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2019-02-26 10:12:03 Ivanka Trump challenges Ocasio-Cortez platform, says Americans don't want 'guaranteed minimum' Fox News
2019-02-22 19:22:03 Oscars Ratings Decline Leaves ABC Offering Advertisers Guarantees For 1st Time Deadline
2019-01-17 07:30:03 Tiny Indian state proposes world's biggest experiment with guaranteed income - Laredo Morning Times
2019-01-08 09:26:10 NYC Mayor Guarantees Comprehensive Health Care for All in Surprise, Historic Announcement - NBC New York
2018-12-30 20:34:04 Khomeini grandson warns: No guarantees Iranian regime will survive - Al Arabiya English
2018-12-06 11:38:04 Ecuador: Enough UK guarantees for Assange to leave embassy
2018-11-06 19:10:05 Biden: 'I guarantee' Trump will challenge legitimacy of election if GOP loses TheHill
2018-11-06 16:14:05 Biden says Trump is guaranteed to 'challenge the legitimacy of the vote' if Republicans lose Daily Mail Online
2018-09-26 17:16:05 Mark Knoller on Twitter: ""It's a big fat con job," says Pres Trump of the allegations against his SCOTUS nominee. In response to first question about Judge Kavanaugh, he slams Senate Democrats for "destroying a man's reputation." Says he guarantees that
2018-08-10 06:38:05 U.S. oil reserve release will not guarantee lower pump prices: analysts Reuters
2018-07-27 11:08:05 Julian Assange claims Ecuador's president wants guarantee the Wikileaks founder won't be executed if hes evicted from London embassy
2018-07-24 12:24:04 Liberals Push Federal Jobs Guarantee Bill.
2018-06-04 06:30:04 California city fights poverty with guaranteed income Reuters
2018-05-02 10:54:11 Nearly half of all Americans support job guarantee MSNBC
2018-05-02 10:46:05 46% Favor Government Guaranteed Jobs for All - Rasmussen Reports
2018-04-11 13:10:05 Report: 974 Fans Attended Rays vs. White Sox Game at Guaranteed Rate Field Bleacher Report
2018-01-22 06:46:14 Facebook says it can't guarantee social media is good for democracy Reuters
2018-01-14 07:14:05 Meet the First 2018 Candidate to Run on a Federal Jobs Guarantee The Nation
2017-09-28 10:36:05 Trump adviser 'can't guarantee' taxes won't go up for middle class - ABC News
2017-09-07 12:10:05 \'No Buildings We Can Guarantee To Keep People Safe\'.
2017-09-04 23:12:20 IT BEGINS: Wary of robots taking jobs, Hawaii considers guaranteed pay.
2017-05-09 08:28:05 Vladimir Putin spent 1.3 million to spike clouds with chemicals to guarantee sunshine during Russias massive Victory Day parade... but hes still been defeated by the weather
2017-03-18 16:28:07 Grover Norquist: Here's what happened this week that guaranteed Trump's re-election and Republican gains in 2018 and 2020 Washington Examiner
2017-02-07 11:06:07 Inside Londons RAUNCHIEST parties where public sex is guaranteed Daily Star
2017-01-02 11:36:06 Finland begins radical experiment: Giving citizens guaranteed income.
2016-06-05 15:40:38 Why the Swiss voted 'No' to a guaranteed basic income
2016-06-05 15:38:39 Why the Swiss voted 'No' to a guaranteed basic income
2016-05-16 12:20:02 Nancy Pelosi: I Guarantee Trump Will Not be President
2016-05-05 12:34:40 Global first? Every Swiss could be guaranteed $2,600 a month tax-free
2016-04-10 10:04:02 Obama: Clinton Didn't "Intentionally" Put America In Jeopardy; I Guarantee No Political Influence In Server Probe Video RealClearPolitics
2016-03-04 10:44:02 Trump: Look at My Hands! Are These Small Hands? I Guarantee Theres No Problem
2016-02-08 16:08:07 Leaked Police Files Contain Guarantees Disciplinary Records Will Be Kept Secret
2016-01-26 15:04:03 Rivier University program offers employment guarantee Project Economy - WMUR Home
2015-11-17 12:02:08 Following Paris Terror Attacks, Only Three Things Are Guaranteed
2015-11-05 14:26:04 Jeb Bush guarantees victory in N.H. as poll numbers fall Washington Examiner
2015-03-21 08:06:04 France says deal with Iran must be robust, guarantee no atomic bomb - Yahoo News
2015-03-05 12:42:05 Benjamin Netanyahu in 2002 If You Take Out Saddam, I Guarantee, It Will Have Enormous Positive Reverberations on the Region
2015-02-02 11:30:03 ICE: Transgender Illegals Guaranteed Right to Hormone Therapy in Detention CNS News
2014-11-20 22:18:04 PRUDEN: Guarantees hell on border will continue.
2014-11-06 11:33:03 Plouffe warns: Obama voters no guarantee for Hillary.(NY Times)
2014-10-20 13:03:05 UN warns cannot guarantee atomic activities peaceful.(AP)
2014-03-16 11:51:03 Pfeiffer Guarantees No Delay to Individual Mandate National Review Online
2014-01-29 06:39:08 Obama Introduces MyRA: The No Risk, Guaranteed Return Retirement Savings Bond
2013-12-11 18:15:04 Biden guarantees victory on immigration reform.
2013-06-26 10:51:06 ALITO: 'Constitution Does Not Guarantee the Right to Enter Into a Same-Sex Marriage'...
2013-05-15 13:31:35 Supreme Court Affirms Constitution Doesn’t Guarantee Citizens Access to Public Information - April 30th, 2013
2013-05-01 01:10:37 Supreme Court Affirms Constitution Doesn’t Guarantee Citizens Access to Public Information - April 30th, 2013
2013-04-26 01:08:50 Ad Network Jun Group Promises Money-Back Guarantee
2013-03-26 13:10:08 Guaranteed seats for hearing: about $6,000...

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