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2019-02-18 21:36:03 I like tariffs: Donald Trump threatens transatlantic trade war News The Times
2019-01-17 14:54:02 U.S. Weighs Lifting China Tariffs to Hasten Trade Deal, Calm Markets - WSJ
2018-12-06 08:40:04 U.S. trade deficit climbs to 10-year high despite tariffs, tough Trump stance - MarketWatch
2018-12-01 22:36:04 US and China in trade tariffs truce after tense G20 summit
2018-12-01 22:34:08 US, China won't impose additional tariffs after January 1: Report
2018-09-18 09:16:05 China Retaliates: Beijing To Levy $60BN In Tariffs On US Goods Effective Sept 24 Zero Hedge
2018-09-17 19:26:04 U.S.-China Trade War: U.S. To Spare Some Apple Goods From Latest China Tariffs, Sources Say
2018-09-17 18:48:04 Trump Announces New Tariffs on Chinese Imports - WSJ
2018-09-17 18:42:05 Trump puts new tariffs on China as trade war escalates
2018-09-09 00:16:07 Trump tells Apple to make products in U.S. to avoid China tariffs
2018-08-30 12:26:08 Trumps tariffs on Canadian newsprint are overturned
2018-08-16 08:32:04 Turkish anger at Donald Trump and US tariffs sees Turks smash iPhones, burn fake dollars - CBS News
2018-08-15 06:26:04 Turkey responds to Trump tariffs with huge duties on cars and other goods
2018-08-10 08:54:04 Trump authorizes doubling of metals tariffs on Turkey
2018-08-08 08:52:04 China announces 25% tariffs on $16 billion worth of US goods including crude oil and cars
2018-08-03 08:14:04 China reportedly says it will retaliate with tariffs on $60 billion in US goods
2018-08-01 21:44:07 White House Plans 25% Tariffs on China.
2018-08-01 07:10:08 Inflation, gas prices, tariffs squeeze consumers
2018-07-25 06:42:05 Flash - Ailing US newspapers feel new pain from newsprint tariffs - France 24
2018-07-24 12:30:05 Trump plans to give billions in aid to farmers hurt by tariffs: Reports
2018-07-06 23:56:04 Dueling tariffs raise fears of long U.S.-China trade battle Reuters
2018-07-06 13:44:05 World stock markets edge higher as U.S.-China trade tariffs kick in Reuters
2018-07-06 06:16:04 China accuses US of launching the 'largest trade war in history'; hits back with tariffs, Business News - AsiaOne
2018-07-06 05:58:18 Trump says U.S. tariffs could be applied to Chinese goods worth $500 billion Reuters
2018-07-05 22:12:07 Trade war worries: US-China tariffs to kick in on Friday
2018-06-29 12:28:07 Canada makes retaliatory tariffs official: 'We will not back down'
2018-06-28 11:58:05 Trump heads to Wisconsin to tout a new Foxconn plant, while Harley-Davidson talks tariffs just up the road
2018-06-25 07:48:02 Harley, stung by tariffs, shifts some production overseas
2018-06-19 11:44:12 The Trump administration promised Apple it would not place tariffs on
2018-06-19 06:14:07 Trade Watch: US futures slide as Trump ratchets up the pressure on China with additional tariffs
2018-06-18 22:18:07 Trade war watch: China pledges it will fight back firmly if Trump publishes list of new tariffs
2018-06-18 20:30:05 Donald Trump Readies New Tariffs for China - WSJ
2018-06-15 14:34:08 China announces retaliatory tariffs on $34 billion worth of US goods, including agriculture products
2018-06-15 10:13:07 Trump imposes import taxes on Chinese goods, and warns of 'additional tariffs' - Laredo Morning Times
2018-06-14 19:04:05 Donald Trump Approves Tariffs on About $50 Billion of Chinese Goods - WSJ
2018-06-09 19:22:08 US signs G-7 declaration calling for reduction of tariffs
2018-06-09 12:04:10 Trump floats end to all tariffs, threatens major penalties for countries that don't agree - Laredo Morning Times
2018-06-06 11:10:05 EU says tit-for-tat tariffs against US ready in July
2018-06-05 15:47:02 China Offers to Buy Nearly $70 Billion of U.S. Products to Fend Off Trade Tariffs - WSJ
2018-06-04 13:08:05 Koch network plans to spend millions to fight Trump's tariffs
2018-06-01 20:18:10 Trudeau on Trump tariffs: Insulting and unacceptable that Canada seen as threat to U.S. - NBC News
2018-05-31 23:38:04 US to impose steel tariffs on EU from midnight after talks break down The Independent
2018-05-31 14:12:05 Dow drops 300 points after EU, Canada say they will retaliate to Trump's tariffs
2018-05-31 11:28:04 Mexico hits back at U.S. tariffs with measures on farm, steel products
2018-05-31 11:18:12 US to impose steel, aluminum tariffs on EU, Canada, Mexico
2018-05-31 10:58:10 Trump administration will put steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada, Mexico and the EU
2018-05-31 10:54:04 Tariffs Highlight U.S. Tilt Away From European Allies - WSJ
2018-04-10 15:24:08 China's Xi renews vow to open economy, cut tariffs as U.S. trade row deepens Reuters
2018-04-06 09:26:09 China Vows To "Attack" Trump Tariffs "To The End At Any Cost", Urges EU To Join Fight Against US Zero Hedge
2018-04-06 08:46:06 China will not hesitate with 'major response' to new tariffs: Ministry of Commerce

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