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2020-09-20 07:46:03 US postpones TikTok ban after Trump gives his 'blessing' to Oracle deal - Business Insider
2019-09-21 11:10:04 Box Office: Genteel Downton Abbey Takes Brad Pitts Ad Astra and Stallones Rambo, Gives Studio Highest Debut Ever Showbiz411
2019-08-08 10:04:03 Shia LaBeouf's 'Honey Boy' Trailer Gives An Intense Look At His Life As A Child Star VIDEO
2014-09-22 13:15:02 New smartphone app gives sight to the blind - Yahoo News
2014-04-08 11:42:08 Fed to the Sharks, Part 1: The Fed Takes Our Money, Gives It to Banks Who Loan It Back to Us at 16%
2013-09-10 14:00:09 'JusticeMobile' Smartphone App Unveiled, Gives Police Officers Remote Access To Criminal Databases.
2013-04-25 13:07:23 Young crooner gives up monkey...
2013-02-05 16:09:26 'Game of Thrones' Season 3 Iceland Teaser Gives Us the...
2012-12-24 10:07:10 Someone pretending to be Ryan Lanza gives FACEBOOK interview to New York Post...
2012-10-02 19:08:38 5-Year-Old April Jones Is Missing But Arrest of Man Gives...
2012-06-20 11:08:58 You Can't Trust Anyone Who Gives Stuff Away But Still Makes Money
2012-03-26 13:07:50 How ASCAP Takes Money From Successful Indie Artists And Gives It To Giant Rock Stars
2012-03-02 01:07:12 The Liger Lives: Lioness Gives Birth To World's First Mixed...
2011-12-13 20:45:45 “Le Snub” – New Cold War In Eurozone Confirmed: Sarkozy Gives Cameron The “Cold Shoulder” - December 9th, 2011
2011-12-13 20:45:41 Drone Gives Texas Law Enforcement Bird’s-Eye View on Crime - November 17th, 2011