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2020-10-17 09:56:03 Exoskeleton suits transform car factory workers into human robots DE24 News
2019-10-04 07:34:03 Paralysed man walks again with brain-controlled exoskeleton
2019-07-29 08:58:04 Dancers controlled by wearable robots at creepy 'forced exoskeleton rave' - Mirror Online
2018-11-29 20:12:03 Pentagon looks to exoskeletons to build 'super-soldiers' Reuters
2018-07-17 17:50:05 World War 3: US trials IRONMAN-LIKE exoskeletons to combat future threats World News
2018-06-05 17:16:05 This Army unit will be first to test an exoskeleton that lightens combat load
2017-05-17 16:46:05 Brain stent to let five paralysed people control exoskeleton New Scientist
2017-05-11 12:02:08 Robotic 'exoskeleton' prevents elderly falls: study
2013-11-11 11:42:08 Paralyzed Army Vet to Walk Again with Bionic Exoskeleton.
2013-08-22 07:21:04 Rise of the machines: Exoskeleton could give Nasa astronauts superhuman strength
2012-10-25 22:10:35 An exoskeleton called eLegs was developed with some Pentagon funding and could sell to the general public for about $50,000.
2012-10-14 13:08:39 Ironman-Like Exoskeleton Could Give Astronauts, Paraplegics Improved Mobility, Strength - October 14th, 2012
2012-02-16 21:07:21 The exoskeleton of an African desert scorpion isn't smooth, but covered with microscopic bumps that protect it from sandblasting winds.
2012-02-07 21:07:08 Some crafty male spiders court attractive females by giving them gifts wrapped in silk -- but sometimes the gifts turn out to be inedible seeds or empty insect exoskeletons.