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2018-11-15 17:28:06 Florida election: manual recount for senate, ag commissioner Miami Herald
2018-11-12 15:50:10 About 150 displaced persons voted by email in Bay County Miami Herald
2018-11-12 11:06:09 Rick Scott wants state police to impound voting machines Miami Herald
2018-11-10 11:46:04 Hurricane season: Tropical wave brewing in Atlantic Ocean Miami Herald
2018-11-08 19:36:04 Republicans blast Florida recount as Democrats close gap Miami Herald
2018-11-08 14:22:05 Facing national microscope again, Florida braces for recounts Miami Herald
2018-11-08 07:44:04 Gruesome find leaves Venezuelan veterinary students in tears Miami Herald
2018-11-05 16:20:04 Video: Postal worker speeds mail truck off highway in Miami Miami Herald
2018-11-05 12:12:04 Police: Texas teen robs McDonalds, twin brothers arrested Miami Herald
2018-11-05 09:28:04 North Miami early-voting site runs out of Miami-Dade ballots Miami Herald
2018-11-04 09:32:04 Immigrants who cant vote work to influence midterm elections Miami Herald
2018-10-31 15:22:06 Suspicious package sent to Miami-Dade Democratic Party office Miami Herald
2018-10-31 13:18:04 U.S. companies interest in Cuba business fades Miami Herald
2018-10-29 19:18:05 Gillum dismisses FBI controversies but lacks answers Miami Herald
2018-10-28 06:46:04 Cesar Sayoc, lost and angry, found his tribe with Trump Miami Herald
2018-10-27 22:06:11 Cubas private sector is growing but profits stay abroad Miami Herald
2018-10-26 15:36:06 Who is Cesar Sayoc, Florida suspect in the mail pipe bombs? Miami Herald
2018-10-25 16:58:05 Gillum rips DeSantis for calling him Andrew during debates Miami Herald
2018-10-24 11:48:05 Suspicious package at Debbie Wasserman Schultzs office Miami Herald
2018-10-23 22:00:05 Another racist robocall attacks Andrew Gillum in Florida. Miami Herald
2018-10-23 12:14:07 Venezuelas frequent power outages take toll on everyday life Miami Herald
2018-10-19 16:06:05 Two Florida counties ban alcohol after Hurricane Michael Miami Herald
2018-10-18 10:16:05 Death and injuries reported in Haiti anti-corruption protests Miami Herald
2018-10-16 21:32:04 Panhandle towns face dark weeks without power. Miami Herald
2018-10-16 10:54:11 ATL airport: Roasted pig head seized in travelers checked bag Miami Herald
2018-10-12 21:08:04 Thousands of people in hurricane zone havent been located Miami Herald
2018-10-11 21:38:14 Hurricane Michael cuts access to states mental hospital Miami Herald
2018-10-11 19:40:09 Poll: Miami Democrat Shalala trailing Republican Salazar Miami Herald
2018-10-08 21:18:24 Brazil leans toward unsparing vision of far-right Bolsonaro Miami Herald
2018-10-08 12:46:05 Wireless voting machines may be vulnerable to hackers Miami Herald
2018-10-07 09:06:05 Depression forecast to be a tropical storm, maybe hurricane Miami Herald
2018-10-07 06:52:04 Deaths confirmed in Haiti earthquake; no doctors at hospital Miami Herald
2018-10-04 12:58:05 Red tide in Miami-Dade confirmed, some beaches are closed Miami Herald
2018-10-01 14:54:05 Vero Beach, FL, woman cuts man for denying sex, cops say Miami Herald
2018-09-30 08:26:05 Dog shot in the face by Davie man with a rifle, cops say Miami Herald
2018-09-28 10:06:11 Jeff Flake confronted in elevator about Kavanaugh vote Miami Herald
2018-09-26 13:30:05 A cat with rabies is found in North Miami Beach Miami Herald
2018-09-23 14:00:05 Sources: FBI plan to contact Cuban exiles a warning for spies Miami Herald
2018-09-20 20:56:04 Cameron Kasky leaves MFOL, regrets trying to embarrass Rubio Miami Herald
2018-09-20 13:12:04 Homestead cross-dresser pleads guilty of making secret sex tapes Miami Herald
2018-09-20 13:10:05 MIA tries therapy dogs to de-stress travelers at peak travel Miami Herald
2018-09-20 11:14:05 Turn away from Shalala in Florida race considered \'slam dunk\' for Dems.
2018-09-20 11:12:07 Benedict rebukes critics of Pope Francis in private letters Miami Herald
2018-09-17 21:24:15 POLL: 30% of Venezuelans eat once a day.
2018-09-14 14:02:04 Hialeah, FL, Taco Bell employee refuses to take English order Miami Herald
2018-09-10 21:46:13 Costly formula means Venezuelan moms help feed babies Miami Herald
2018-09-07 14:08:04 Burmese python spotted in South Florida neighborhood: report Miami Herald
2018-09-04 13:40:04 $75,000 a year with benefits; no college needed. Yet local employers cant fill jobs Miami Herald
2018-09-03 09:26:04 Tropical Storm Gordon forms over the Upper Florida Keys Miami Herald
2018-08-30 18:08:04 Nile or Asian monitor lizard scaring Davie FL families Miami Herald

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