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2018-07-19 23:22:26 Premier League player paid GANGSTER not to break his legs after romping with wife Daily Star
2018-07-18 20:38:02 Wife ties up husband's mistress, smears hot chilli sauce in her vagina and shaves her head - Mirror Online
2018-07-16 21:28:08 \'Serial Immigration Violator\' Attacks Wife With Chainsaw.
2018-07-16 13:48:04 City Council Candidate Arrested For Allegedly Posting Topless Wife Pic On Campaign Site.
2018-07-16 00:00:05 Maxine Waters on Trump: He doesnt even know how to spell his wifes name -
2018-07-15 09:18:04 Dallas man introduces teenage 'wife' to cop: 'It's OK, she's gonna be 16 soon' Crime Dallas News
2018-07-14 14:06:13 Man suspected of attacking wife with chain saw was deported 11 times
2018-07-03 15:56:57 Wife says she sliced off cheating husbands penis, then threw it out the window
2018-06-27 08:25:18 Authorities: Franklin Borough man shot wife who he thought was '
2018-06-26 21:22:15 Protestors Have Heated Confrontation With McConnell and Wife
2018-06-05 11:20:09 Long Island Man Sues CVS for Babbling to Wife About Viagra Prescription: Report - NBC New York
2018-05-27 06:14:08 George W. Bush's cousin admits to attacking his first wife during their marriage Daily Mail Online
2018-05-25 12:28:04 Ex-aides say congressman and wife made them his servants - POLITICO
2018-05-15 17:16:02 Police: Golf champ's wife attacked him after he bombed at tournament Miami Herald
2018-05-08 15:52:05 DA: Man tried to decapitate wife because she wanted to move to Florida
2018-05-03 09:04:05 Cosby\'s Wife Demands Criminal Investigation Of District Attorney; \'Exploitive And Corrupt People\'.
2018-05-02 06:24:05 Emmanuel Macron raises eyebrows after calling Australian Prime Ministers wife 'delicious'
2018-04-25 10:12:05 Florida man stabs wife he said used voodoo on him, cops say Miami Herald
2018-04-22 05:56:05 East Village amnesiac regains life after vanishing in 1990 but wife not thrilled with his return
2018-04-18 10:52:07 Barbara Bush, wife and mother of presidents, dies at 92 - Houston Chronicle
2018-04-02 15:10:05 Cold medicine murder: Raleigh man accused of killing wife after taking cold medicine: the latest Charlotte Observer
2018-04-02 11:22:05 Nelson Mandela's ex-wife Winnie Mandela dies aged 81
2018-03-28 21:12:07 Wife of detained US citizen in Iran pleads with Trump: 'Make our family whole again' Fox News
2018-03-22 14:32:06 Cosby wants judge ousted over wife's sex-assault advocacy
2018-03-15 17:22:04 Donald Trump Jr.s wife files for divorce - NY Daily News
2018-03-11 19:36:05 Jimmy Carter talks North Korea, his wife's health
2018-03-07 21:52:09 FBI agent, estranged wife dead in apparent murder-suicide at Crownsville home - Capital Gazette
2018-03-07 12:24:05 Drunk husband kills his wife by using a MORTAR BOMB as a sex toy
2018-02-22 18:36:02 Wife flushes husband's testicles and balls down toilet after accusing him of affair Metro News
2018-02-20 11:12:10 George Clooney Signaling Political Move He and Wife Amal Donating $500,000 to March for Our Lives And Will Be There: Our Childrens Lives Depend On It Showbiz411
2018-02-13 18:12:10 Colin Kaepernick's deposition list in NFL case includes Goodell's wife
2018-02-12 13:28:05 Trump Jr.s wife hospitalized after opening envelope of white powder New York Post
2018-02-11 17:40:04 Porter Ex-Wife on President Trump and Domestic Violence Time
2018-02-09 17:08:04 Dem Senator Who Hit His Ex-Wife Sits Out Rob Porter Abuse Scandal
2018-02-09 13:36:04 Trump DEFENDS accused wife-beater Rob Porter Daily Mail Online
2018-02-07 13:38:02 Ex-wife of WH aide dating Hope Hicks says he choked her Daily Mail Online
2018-01-29 16:18:07 Trump's gripes against McCabe included wife's politics, Comey's ride home - NBC News
2018-01-11 10:16:05 Wife of Saudi blogger Badawi told he could be pardoned
2018-01-09 14:30:07 Arkansas man charged in wife's killing; she changed channel, police told
2018-01-08 19:54:05 Man accused of marrying wife's daughter pleads no contest to bigamy, other charges
2017-12-29 13:36:04 Palm Coast man rigs door to electrocute pregnant wife, deputies say - News - Daytona Beach News-Journal Online - Daytona Beach, FL
2017-12-28 23:56:24 Taiwan wife accidentally bit off husband's testicle Daily Mail Online
2017-12-27 19:34:05 Cop, wife plead guilty in death plots, sex assault case
2017-12-22 17:04:04 Elderly man jailed, his wife only cited in Christmas pot case News
2017-12-14 13:38:05 Tom Carper Admitted to Hitting His Wife in 1998 Interview
2017-12-13 08:32:05 Tina Brown: George Clooney's wife will kill president bid Daily Mail Online
2017-12-12 07:02:05 Roy Moore's vet friend and wife tell odd stories at rally Daily Mail Online
2017-12-11 21:38:05 Roy Moores wife preempts accusations of anti-Semitism: One of our attorneys is a Jew!
2017-12-11 17:56:07 Wife of demoted DOJ official worked for firm behind anti-Trump dossier Fox News
2017-12-11 14:22:05 Eddie Fisher's ex wife claims Larry King groped her twice Daily Mail Online

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