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2018-03-19 10:56:06 West wary as Putin wins fourth term with record vote
2018-03-18 19:00:05 Putin: Russia's post-Soviet tsar
2018-03-17 20:28:05 Russians Vote on New Putin Term as Tensions Flare With West - Bloomberg
2018-03-16 06:58:05 Putin appeals to 'love of fatherland' to get Russians to polls
2018-03-15 11:24:08 Vladimir Putin announces mission to MARS next year followed by manned trips in bid to colonise the Red Planet
2018-03-15 11:06:07 White House unveils new sanctions against Putin's spies Daily Mail Online
2018-03-15 11:02:08 Theresa May warns Putin the UK will go further if Russia doesn't stop 'provocations' as world leaders stand together in wake of spy scandal
2018-03-14 21:22:05 Russia spy: Ultras to 'kill England fans' at World Cup in revenge Daily Star
2018-03-14 10:46:10 Theresa May kicks out 23 Russian spies from the UK and blasts Putin's 'contempt' for Salisbury poisoning
2018-03-14 09:08:05 PM kicks out 23 Russian spies and blasts Putin's 'contempt' for Salisbury poisoning
2018-03-14 07:16:05 Russia spy: Army moves into Gillingham over Sergei Skripal posioning probe Daily Star
2018-03-13 15:12:07 Vladimir Putin REJECTS ultimatum on Russia spy attack: 'Don't threaten NUCLEAR power' UK News
2018-03-13 14:34:10 Vladimir Putin threatens to BAN all British media from operating in Russia if state broadcaster RT loses its UK licence over spy poison plot
2018-03-13 11:36:12 Britain gives Putin until midnight to explain nerve attack on former spy Reuters
2018-03-13 06:34:05 Russia demands nerve agent sample used to poison former spy Sergei Skripal The Independent
2018-03-12 11:54:05 Putin set to win re-election with 69 percent of vote: final poll
2018-03-11 11:46:10 Putin's Russia: From basket case to resurgent superpower
2018-03-10 18:40:05 Russia's young people are Putin's biggest fans - SFGate
2018-03-10 14:46:04 Putin: Maybe 'Jews' but not Kremlin meddled in US election
2018-03-08 07:06:04 The 16-Year-Old Russian Who Joined the Anti-Putin Movement - WSJ
2018-03-05 11:12:04 Now Russia accuses US of election meddling as minister claims Washington is trying to sow chaos to bring down Vladimir Putin
2018-03-01 06:28:04 Putin boasts Russia has developed an intercontinental nuclear missile that cant be stopped or shot down by any countrys defence system
2018-03-01 06:00:07 Putin boasts Russia has tested nuclear weapon that is "invulnerable to enemy interception" and can hit anywhere in the world - Mirror Online
2018-02-28 11:30:04 Inside the murky world of billionaire oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin who claims to be Putins chef but is accused of masterminding Russias fake news factories
2018-02-02 17:54:10 CNN's Wolf Blitzer Attacks GOP for Memo Release: 'Putin Has Succeeded' - Breitbart
2018-01-31 11:38:05 Vladimir Putin uses trained birds of prey to take down drones sent by spies or ISIS and guard his Kremlin HQ
2018-01-29 15:48:04 Russian mutant fish with horns 'spawned by Putin's nuke rocket tests' Daily Star
2018-01-25 09:28:04 Russian Concorde plan: Vladimir Putin calls for new supersonic passenger jet Daily Star
2018-01-24 08:14:05 Putin rival 'Russian Paris Hilton' invited to Trump breakfast - NY Daily News
2018-01-22 06:36:05 Putin to deploy 'canine KGB death squads' to butcher thousands of stray dogs in football World Cup host cities - Mirror Online
2018-01-18 08:06:04 Trump Denies Mexico Border Wall Plan Evolved, Disputing Kelly - Bloomberg
2018-01-17 07:30:04 Barred from election, Navalny vows to fight 'emperor' Putin
2018-01-15 21:08:18 EXCLUSIVE: Steven Seagal Exposes Deep State War VS America/His Relationship With Putin Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
2018-01-15 07:40:05 Putin wins strong millennial following as Russian election looms - NBC News
2017-12-27 10:38:04 Russian billionaire whose death while out jogging sparked Putin conspiracy theories died after taking VIAGRA
2017-12-26 11:52:04 Kremlin seeks investigation of vote boycott called by Putin opponent
2017-12-25 21:08:34 Russia's Putin calls for Web activities of some firms to be monitored
2017-12-21 21:52:18 Rebellion Brewing in Putin Backyard.
2017-12-20 07:26:05 Putin: Public man who is reserved even by Russian standards
2017-12-20 06:12:10 Russia 'secretly practised full-scale invasion of Europe with bombing raids on Germany during Vladimir Putin's military drills'
2017-12-14 17:04:07 Omarosa Calls Robin Roberts' 'Bye Felicia' Remark 'Petty' After Disputing Reports of White House Exit Inside Edition
2017-12-14 07:42:04 Putin says U.S. gripped by fabricated spymania, praises Trump
2017-12-11 07:48:04 In surprise trip to Syria, Putin orders drawdown of Russian troops, lauds victory over ISIS.
2017-12-06 09:42:05 Putin Announces Decision to Take Part in Russia's 2018 Presidential Election - Sputnik International
2017-12-03 14:38:05 United States decline: Russian and Chinese killer robots set to RULE THE WORLD Daily Star
2017-12-01 10:06:08 Putin hails 'traditional values' in first church congress
2017-11-28 13:14:05 Putins younger daughter publicly IDd despite dads efforts to keep her top secret New York Post
2017-11-25 22:00:07 Russia's Putin signs 'foreign agents' media law Reuters
2017-11-24 09:32:10 Russia confirms Vladimir Putin's hypersonic Zircon missile war ready Daily Star
2017-11-24 09:04:13 Russia launches deadliest super sub that can fire nuke missiles FURTHER than its US rivals

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