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2018-03-13 08:44:05 Theater owners up in arms over sexual harassment survey Page Six
2018-02-24 12:06:05 Black Panther To Rule Box Office With $100M+; Annihilation & Game Night Hit Theaters Deadline
2018-02-21 06:58:05 Theater halts 'Black Panther' showing after woman hurls racial slur
2018-02-17 14:00:11 'Black Panther' Top-Grossing Film in History at 33 AMC Theaters Hollywood Reporter
2018-02-16 08:12:05 Movies Made in China Trickle Into the U.S. Theaters - WSJ
2018-02-14 11:34:05 Vatican-Produced Pope Francis Documentary Hits Theaters in May
2018-02-07 17:34:05 School theater director who resigned over fake Facebook profiles wants to keep job York Bangor Daily News BDN Maine
2017-12-15 11:42:07 Police Called In After Mob Storms Theater Lobby Over Lack Of Sound.
2017-11-15 18:12:04 Employees catch couple having sex 'really fast' at Texas movie theater Crime Dallas News
2017-11-13 06:18:05 Coming to a Theater Near You: Subscriptions, Toys and Downloads - Bloomberg
2017-11-01 06:38:05 Disney Lays Down the Law for Theaters on Star Wars: The Last Jedi - WSJ
2017-10-31 13:12:06 Kevin Spacey scandal: London Theater solicits tips
2017-10-21 09:28:05 Hollywood Ending: Big Studios Cutting Losses This Weekend, Pulling Flops From Theaters Earlier Than Usual Showbiz411
2017-09-30 13:50:05 Woman Beaten After Asking Teens To \'Be Quiet\' In Theater.
2017-09-25 16:18:07 Alternate Site for Conferences: Movie Theaters - The New York Times
2017-09-20 06:56:05 Netflix for theaters sending industry into a frenzy New York Post
2017-09-13 21:44:16 Clowns Plan Rally Outside Theater; \'IT\' Ruined Business.
2017-08-31 13:58:05 Police Warn Of \'Creepy Clown\' Sightings As \'IT\' Hits Theaters.
2017-08-31 08:10:05 Movie Theater Chain Stocks Collapse.
2017-08-26 09:48:04 Orpheum theater wont show Gone With the Wind, calling film insensitive
2017-08-22 09:04:05 Russia Detains Theater Director, Adding to Fears of a Crackdown - The New York Times
2017-08-18 06:06:08 Hollywood, Apple Are Said to Mull Rental Plan, Defying Theaters - Bloomberg
2017-08-11 06:08:05 Movie Theaters Have a Bigger Problem Than This Summer of Duds - WSJ
2017-08-03 18:56:08 Hollywood Might Not Bounce Back From Theaters' $1.3 Billion Stock Collapse - Bloomberg
2017-06-15 16:14:03 Time Warner CEO Defends Public Theaters Julius Caesar Variety
2017-06-13 09:36:02 American Express refuses to pull funding for NYC Public Theater after 'Trump' death play - The American MirrorThe American Mirror
2017-06-12 20:08:02 Theater refuses to buckle after 'Caesar' Trump criticism - NY Daily News
2017-06-12 12:38:02 The New York Times vows to stand by theater despite Trump-Julius Caesar controversy
2017-06-11 19:28:01 Delta Airlines Dumps NYC's Public Theater Over 'Graphic' Trumpified 'Julius Caesar'
2017-05-30 20:14:02 Deprived of popcorn at movie theater, man assaults cop.
2017-05-26 15:24:05 Texas Theater's Women-Only 'Wonder Woman' Screening Is Infuriating Fragile Men
2017-05-20 14:28:05 Theater Evacuated Amid Security Scare.
2017-05-10 16:06:08 Netflix CEO Rips Cannes Theater Policy: "Closing Ranks Against Us" Hollywood Reporter
2017-05-02 01:42:05 Man dies after suffering heart attack while performing at Henderson theater Las Vegas Review-Journal
2017-04-21 08:12:20 Spielberg waxes lyrical on the joy of movie theaters
2017-04-17 13:56:05 Theater Faces Criticism for Gay Versions of Bible Stories.(NYT)
2017-04-09 21:08:04 Theater menus go full-fledged fast food to woo young.(NYT)
2017-03-30 12:52:05 Political Theater Heats Up the Box Office in Washington, D.C. Variety
2017-03-23 12:34:05 Theater work offers dystopian view of Trump's America
2017-03-22 08:12:13 Brain scanning accurately predicts how well a movie will do in theaters BGR
2017-03-21 19:14:17 Theater Providing Barf Bags for Cannibal Movie \'RAW\'.
2017-03-14 11:40:05 Netflix Tries to Outdo Theaters With Films a Studio Would Envy - Bloomberg
2017-02-11 01:24:04 UPDATE: Bomb Scare Shuts Down Hollywood Subway Station; DISNEY Theater Evacuated.
2017-02-06 09:40:04 August Moon: Indoor Drive-In Theater to Open in Nashville Variety
2017-01-20 08:20:08 ISIS Destroys Part of Roman Amphitheater.(NYT)
2016-12-19 09:14:04 Mumbling Man in \'LA LA LAND\' Causes Stampede at Theater.
2016-12-05 11:14:05 Shadowy forces are fighting for control of your local movie theater - The Washington Post
2016-12-01 22:32:12 Big Studios Consider Home Viewing of Movies 2 Weeks After They Hit Theaters
2016-11-19 19:16:04 AWESOME! Pro-Trump Flash Mob Breaks Out at 'Hamilton' Theater in NYC (VIDEO)

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