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2021-01-14 11:32:08 Texas Trauma Surgeon Says Post-COVID Lungs Look Worse Than Any Type Of Terrible Smokers Lung Weve Ever Seen CBS Dallas / Fort Worth
2021-01-13 12:20:05 Bitcoin Is Unlike Any Other Bubble Weve Seen So Far
2021-01-07 09:18:04 Inhofe: "I've never seen Mike Pence as angry as he was today" Govt-and-politics
2021-01-07 07:30:03 Is this really happening?: The Siege of Congress, Seen From the Inside - POLITICO
2021-01-07 07:24:03 The framers would have seen the mob at the Capitol as traitors
2021-01-05 14:30:03 Frenzied Palm Beach Home Market Has Buyers Bidding Sight Unseen.
2021-01-02 12:34:03 FAA notified after large blue UFO seen above Oahu appeared to drop into ocean
2020-12-23 08:12:07 The craziest, creepiest year for financial markets I've seen in half a century
2020-12-16 16:10:03 Texas Wedding Photographers Have Seen Some $#!+ Texas Monthly
2020-11-29 15:50:08 Hawaii seeks to be seen as a remote workplace with a view
2020-11-24 12:34:05 Dr. Mike is called out for hypocrisy after he's seen partying maskless Daily Mail Online
2020-11-23 08:38:04 Man Seen Exhaling On Women Outside President Trumps Virginia Golf Course Charged With Assault CBS Baltimore
2020-11-19 10:32:04 Alan Greenspan: I've never seen anything like this - CNN
2020-11-15 08:10:05 An Unprecedented Electionand Its Bitter AftermathSeen from Across the Country - POLITICO
2020-11-14 12:50:03 In Trumps final days, a 30-year-old aide purges officials seen as insufficiently loyal - Anchorage Daily News
2020-11-12 20:40:03 'I've never seen anything like that.' The reasons why Eta flooded South Florida so badly
2020-11-02 09:22:03 Mysterious black object with 'energy field' seen 'scanning' ISS during live feed - Daily Star
2020-10-30 07:10:08 Nice terror attack: Jihadist seen smiling in photo taken as he entered Europe Daily Mail Online
2020-10-29 14:52:03 'So frustrating': Grave missteps seen in US virus response
2020-10-28 14:36:04 Record number of kids seen for suicide attempts at hospital.
2020-10-21 14:26:06 Russian Navy Seen Escorting Iranian Tankers Bound for Syria - USNI News
2020-10-20 14:20:03 Amid Covid-19 pandemic, U.S. has seen 300,000 excess deaths'
2020-10-20 12:20:06 GOP pollster Luntz blasts Trump campaign as worst he's ever seen TheHill
2020-10-14 21:32:06 Another 'man in jet pack' seen above LAX as China Airlines crew 'spots mysterious flier at 6,000ft' and FAA alerts cops
2020-10-12 18:04:05 Biden makes big push in Ohio, once seen as long shot for him
2020-10-08 07:34:04 Mystery 'high-speed' object seen 'tumbling' past ISS as spacecraft disembarks - Daily Star
2020-10-07 23:58:04 Post-debate CNN poll: Harris seen as winner in a contest that matched expectations - CNNPolitics
2020-09-28 10:00:06 November may be the darkest month Americans have seen in a long time - GreenwichTime
2020-09-26 09:08:04 Trump Supreme Court Pick Seen Unlikely to Jump-Start Campaign
2020-09-25 14:18:04 N.Y.C. Threatens Orthodox Jewish Areas on Virus, but Trumps Impact Is Seen DNyuz
2020-09-24 20:36:07 Virus's unseen hot zone: The American farm - Houston Chronicle
2020-09-22 09:48:03 Fauci on Vaccine Boasts: No One\'s Seen the Data.
2020-09-19 13:54:03 Coney Barrett seen as a front-runner for Trump Supreme Court pick TheHill
2020-09-17 11:42:08 Watch: 10-foot alligator seen swimming in Hurricane Sally floodwaters in Gulf Shores Hurricane Center
2020-09-16 22:04:04 Incredible never-before-seen pics show Jeffrey Epstein cavorting with young women in bikinis on his private island
2020-09-11 13:58:04 'I have never seen anything like this': Oregon towns emptied and confusion spreads amid fires
2020-09-11 10:44:03 Battle of the GOATs? Why Tom Brady-Drew Brees matchup is like nothing we've seen before in the NFL
2020-09-10 23:16:04 Swept up in the federal response to Portland protests: 'I didn't know if I was going to be seen again'
2020-09-10 07:34:04 Stories of being swept up by unmarked vans in Portand protests.\'I didn\'t know if I was going to be seen again\'.
2020-09-03 09:42:03 Woman is seen 'performing a sex act on a man' in New York City street Daily Mail Online
2020-09-01 16:42:03 The Wildest Insurance Fraud Scheme Texas Has Ever Seen Texas Monthly
2020-08-18 22:36:03 Small asteroid becomes closest ever seen passing Earth: NASA
2020-08-18 21:02:04 Ballot drop boxes seen as a way to bypass the post office
2020-08-13 07:10:06 The pandemic will make movies and TV shows look like nothing we've seen before - GreenwichTime

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