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2018-08-14 14:50:05 Brazilian cops drop 'masculinity' requirement
2018-08-11 08:24:05 Flash - Politicians involved in murder of Brazilian activist: govt - France 24
2018-08-02 08:06:04 Im Totally Freaked Out; Brazilians Weigh a Farewell to Paradise - WSJ
2018-07-17 21:26:27 Plastic surgeon Dr BumBum disappears as woman dies hours after Brazilian bum lift op
2018-06-29 11:08:12 Brazilian football fan dies after slicing open her THROAT when she fell on her wine glass while celebrating team's victory against Serbia
2018-06-14 06:00:04 'Forced' sterilization of Brazilian woman sparks uproar
2018-06-04 10:54:10 Swimmer dies after shark rips off his penis despite horrified sunbathers frantic battle to save his life on Brazilian beach
2018-05-25 21:08:05 Brazilian president sends in army as truck protest paralyzes country World news The Guardian
2018-05-02 19:04:05 This Brazilian lives full-time in a sandcastle he built on the beach Quartz
2018-04-29 20:54:05 Watch the incredible moment Brazilian surfer Rodrigo Koxa breaks world record riding 80ft wave London Evening Standard
2018-03-31 13:10:08 Mormons make history with Brazilian and Asian leaders
2018-02-10 18:14:07 Brazilians dancing away troubles of 2017 at Carnival parties
2018-02-10 17:40:05 Brazilians dancing away troubles of 2017 at Carnival parties - NY Daily News
2017-12-23 13:30:05 Bees attack Brazilian cops in sting gone wrong
2017-12-18 08:28:05 Horror moment top DJ Kaleb Freitas was killed when stage collapsed on top of him at Brazilian Atmosphere Festival
2017-12-11 08:44:04 Stunning photos show native Brazilians swimming underwater Daily Mail Online
2017-08-29 17:54:13 Millions of infected Brazilian mosquitoes to tackle dengue
2017-08-18 17:18:05 Apocalyptic cloud haunts Brazilian town (PHOTOS, VIDEO) RT Viral
2017-08-07 11:06:04 British tourist shot after wrong turn in Brazilian favela
2017-07-24 09:28:05 Brazilians funneled as "slaves" by US church, ex-members say Charlotte Observer
2017-05-19 08:54:08 Flash - Brazilian 'mermaids' ride quirky fashion wave - France 24
2017-05-05 23:26:05 Lima Arrested During Brazilian Football Match After Alleged Kidnapping Bleacher Report
2017-04-25 00:32:07 Brazilian bandits stage brazen $40 million heist in Paraguay
2017-03-16 19:14:07 Exorcist fails to drive out 'evil spirits,' forcing Brazilian president to leave 'haunted' presidential palace Christian News on Christian Today
2017-02-19 16:30:04 Will Brazilians Cancel Carnival?(NYT)
2017-02-14 08:26:22 Brazilian town embraces universal income experiment.
2017-02-09 08:22:04 Police strike leaves 90 dead, Brazilian city in chaos Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
2017-01-17 08:44:15 Brazilians Want Their Own Donald Trump - Bloomberg
2017-01-10 08:08:10 Trail of slaughter in prisons shocks Brazilians as gang war explodes World news The Guardian
2017-01-07 13:38:05 Shocking images show mutilated corpses with hearts and intestines ripped out at hellhole Brazilian prison after 31 lags were slaughtered in bloody riot
2017-01-02 08:06:15 Hungry Venezuelans flood Brazilian towns, as threat of mass migration looms - The Washington Post
2016-12-23 08:52:05 2016 Was Awful for Brazilians and 2017 Doesnt Look Much Better - Bloomberg
2016-11-29 08:04:07 Chapecoense plane crash: 76 dead and 5 survivors after plane carrying Brazilian football team crashes in Colombia - Mirror Online
2016-11-29 08:04:07 United for the last time: Brazilian football team pose together in front of passenger jet before doomed flight which crashed in Colombian mountains, killing 76 on board Daily Mail Online
2016-11-29 07:56:10 Colombian plane crash that left 77 dead wiped out Brazilian side who had CHANGED flights at the last minute as they travelled for cup final
2016-11-16 12:20:06 CIA Strong-armed Brazilian President From Power
2016-10-01 12:46:07 Angry Brazilian Voters Looking to Upend Political Order - ABC News
2016-08-31 14:54:10 Leftist Brazilian President Removed from Office
2016-08-31 12:46:40 Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff ousted in impeachment vote - The Washington Post
2016-08-17 09:48:42 US swimmer Ryan Lochte to have his 'passport seized by Brazilian authorities' over false claims he was robbed - Mirror Online
2016-08-01 20:12:43 Richest Brazilian Says Being Big a Burden in Age of Sanders - Bloomberg
2016-07-27 10:26:40 Brazilian Doctor on Rio Games: 'Foreign Athletes Will Literally Be Swimming in Human Crap' - Breitbart
2016-07-19 12:32:40 Brazilian extremists become first group in South America to pledge allegiance to ISIS Daily Mail Online
2016-07-06 08:58:40 Brazilian soldiers begin patrolling Rio Olympic venues amid rising crime rates World news The Guardian
2016-06-28 18:32:42 Brazilian police greet tourists with 'Welcome to Hell' sign at Rio airport Americas News The Independent
2016-06-10 11:36:38 Brazilian athlete shot in head in Rio
2016-05-11 08:20:40 Brazilian soccer star urges tourists to skip Rio Olympics Fox News
2016-05-02 16:10:02 WhatsApp, Used by 100 Million Brazilians, Was Shut Down Nationwide Today by a Single Judge
2016-04-27 17:22:03 Brazilian Cybercrime Bills Threaten Open Internet for 200 Million People

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