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2021-06-10 11:40:09 Fentanyl seizures skyrocket along U.S.-Mexico border - CBS News
2021-05-13 16:36:04 Home prices are skyrocketing around the world - CNN
2021-04-29 14:18:04 Kansas City No. 1? Rent skyrockets.
2021-03-30 06:58:03 Tourism in Antigua and Barbuda Is Sending Covid Skyrocketing
2021-02-14 06:24:05 Violence against elderly Asian Americans in the Bay Area is skyrocketing
2020-11-21 09:44:05 Homicides skyrocket across U.S. during pandemic, while robberies and rapes plummet - Laredo Morning Times
2020-10-24 14:04:04 Netflix subscription cancellations skyrocket after 'Cuties' backlash
2020-09-19 10:20:03 Democratic donations skyrocket after death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg Fortune
2020-09-11 17:22:04 Hearing 'I love you' from their owner makes pups' heart rate skyrocket by 46 percent, study shows
2020-09-10 13:34:04 French official's attempts to outlaw I hate men book backfires as sales skyrocket
2020-08-10 11:38:16 American tragedy: Number of people dying alone in hospitals skyrockets due to COVID-19 - Study Finds
2020-07-09 21:26:08 Coronavirus clobbers Marshall Island communities in U.S.: Infections have 'skyrocketed'
2020-04-06 09:20:03 Chernobyl radiation levels skyrocket as forest fires surround power plant - Daily Star
2020-03-30 15:12:04 Domestic Calls Skyrocket As COVID-19 Forces Victims Inside With Abusers CBS Sacramento
2020-03-26 14:38:03 Egg Prices Are Skyrocketing Because Of Coronavirus Panic Shopping CBS Boston
2019-12-30 07:02:03 Steep rise in pets needing treatment for anxiety as insurance claims skyrocket - Mirror Online
2019-10-06 00:04:04 Urgent warning for users of dating apps like Tinder as rapes stemming from use skyrocket Daily Mail Online
2019-05-13 13:58:03 Marijuana smuggling arrests at LAX skyrocket following legalization: report
2019-05-05 09:42:03 Alzheimer's disease rates about to skyrocket as baby boomers age
2019-02-18 13:16:06 Cities And States Are Scaling Back Their Green Ambitions As Costs Skyrocket, Opposition Grows The Daily Caller
2019-01-06 19:42:01 NFL Playoffs Ratings: Viewership Skyrockets For ESPN, ABC, Fox Games Deadline
2018-12-26 21:46:12 The U.S.'s interest payments are about to skyrocket. Does it matter? - CBS News
2018-12-10 20:34:03 Prescriptions and overdoses are skyrocketing for anti-anxiety drugs that make opioids even more lethal
2018-10-09 10:42:05 Voter registrations skyrocket after Taylor Swift Instagram post
2018-10-02 11:08:05 Skyrocketing Deficit? So What, Says New Washington Consensus
2018-08-21 13:56:05 CDC: Addiction Among Pregnant Women Skyrockets.
2018-06-30 23:00:08 World Cup: Russia sex robot brothel opens 24/7 as demand skyrockets Daily Star
2018-06-12 12:16:05 Politicians fear for safety as threats against US Congress skyrocket
2018-05-29 20:20:04 Kind of alarming: Number of new gonorrhea cases in Alaska skyrockets in 2017 - Anchorage Daily News
2018-05-07 11:44:05 Housing confidence hits record high as home prices skyrocket
2018-05-07 08:26:05 Record temperatures skyrocketing into triple digits in Southwest - ABC News
2018-05-07 08:18:05 STDs in LA skyrocketing.
2018-05-06 15:08:05 Exclusive: Is this Anna Wintours Last Met Ball? 2017 Receipts Off by Over $1 Million, Expenses Skyrocket Showbiz411
2018-03-28 11:14:07 TV Ratings: 'Roseanne' Revival Skyrockets With Stunning Premiere Hollywood Reporter
2018-03-22 06:26:04 Why the Demand for American Sperm Is Skyrocketing in Brazil - WSJ
2018-02-21 15:32:05 2018 Winter Olympics: Traffic on Tinder, Pornhub skyrockets at Games
2018-02-05 08:06:05 How Fast Are Prices Skyrocketing in Venezuela? See Exhibit A: the Egg - WSJ
2018-01-07 11:28:37 Male sex robots made by RealDoll coming in 2018 as demand skyrockets Daily Star
2017-11-26 06:00:05 US troops killed in plane crashes skyrockets in 2017 Fox News
2017-10-26 07:06:05 Clerical sex abuse disclosures skyrocket in pope's Argentina
2017-10-23 14:08:05 Security costs skyrocket at 'lightning rod' EPA - CNNPolitics
2017-07-25 11:24:05 Federal spending is skyrocketing along with US debt New York Post
2017-06-13 19:54:03 Cable News Wars: CNN, MSNBC, Fox News See Interest Skyrocket Variety
2017-04-29 18:02:05 Avocado Prices Are Skyrocketing - Bloomberg

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