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2019-02-15 16:12:03 TESLA Traveling 128 MPH Nearly Splits SUV In Half; Blows Through Red Light In Miami Beach.
2019-02-11 08:16:03 Half Of Parents Worry Flu Shot Makes Children Sick, Third Believe It Doesn't Work At All - Study Finds
2019-02-05 08:26:04 Survey: Half Of Americans Consider Themselves Modern-Day Workaholics - Study Finds
2019-02-04 07:22:01 Review: Thank U, Next: Maroon 5's halftime show was basic
2019-02-03 20:44:04 Maroon 5s Super Bowl Halftime Show Review: Painful & One Of The Worst Ever Deadline
2019-02-03 20:38:03 Maroon 5's Super Bowl Halftime Features Shirtless Adam Levine
2019-02-03 11:06:10 Maroon 5 frontman hints Superbowl show will be hip-hop kneeling fest. Fox News offers alternative for halftime. Conservative News Today
2019-02-02 13:20:04 Super Bowl LIII Halftime Controversy Continues, As Colin Kaepernick Attorney Attacks Adam Levine Deadline
2019-02-01 06:12:04 Super Bowl sets stage for controversy-plagued halftime show
2019-01-31 19:22:04 Rare half-male, half-female cardinal spotted in Pennsylvania
2019-01-31 08:14:01 Nearly half of US adults have heart or blood vessel disease
2019-01-30 16:14:04 Canada reducing Canadian staff at Cuba embassy by half
2019-01-28 07:42:03 Survey: Half Of Doctors Considering Leaving Medicine - Because Of Health Insurance Headaches - Study Finds
2019-01-25 09:46:04 Transgender Evie Amati split man's face in half in axe 7-Eleven axe attack Daily Star
2019-01-25 07:12:07 Super Bowl halftime show is no longer a cultural institution
2019-01-21 16:26:03 Hotel fires half its robot staff for sucking at their jobs - SFGate
2019-01-16 20:46:03 World's first robot hotel fires half its 'annoying' non-human workforce Metro News
2019-01-15 11:40:06 Survey: Americans Spend Nearly Half Their Waking Hours Looking At Screens - Study Finds
2019-01-12 13:44:05 Monster snowstorm blankets half USA.
2019-01-11 21:14:01 F.B.I. Opened Inquiry Into Whether Trump Was Secretly Working on Behalf of Russia
2019-01-04 17:00:04 Half of people who think they have a food allergy do not study Society The Guardian
2018-12-30 23:34:03 Chinese laser gun which burns flesh from half a mile away 'perfect for assassins' - Mirror Online
2018-12-25 13:52:03 Air Canada flight turns back halfway to Hawaii, passengers get $10 vouchers CTV News
2018-12-21 21:04:07 Ted Cruz says Trump 'won't capitulate' over $5B demand, enough for 215 miles of border wall half of it replacement Politics Dallas News
2018-12-20 23:18:02 Brain of Mysterious 'Little Foot' Human Relative Was Half-Man, Half-Ape
2018-12-15 08:56:04 How the Super Bowl Halftime Show Became Musics Least Wanted Gig Variety
2018-12-14 07:54:04 Half of America hasn't recovered from the recession - CBS News
2018-12-07 07:06:04 More than half of global population now online: UN
2018-12-05 07:58:04 Men's penises are half-an-inch smaller because of chemicals in non-stick frying pans Daily Mail Online
2018-11-25 09:48:04 Houston Realtor faces backlash for using half-naked fitness models to promote home - Houston Chronicle
2018-11-20 14:22:04 FBI: Elderly man arrested in bank robbery fled halfway house -
2018-11-20 08:48:04 Goat gives birth to furless 'half-pig, half-human' creature in Philippines Daily Mail Online
2018-11-20 06:24:04 Farmers goat gives birth to half-pig half-human creature sparking curse fears - Mirror Online
2018-11-16 12:32:01 This speed camera will catch drivers on their phones from over half a mile away Metro News
2018-11-06 22:52:06 Dems win half seats for House control but Senate path narrow
2018-11-05 20:12:11 Exclusive poll: Only half of Americans have faith in democracy -Axios
2018-11-01 09:12:05 Half-naked woman falls through ceiling at Kingsport restaurant
2018-10-24 08:30:08 More Than Half A Million People: Americas Homelessness Crisis Is Rapidly Exploding On Both Coasts
2018-10-23 13:32:05 Democrats back Medicare for all in about half of contested House races
2018-10-20 13:00:07 'Half million' rally in London for new Brexit vote
2018-10-17 07:18:07 Nearly half world lives on less than $5.50 a day.
2018-10-17 07:14:10 AlmostHalf of U.S. Births HappenOutside Marriage, Signaling Cultural Shift
2018-10-09 07:30:06 Half-naked man doused in mystery liquid is dragged off flight by police Daily Mail Online
2018-10-08 18:50:04 Most wanted fugitive in X-rated music video with half-naked women Daily Star
2018-10-02 21:48:20 Uber driver salary is less than $10 hour for half of US Uber drivers - Recode
2018-09-27 21:16:08 Orca 'apocalypse': half of killer whales doomed to die from pollution Environment The Guardian
2018-09-24 11:16:05 Drivers for Uber, Lyft are earning less than half of what they did four years ago, study finds - MarketWatch
2018-09-21 09:58:05 Adult star sparksOUTRAGEafter posing half-naked withtwolions Daily Star
2018-09-20 06:36:07 Report: Scams to be nearly half of all cellphone calls by 2019
2018-09-19 11:46:04 Nearly half in top 5 U.S. cities dont speak English at home, record 67 million

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