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2018-06-22 17:04:05 Garcetti says L.A. can resume disputed ban on overnight sidewalk sleeping
2018-06-09 10:56:05 Singapore preps for Trump-Kim summit with fresh paint and arrests
2018-06-03 10:10:08 The Big One could leave 250,000-400,000 quake refugees in California. Where will they go?
2018-05-22 08:34:06 At a church security seminar: Guns, God and 'get those heads up' when you pray
2018-05-20 06:36:05 Demonstrators march in Koreatown to protest planned temporary homeless shelter
2018-05-16 14:40:05 Deadly explosion in Aliso Viejo linked to suspicious package, may be intentional, sources say
2018-05-16 14:36:04 D.A.'s Hollywood sex crimes unit weighs charges against Harvey Weinstein, Steven Seagal and others
2018-05-11 12:58:05 Man who beat mother to death with hammer took at least 80 Benadryl pills before killing, defense says
2018-05-11 08:44:05 Elon Musk unveils video of first underground L.A. tunnel, predicts rides within a few months
2018-05-10 07:44:04 Series of quakes shake area near geothermal field in Northern California
2018-05-09 21:56:05 Father arrested at gunpoint by ICE officers with riot shield
2018-05-09 10:26:04 LAPD investigating disappearance of Iron Man suit used in Marvel's 'Avengers' films
2018-05-09 07:52:05 Santa Clarita may join other cities in opposing California's 'sanctuary' law
2018-05-08 21:18:07 Magnitude 4.5 earthquake is latest warning of San Andreas' power
2018-05-08 08:26:09 4.5-magnitude earthquake rattles Southern California
2018-05-05 14:10:11 An L.A. triple-murder suspect was tried in China, and his case could open the door for similar prosecutions
2018-05-05 14:10:11 False starts in search for Golden State Killer reveal the pitfalls of DNA testing
2018-04-29 09:20:07 Some people 'associated with' Central American caravan have entered U.S. illegally, federal officials say
2018-04-19 07:40:07 Southern California tortoise with cracked shell gets $4,000 repair
2018-04-17 20:36:05 East Bay fault is 'tectonic time bomb,' more dangerous than San Andreas, new study finds
2018-04-16 23:24:05 Garcetti heralds L.A.'s progress, touts plan for homeless shelters
2018-04-11 08:36:05 L.A. County wants to help build guest houses in backyards for homeless people
2018-04-10 21:28:05 Weinstein sexual assault prosecution would be 'the case of the century' so stakes high for DA
2018-04-07 13:44:05 Police using 'drone killers' to disable flying devices in emergency situations
2018-04-07 12:40:05 How an anti-illegal immigration YouTuber turned a $280 fine into a federal criminal trial
2018-04-06 08:00:06 Dramatic photos show earthquake shaking cliffs at Santa Cruz Island
2018-04-05 22:10:11 Earthquake that rattled L.A. was most powerful in years
2018-04-05 15:52:05 Magnitude 5.3 earthquake recorded in the Channel Islands
2018-04-04 12:24:04 Furious at YouTube, passionate about fitness and veganism: Shooter left a bewildering profile
2018-04-01 11:08:12 ICE arrests farmworkers, sparking fears in the Central Valley over immigrants and the economy
2018-03-22 11:46:06 For police, catching stoned drivers isn't so easy
2018-03-21 08:36:05 Some Orange County residents are not happy about proposals to house homeless in their cities
2018-03-20 12:20:08 San Francisco expected to ban fur sales, stirring backlash: 'Whats next? Theyre going to say that you cant have beef?'
2018-03-20 06:44:07 This city wants nothing to do California's 'sanctuary state' laws. Will it start a new resistance?
2018-03-19 16:48:07 Bitcoin on trial as prolific trader faces money laundering charges
2018-03-17 08:56:05 In California's rural, conservative north, there are big dreams for cleaving the state
2018-03-08 21:48:04 With Supreme Court challenge, tech billionairecould dismantle beach access rights and a landmark coastal law
2018-03-08 07:34:05 Four-legged fugitive: Big lizard is on the lam from San Diego pet shop
2018-03-01 22:32:10 Justice Department reviewing Oakland mayor's tipoff of immigration raids, which led to 232 arrests
2018-02-28 09:22:05 Sexual predators pose as Uber and Lyft drivers and attack women leaving bars and clubs, police say
2018-02-27 05:54:05 Malibu bans restaurants from giving out plastic straws, stirrers and utensils
2018-02-23 22:10:07 Florida shooting unleashed flood of internet threats against L.A.-area schools, with police struggling to keep up
2018-02-22 23:10:05 Trump accuses California police of being soft on street gangs, and cops fire back
2018-02-21 15:24:05 Rape suspect drinks poison and dies during freeway chase in Ventura County, CHP says
2018-02-21 10:32:04 L.A. fire chief raises concerns about 'divisive' workplace incidents involving firefighters
2018-02-19 10:22:04 L.A. County's homeless problem is worsening despite billions from tax measures
2018-02-17 10:04:04 Italian model's rape allegations against Weinstein most likely to bring charges, but case is far from overwhelming, sources say
2018-02-16 07:56:05 Immigrant rights activists block Homeland Security van from accessing Metropolitan Detention Center
2018-02-13 08:06:04 Dry, hot California winter closes ski resorts, stalls wildflower blooms and revives drought fears
2018-02-12 16:04:08 Woman arrested after firing gun toward 'noisy' children, authorities say

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