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2021-04-19 08:58:04 OATH KEEPER Says Active-Duty Cops Training Militia for Civil War.
2021-04-02 06:38:05 Duty sergeant: Officers could have ended Floyd restraint
2021-02-14 06:48:03 \'Disgraceful dereliction of duty\'.
2021-01-27 16:56:06 Feds To Reimburse States For Vaccine Duty By National Guard Members WYSO
2021-01-18 14:20:05 Pentagon deploys hundreds of active-duty troops for inauguration security - POLITICO
2021-01-04 19:46:03 Georgias duty: Stop the far left from dominating Congress
2020-10-25 14:22:04 NYPD Investigating Videos Appearing To Show On-Duty Officer Shout Trump 2020 Into Marked Cars Loudspeaker CBS New York
2020-09-04 20:46:05 BIDEN: DUTY, HONOR, COUNTRY
2020-07-20 15:14:06 Homeland Security making plans to deploy some 150 agents in Chicago this week, with scope of duty unknown - Chicago Tribune
2020-07-02 10:16:03 Miami-Dade cop relieved of duty for hitting woman taunting him for acting like you white National
2020-06-11 19:14:03 U.S. Army Unit Was Issued Bayonets to Prep for D.C. Protest Duty
2020-06-11 13:12:04 Army Unit Was Issued Bayonets to Prep for D.C. Protest Duty.
2020-06-04 16:16:03 Coronavirus US: Cuomo says protesters have 'duty' to get test Daily Mail Online
2020-06-03 16:54:04 Army: Esper reverses plan to send active-duty troops home
2020-06-03 13:44:03 Active-duty troops deployed to DC region start to leave
2020-06-01 17:42:05 Active duty US military forces deploying to Washington, DC
2019-11-28 08:56:03 Royal Family news: Queen to retire from duty within two years, as Charles steps up Royal News
2019-10-16 08:00:04 Off-duty NYPD sergeant kills himself in Queens home
2019-10-14 16:46:04 Veteran gets penis transplant after losing his in line of duty
2019-08-28 07:16:04 Jim Mattis: Duty, Democracy and the Threat of Tribalism - WSJ
2019-08-14 20:26:03 Off-duty veteran NYPD cop commits suicide, ninth this year
2019-08-12 14:16:04 Tulsi Gabbard, Democratic presidential candidate in 2020, to pause campaign to report for active duty in Hawaii National Guard - CBS News
2019-08-08 20:42:03 Off-duty firefighter stops man armed with 100 rounds of ammunition at south Springfield Walmart
2019-07-25 19:14:03 Active-duty U.S. troops are now just feet away from migrants in Texas
2019-07-01 08:06:03 Duty free owners wield quiet influence in right-wing Israel
2019-04-29 21:20:08 Pentagon approves 320 troops for illegal immigrant babysitting duty.
2019-02-28 11:38:03 NYPD Warns: MS-13 Planning To Target Off-Duty Cops At Their Homes.
2019-02-06 11:04:04 Pentagon moving 250 active-duty troops to Eagle Pass, Texas, because of migrant caravan
2019-01-14 21:18:04 Pentagon extends border deployment for active duty troops through September
2018-12-31 11:22:03 12,000 police on duty in Paris as 'yellow vests' call protests
2018-12-27 14:20:03 Deaths of Police Officers on Duty on the Rise in the U.S. Time
2018-11-23 18:32:04 Romney's first duty in Washington? Fundraising - POLITICO
2018-08-06 11:36:07 200 Active-Duty Soldiers Set To Deploy To Fight Deadly California Wildfires The Daily Caller
2018-08-01 14:48:05 French rappers brawl in duty free at Paris airport Daily Mail Online
2018-06-20 21:24:31 Cop Fatally Shoots Black Teen Running From Traffic Stop.Just Hours After Being Sworn In To Duty.
2018-06-03 05:58:04 Off-duty FBI agent allegedly shot a man accidentally after gun falls on dance floor in Denver bar The Denver Post
2018-05-09 18:12:05 McCain Confirms Giving Dossier to Comey: \'Duty Demanded\'.
2018-03-14 08:16:05 Navy Medics Get Prepared for CombatWith Tour of Duty in Chicago - WSJ
2018-03-07 18:30:04 New Jersey middle school teacher struck by lightning while on bus duty during nor'easter
2018-02-13 14:54:04 At federal prisons, hundreds of civilian staffers assigned guard duty
2018-02-09 13:00:04 Chinas J-20 stealth fighter jet lines up for combat duty, boosting firepower in the sky South China Morning Post
2018-01-21 15:32:05 Same-sex active-duty couple marries at West Point
2018-01-16 15:46:05 Former Fitzgerald, McCain COs Face Negligent Homicide, Dereliction of Duty Charges Over Fatal Collisions - USNI News
2017-12-28 20:00:04 Florida trooper resigns, accused of having sex with crash victim while on duty
2017-12-01 05:44:05 Veteran dogs which saved thousands of lives while on duty both face lethal injection because Top Brass claim they can't be re-homed
2017-11-08 13:10:04 UPDATE: Obama Sent Home After Reporting For Jury Duty.
2017-10-16 13:58:07 FBI: 118 Law Enforcement Officers Died in Line of Duty in 2016; 57,180 Assaulted

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