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2021-06-10 09:36:03 Supersonic Aircraft Tracked Off San Diego Coincided With Mysterious "Skyquake"
2021-06-03 07:34:07 United Airlines Wants to Bring Back Supersonic Air Travel DNyuz
2021-05-17 14:20:04 Boom Supersonic: 'Anywhere in the world in four hours for $100' CNN Travel
2021-05-01 09:18:04 Russia launches supersonic missile test with 'aircraft carrier-killer' in Black Sea - Daily Star
2021-04-03 09:40:03 Inside supersonic presidential jet that can fly at nearly TWICE the speed of sound
2021-03-04 09:34:03 First look inside new supersonic jet that could fly from London to New York in 90 minutes
2021-02-18 16:04:03 NASA's Perseverance lands on Mars via 'supersonic parachute' TODAY Daily Mail Online
2021-01-07 11:50:09 FAA issues rules for supersonic jet flight testing in the US
2021-01-07 07:38:06 Supersonic Jets Given Boost as FAA Issues Rules to Spur Testing
2020-11-25 07:28:03 Boom Supersonic plans demonstration flight in 2021 Space
2020-11-24 07:14:04 New Supersonic Travel Options Emerge On Earth And Mars
2020-11-05 16:54:04 Bizarre molten planet discovered with lava ocean, supersonic winds.
2020-10-06 11:30:05 The First Look at Booms Supersonic Plane - YouTube
2020-10-06 11:30:05 Aviation Outsider Builds Supersonic Jet for Transatlantic Flight
2020-10-06 07:44:03 Aviation Outsider Builds Supersonic Jet for Transatlantic Flight
2020-09-02 12:20:06 Pentagon takes first step toward building supersonic Air Force One - Washington Times
2020-08-03 10:48:04 Virgin seeks to revive supersonic commercial flight -- but faster
2020-07-11 18:46:03 The new Concorde? Supersonic jet with top speed of nearly 1,700mph to be unveiled - Daily Star
2020-07-11 09:30:03 A revival of ultrafast supersonic passenger jet travel is inching closer to reality take a look at the prototype debuting in October
2019-12-17 09:32:07 Nasa building supersonic plane that goes fast as Concorde without the sound The Independent
2019-10-29 09:50:04 Bloodhound: Brit supersonic car readies to crack 800MPH in land speed record attempt Science News
2019-06-12 13:40:04 Supersonic speeds could cause big problems for the F-35s stealth coating
2019-05-16 10:56:03 Supersonic plane will fly passengers from NYC to London in 90 minutes.
2019-03-07 20:04:04 NASA snaps supersonic shockwaves interacting in flight: Wowza! - CNET
2019-01-30 09:58:05 Return of supersonic jets could create sonic booms \'every five minutes\'.
2018-11-17 13:16:04 NASA and defence giant Lockheed Martin building plane that could see the return of supersonic passenger travel
2018-08-27 19:28:05 Supersonic without the boom - CNET
2018-08-16 22:02:10 Workers near completion of Russia's latest supersonic strike bombers Daily Mail Online
2018-08-16 09:22:05 Russia bomber: New SUPERSONIC plane capable of nuclear attack revealed Daily Star
2018-07-23 09:00:04 Plans outlined for 2,000 supersonic jets to link hundreds of cities across the planet
2018-06-13 13:52:05 The Rampage: Supersonic missile developed to destroy high quality targets - Israel News - Jerusalem Post
2018-05-27 08:50:06 Leaked Pentagon report reveals startling new details about the 'supersonic Tic Tac' UFO Daily Mail Online
2018-04-05 12:22:05 Virgin Galactic spaceship Unity supersonic rocket test flight
2018-04-03 15:36:05 NASA Hires Lockheed Martin to Build Quiet Supersonic X-Plane
2018-01-25 09:28:04 Russian Concorde plan: Vladimir Putin calls for new supersonic passenger jet Daily Star
2018-01-18 21:38:11 New York JFK-London Gatwick Norwegian flight goes SUPERSONIC Daily Star
2017-12-07 09:32:05 US mystery 'booms' explained? 'Secret' Supersonic jets causing noise Daily Star
2017-12-05 09:28:05 Japan Airlines invests $10 million in supersonic startup Boom
2017-11-14 06:30:04 Concorde 2? Boom Supersonic 1,687mph jet to change air travel by 2025 Daily Star
2017-10-14 09:24:04 Son of Concorde supersonic jet first test flight hailed 'huge success' Daily Star
2017-10-10 22:12:05 US supersonic bombers fly over Korean peninsula in 'show of force' despite Kim Jong-Uns threats to shoot them down
2017-09-04 16:48:04 Royal Navy tests new missiles which can destroy enemy bombs at supersonic speeds from Japan-bound ship amid growing global tensions
2017-08-14 08:36:05 Russia unveils new 'invisible' supersonic fighter jets Daily Mail Online
2017-07-30 06:32:10 US Air Force unleashes supersonic bombers in North Korea nuke drill as it's claimed Donald Trump is 'poised to launch military strike' against the rogue state
2017-06-27 19:28:03 NASA gives go-ahead for design of low-boom supersonic airplane GeekWire
2017-06-20 09:52:02 USA sends supersonic bombers in show of force.(AP)
2017-03-23 19:20:08 Boom Supersonic jet which could travel from London to New York in THREE hours is tipped for take off
2017-02-02 12:32:04 Supersonic passenger jets might make a comeback, more than a decade after the last Concorde flight - LA Times
2016-11-15 10:08:03 Richard Branson reveals prototype for supersonic passenger aircraft Business The Guardian
2016-11-01 18:20:02 Billionaires Supersonic Private-Jet Plan Hits Engine Snag - Bloomberg

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