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2022-06-14 09:10:04 Neo-Nazis Are Trying to Dox the Cops Who Arrested Patriot Front Members
2022-05-08 20:40:03 Putin's regime is 'mirroring the fascism and tyranny' of Nazi Germany, Ben Wallace says Daily Mail Online
2022-04-21 07:22:06 91-year-old Jewish survivor of Nazi-occupied Mariupol dies during Russian siege
2022-04-06 13:42:06 American Extremists in Search of 'Combat Experience' Head to Fight in Ukraine
2022-03-15 19:50:04 Evan Rachel Wood Says Marilyn Manson Used a Nazi Whip to Torture Her and Made Her Drink His Blood.
2022-02-26 12:52:05 In Russia, Nazi Is the Harshest Insult for Any Foe, and Now Ukraine - WSJ
2022-02-22 15:08:03 So Ugly: Neo-Nazis Crash Book Reading With Giant Swastika Flag
2022-02-09 21:22:03 Soup Nazis? Pro-Trump lawmaker mocked over 'gazpacho' police
2022-02-09 06:46:04 Calling to create Nazi party, Brazil podcast star sparks outrage, may face charges The Times of Israel
2022-01-31 12:04:04 DeSantis Spokesperson Defends Governor For Not Condemning.
2022-01-25 16:10:03 Cheryl Hines Addresses Husband Robert F. Kennedy Jr.s Vaccine Remarks The Hollywood Reporter
2022-01-09 09:10:03 Archive amassed by Nazis sheds light on Masonic history
2021-11-26 07:08:03 Best friends at 9, they were separated when they fled the Nazis. Now, 82 years later, they finally hugged again.
2021-11-20 09:08:03 Colombia police cadets dressed up as Nazis for a cultural event, sparking outrage and a presidential apology
2021-10-28 09:00:03 A man gave a Nazi salute at a school board meeting to oppose mask rules. Ted Cruz defended it as a form of protest.
2021-10-17 14:48:04 Biketoberfest: Nazi-symbol hats spark outrage at Florida bike festival - The Jerusalem Post
2021-10-10 16:42:06 The 100-year-old Nazi pensioners accused of WW2 concentration camp horrors, mass murder and cruel treatment of prisoners
2021-10-08 12:16:03 Nazi Concentration Camp Guard Aged 100 Pleads Not Guilty in German Trial - WSJ
2021-10-06 15:46:06 Neo-Nazis Are Violently Attacking Leftists in Greece in Broad Daylight
2021-09-23 16:56:05 China carrying out Nazi-style experiments on Muslims with organs cut out & mystery injections, chilling report claims
2021-09-13 13:38:03 Neo-Nazi and KKK Fanboy Built Pipe Bombs With Uranium from eBay
2021-08-27 09:08:05 How deadliest ever female sniper 'Lady Death' shot dead 309 Nazis & defeated every man she faced during World War 2
2021-08-25 13:32:03 FBI Bankrolled Publisher of Occult Neo-Nazi Books, Feds Claim
2021-08-20 11:44:05 Parent gives Nazi salute during debate about masks in classrooms at Birmingham school board meeting
2021-07-07 08:24:05 Greene compares Biden vaccination push to Nazis TheHill
2021-06-07 13:18:04 Italian neo-Nazis were plotting to bomb NATO base, police say POLITICO
2021-05-31 13:38:04 Arizona bringing back gas chamber with chemical favored by Nazis
2021-05-29 13:38:03 Tennessee Hat Shop Blasted for Selling Nazi-Style Jewish Stars Proclaiming 'Not Vaccinated'
2021-05-20 14:02:04 Neo-Nazi Group The Base Is Recruiting Again, Despite FBI Takedown
2021-05-19 17:40:04 The last living WWII-era German Nazis have shockingly few regrets

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