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2021-06-04 17:22:05 Exclusive: Biden has quietly deployed an app for asylum seekers. Privacy experts are worried
2021-04-20 11:34:04 George Floyd trial - 3,000 National Guard deployed and protesters rally as Minneapolis braces for Derek Chauvin verdict
2021-04-12 07:04:03 Minnesota National Guard deployed after crowds protest death of Daunte Wright in officer-involved shooting - CNN
2021-04-06 08:12:05 Russia set to launch submarine loaded with Poseidon torpedoes 'ready to be deployed' - Daily Star
2021-03-14 06:12:03 FEMA deployed to help process migrant children amid overcrowding in border facilities - CBS News
2021-02-02 14:28:03 How Normal People Deployed Facial Recognition on Capitol Hill Protesters
2021-01-23 10:54:03 China-Taiwan threat: Beijing jets breach island defence zone missile systems deployed World News
2021-01-22 16:00:03 Packed us together like sardines: Guard deployed to Capitol struggles to contain Covid - POLITICO
2021-01-04 14:54:03 National Guard deployed in DC as fears mount of violent protests over Bidens victory this week
2020-12-21 06:30:10 Chaotic scenes as Londoners try to escape the city before midnight lockdown. Police deployed to prevent non-essential journeys.
2020-12-20 08:32:03 Chaotic scenes as Londoners try to escape the city before midnight lockdown. Police deployed to prevent non-essential journeys.
2020-11-29 07:52:02 British Army's Information Warfare Unit will be deployed to tackle anti-vaccine propaganda Daily Mail Online
2020-09-12 10:22:03 Mexican water wars: Dam seized, troops deployed, at least 1 killed in protests about sharing with US National
2020-07-25 22:26:04 Elite Border Patrol Unit Is Among Federal Agents Deployed to Portland - WSJ
2020-06-26 08:44:03 India and China deployed in 'large numbers' in border showdown: foreign ministry
2020-06-07 09:16:05 Trump demanded 10,000 troops be deployed to quell protests: Reports - Business Insider
2020-06-03 13:44:03 Active-duty troops deployed to DC region start to leave
2020-05-31 05:52:06 U.S. National Guard Deployed Around The White House, Twitter
2020-05-29 10:40:03 Hundreds of troops deployed as angry US anti-racism protests spread
2020-01-31 07:02:04 Coronavirus drone army deployed to spray disinfectant across China cities - Daily Star
2020-01-21 07:14:03 Hazmat Suits Deployed on Planes as Security Tightens Over Virus
2020-01-15 16:46:04 Families of deployed paratroopers received menacing messages, warned to double-check social media settings
2020-01-05 09:38:03 Royal Navy deployed to protect British ships in Gulf in wake of Qassim Soleimani's assassination
2019-12-27 16:28:03 Russia says it has deployed first hypersonic nuclear-capable missiles - Reuters
2019-09-24 20:00:03 Drone-killing microwave weapon deployed by US Air Force overseas for first time - Daily Star
2019-07-25 06:44:03 Navy SEAL platoon kicked out of Iraq for drinking alcohol while deployed, officials say - Laredo Morning Times
2019-07-19 07:58:04 SAfrica military deployed to quell Cape Town gang crime.
2019-06-19 08:06:04 Crime fighting robot deployed
2019-03-27 13:38:03 Mediterranean 'hijacking as 100 migrants seize tanker near Malta to avoid being taken back to Libya as military deployed
2019-03-21 09:10:03 Military to be deployed for next round of Yellow Vest protests - France - RFI
2019-01-28 20:00:04 US Military Eyes Tiny Nuclear Reactors for Deployed Troops - Defense One
2019-01-06 06:52:04 Brazil's national police deployed to curb wave of unrest
2018-11-30 11:34:06 Facial recognition deployed at China marathon to stop cheats
2018-10-23 10:56:16 Familiar 2016 figures deployed as midterms hit last 2 weeks
2018-05-23 11:50:46 Growing signs counterintelligence operation was deployed against campaign.
2018-04-09 20:12:05 TX, AZ hike troops deployed to Mexico border.
2018-04-07 13:26:05 London stabbings: 300 extra police deployed on streets to tackle spike in knife crime
2017-10-10 09:46:05 Robocops have been deployed in busy city centre in bid to control holiday crowds - Mirror Online
2017-09-08 07:50:05 Nuke-sniffer deployed.
2017-08-24 18:52:04 More than 700 troops deployed to assist with Harvey threat
2017-08-09 18:12:05 Troops deployed to set up tents at border; old Royal Vic to shelter asylum seekers CTV Montreal News
2017-06-29 08:50:02 Bionic bartenders deployed at Las Vegas Strip bar: But can you bend their ear? - Las Vegas Sun Newspaper
2017-06-28 14:34:02 Cops Deployed to Protect Isaan Community From Hungry Ghost
2017-05-28 08:52:09 Sources: 3rd US Naval Strike Force Deployed to Deter North Korea
2017-01-07 14:50:07 5,000 National Guard troops will be deployed for Trump swearing in Washington Examiner
2016-11-27 22:46:05 Anti-terror police deployed on London's streets
2016-10-28 16:48:03 Plane catches fire on OHare runway; Chutes deployed WGN-TV
2016-10-22 10:04:03 Stray cat patrol: Feral felines deployed in NYC war on rats

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