Farage's 'Bad Boys of Brexit' look toward 'Calexit' Daily Mail Online
2017-03-25 12:02:05 British Party That Backed \'Brexit\' Loses Only Member of Parliament.(NYT)
2017-03-23 16:20:08 Climate change helped cause Brexit, says Al Gore The Independent
2017-03-13 15:20:07 UK PM May's hand moves closer to Brexit trigger Reuters
2017-03-12 22:12:05 Brexit set to begin as bill enters final stages
2017-02-11 13:02:04 Jean-Claude Juncker 'doubts EU will remain united during Brexit talks', as he says he will not seek second term
2017-02-09 15:02:04 Apple 'optimistic' about post-Brexit UK - BBC News

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