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2020-08-01 09:24:05 Bolsonaros erratic behavior is making his military backers nervous - world news - Hindustan Times
2020-01-17 21:26:04 Adam Schiff takes on Trump, calling him an 'erratic hothead.' Now he's feeling the heat
2019-06-27 13:18:03 The brutal psychological toll of erratic work schedules - SFGate
2019-06-23 20:50:03 Trumps erratic policy moves put national security at risk, experts warn
2018-09-11 21:34:33 Elon Musk's 'erratic behavior' keeps rattling Wall Street
2018-07-27 15:04:13 Carr Fire: Second firefighter killed as wildfire reaches Redding
2018-06-23 12:52:11 An angry and erratic Erdogan is on the cusp of becoming more powerful than ever
2017-08-24 10:46:05 Debating the president's mental health more complicated than just saying 'that's crazy'
2017-04-08 11:58:05 Russia Calls West Erratic on Syria as U.K.'s Johnson Scraps Trip - Bloomberg
2016-12-28 10:22:03 Dean: Biggest Help To Dems Will be Erratic Trump Scaring the Hell Out of People
2016-12-19 09:14:04 Mumbling Man in \'LA LA LAND\' Causes Stampede at Theater.
2016-09-21 08:00:39 Ex-Exec Sues Erratic, Reckless, Paranoid Glenn Beck - The Daily Beast
2016-06-05 22:54:38 Bombshell book reveals how Hillary terrified White House staff Page Six
2015-08-08 21:06:03 GOP leaders say erratic attacks hurt Trump, but he vows to fight and win - The Washington Post
2015-06-03 12:56:04 Transgender Woman Pushed Onto Subway Tracks in Greenwich Village: NYPD NBC New York
2014-06-07 13:03:02 On Fox Biz, Psychologist Worries Erratic Obama May Not Be Sane NewsBusters
2013-05-11 13:07:24 Erratic Messages On FACEBOOK After Explosion...
2012-10-09 16:10:27 COPS: Erratic Driver Hid 17 Grams Of Meth, Pipe Inside Vagina...
2012-02-13 13:07:01 REPORT: 'MEDIA MATTERS' conspires with White House to sway coverage of 2012 race...
2012-02-12 11:07:05 Erratic behavior: 'Handstands by the pool'...
2012-01-23 13:07:02 Calls Gingrich 'Highly Erratic'...