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2021-01-13 11:54:03 Edible Insects Move Closer To European Plates Barron's
2019-08-06 15:46:04 New Evidence Shows Popular Pesticides Could Cause Unintended Harm To Insects : The Salt : NPR
2019-07-15 13:48:03 Cricket Juice Healthier Than Orange Juice? Many Insects Loaded With Antioxidants, Study Finds
2019-07-14 08:34:03 Do Bugs Feel Pain? Study Reveals Insects Actually Battle Chronic Pain After Suffering Injury - Study Finds
2018-11-14 06:20:08 Sniper bullets that never miss, weaponised insects and human experiments to boost brainpower... the incredible sci-fi innovations developed by DARPA - America's most secretive (and controversial) government lab
2018-10-19 17:14:06 Insects invading Virginia and Pennsylvania could be 'most destructive species in 150 years' Fox News
2018-09-20 06:48:04 Bye bye bugs? Scientists fear non-pest insects are declining
2018-09-06 17:26:05 Stolen insects: 7,000 animals vanish from Philadelphia museum in heist
2018-01-25 17:52:04 Puppy recruited by museum to catch insects eating its priceless paintings The Independent
2017-11-08 07:22:02 Lab-grown insects to be released to kill off mosquitoes.
2017-08-29 19:20:05 This Bangkok Restaurant Is Taking Insects to the Next Level - Bloomberg
2016-11-30 08:14:08 The Nordic Food Lab wants you to eat blood, insects and brains to save the world The Independent
2016-07-25 09:02:48 A Mouth Full of Crickets? Lobbyists Speak Up for Edible Insects - Bloomberg
2015-05-13 17:36:03 California Drought Has More Insects Swarming Toward Homes CBS Sacramento
2015-03-30 13:00:04 Meet the robot insects that fly, work together and catch objects like chameleons - Irish Innovation News
2015-01-25 12:09:06 Millions of GMO insects could be released in Florida Keys.(AP)
2013-11-19 07:09:17 Texas County Invaded By Freak Swarm Of Insects.
2013-09-30 08:45:06 Flour Made From Insects Will Feed Underfed Populations.
2013-06-27 18:42:07 Bumblebee memorial scheduled to honor 50K insects that died in parking lot...
2013-05-13 17:14:40 5 reasons the U.N. wants you to start eating insects
2013-05-13 17:14:29 UN: Edible insects could solve world hunger...
2013-05-10 22:10:06 For over 20 years, candy lollipops with entrapped insects have been on the market.
2013-04-29 01:07:34 Man Happily Eats Insects for Snapple Video Series
2013-04-04 22:09:39 Flublok relies on insects to grow flu vaccines for us -- a process that has been used for other kinds of vaccines, but has only started to be used for the flu.
2013-03-21 13:10:20 How scientists have been transplanting insects' heads for years
2012-10-20 22:11:14 Why aren't insects human-size?
2012-08-10 19:08:25 BOEING Demonstrates Drones That Perform Like 'Swarm Of Insects'...
2012-08-10 16:07:27 Boeing Demonstrates Drones That Perform Like 'Swarm Of Insects'...
2012-07-23 22:10:18 Record heat kicks insects into high gear...
2012-07-19 22:11:34 Breeding smarter fruit flies doesn't sound like a good plan to create a race of super intelligent insects.
2012-06-20 23:09:47 The Insects Are Watching: The Future of Government Surveillance Technology - June 18th, 2012
2012-02-22 09:07:12 Warmer planet could be overrun by giant rats and insects