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2019-08-02 20:26:03 Embattled Ocasio-Cortez Aides Are Leaving Capitol Hill - ENM NEWS
2019-07-23 19:34:04 Puerto Rico officials order governor, aides to hand over ...
2019-07-19 19:24:03 President Trump tells aides to look for big spending cuts in second-term, seeding confusion about budget priorities - StamfordAdvocate
2019-07-08 18:22:03 The Purell presidency: Trump aides learn the presidents real red line - POLITICO
2019-06-04 11:52:03 House panel chairman threatens former White House aides with...
2019-06-03 15:04:03 Joe Biden aides meet Bay Area fundraisers as he skips convention
2019-05-20 22:12:03 A Would-Be Trump Aides Demands: A Jet on Call, a Future Cabinet Post and More
2019-05-17 21:18:04 Trump aides try to quash tax hike rumors amid infrastructure talks - POLITICO
2019-05-12 17:40:03 Top Obama adviser: Biden in candidate protection program as aides work to avoid gaffes
2019-04-24 11:56:08 Trump says he is opposed to White House aides testifying to Congress, deepening power struggle with Hill
2019-04-23 20:42:06 Trump says he is opposed to White House aides testifying to Congress, deepening power struggle with Hill - The Washington Post
2019-04-17 17:48:04 Concerns Among Some White House Aides Said to Grow on Eve of Mueller Report
2019-03-15 09:24:04 Biden will be a bust, Trump aides assure their boss - POLITICO
2019-02-28 06:54:04 Cohen Testimony: Trump Business Aides Under Microscope After Cohen Names Names
2019-02-11 06:34:03 As Maduro Digs in, His Aides Hunt for an Emergency Escape Route
2019-02-08 16:16:04 Staffers, Documents Show Amy Klobuchars Wrath Towards Her Aides
2019-02-07 15:20:06 Trump furious after Schiff hires former NSC aides to help with probe - CNNPolitics
2019-02-04 14:42:02 Nearly 400 Trump aides had access to leaked schedules as Kellyanne says they're watered-down anyway Daily Mail Online
2019-01-31 07:18:12 Trump Repeats Syria, North Korea Claims That His Aides Disputed
2019-01-23 06:52:06 Son of Brazil president faces fresh question about Rio aides Reuters
2019-01-18 10:50:03 Capitol Hill Aides Wait for a Disaster to End Shutdown - The Atlantic
2019-01-05 13:44:03 Pence meets with Democratic aides to discuss shutdown ...
2018-12-14 21:28:01 Trump increasingly isolated as aides leave, friends flip and investigations advance - Los Angeles Times
2018-12-07 09:34:06 Mueller to release new details on ex-Trump aides Manafort, Cohen
2018-12-06 14:00:04 On Friday 3 new documents may show some of what ex-Trump aides have told investigators
2018-11-13 10:18:08 CNN sues President Trump and his top aides Daily Mail Online
2018-11-12 23:10:07 Trump is preparing to remove Kirstjen Nielsen as Homeland Security secretary, aides say - The Washington Post
2018-09-11 09:48:05 Trump only trusts 'much smaller' group of aides in White House after op-ed, Donald Trump Jr. says - ABC News
2018-09-05 20:52:07 The sleeper cells have awoken: Trump and aides shaken by resistance op-ed - The Washington Post
2018-08-31 07:22:04 Concern in White House over shortage of lawyers, press aides
2018-08-30 16:40:07 Top 2008 campaign aides shut out of McCain funeral - POLITICO
2018-08-24 17:54:07 Aides expect Trump to go rogue on Manafort pardon - POLITICO
2018-08-06 13:06:05 Trump breaks with aides, tweets endorsement of Kobach
2018-07-09 07:52:06 Trump aides endure public fury toward presidents policies in liberal D.C. - The Washington Post
2018-06-25 16:20:05 Trump aides urged to get a gun
2018-06-10 10:52:08 Drama, Action, Emotional Power: As Exhausted Aides Eye the Exits, Trump Is Re-Energized
2018-05-25 12:28:04 Ex-aides say congressman and wife made them his servants - POLITICO
2018-05-19 12:54:06 Trump Jr. and Other Aides Met With Gulf Emissary Offering Help to Win Election - The New York Times
2018-05-02 10:50:05 'God damn you to hell!': Former Trump campaign aide explodes at Senate aides Daily Mail Online
2018-04-24 18:44:05 New book reveals how Chelsea Clinton's aides studied Kate Middleton Daily Mail Online
2018-04-18 16:18:04 New York attorney general seeking power to prosecute Trump aides who are pardoned by the president
2018-03-21 10:24:05 Stunning leak rattles Trump and his aides.
2018-03-13 14:40:07 Trump demands aides pump up anti-China tariffs - POLITICO
2018-03-06 19:14:05 Adviser to Emirates With Ties to Trump Aides Is Cooperating With Special Counsel - The New York Times
2018-03-05 21:22:13 Ex-Trump aide insults aides, makes wild claims in series of bizarre interviews TheHill
2018-02-11 11:32:04 Trump laments 'shattered' lives after aides resign
2018-02-09 23:28:12 As Other Aides Face Trumps Ire Over Rob Porters Departure, Hope Hicks Is Praised - The New York Times
2018-02-08 10:28:07 House Intel Republicans plan to wall off their aides from Democratic staffers - CBS News
2018-02-08 08:26:07 Top White House Aides Knew of Abuse Allegations Against Porter - Bloomberg
2018-01-05 12:40:04 Exclusive: Top Pence aides quietly depart in new year - CNNPolitics

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