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2020-12-05 11:18:03 Massive Fire Destroys Historic East Village Church
2020-09-14 16:10:04 Massive breakthrough: 155 mm howitzer artillery destroys incoming cruise missile Fox News
2020-09-09 09:34:04 Fire destroys Greece's largest refugee camp Daily Mail Online
2020-07-19 09:38:09 NY Restauranteur Destroys Table Used by Epstein, Weinstein
2020-07-18 09:24:02 Fire at French cathedral in Nantes destroys famed organ
2020-07-12 07:26:04 Fire destroys much of 249-year-old church in California
2020-06-01 19:48:05 Gregg Popovich Destroys Trump Over Response to Protests
2020-05-28 13:40:04 Uber destroys thousands of bikes and scooters - BBC News
2020-02-18 07:16:04 China destroys $600 million in cash to stop coronavirus spread on infected bank notes - Daily Star
2019-12-25 16:24:04 Metro Detroit delivery driver destroys package on video
2019-10-21 08:32:04 Tornado severs power, destroys buildings in Dallas, Texas
2019-10-01 15:18:04 Harry and Meghan sue Mail on Sunday saying 'This behaviour destroys lives' UK News Sky News
2019-06-10 13:12:03 Iran unveils new missile defence system that destroys six fighter jets at once after US aircraft carrier is sent into the Persian Gulf
2019-04-15 16:46:04 Paris races to save Notre-Dame Cathedral as fire destroys steeple
2019-01-31 10:58:08 Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Destroys Liz Warren Attack by Defending the Promise of the Country, the American Dream
2018-12-21 09:26:03 HIV AIDS cure: Medical breakthrough destroys infected cells Daily Star
2018-11-20 07:36:04 British scientists develop genetically modified virus that kills cancer cells and destroys their hiding places
2018-11-09 09:06:07 Wildfire destroys thousands of buildings in California town
2018-11-09 07:30:05 'Mass devastation' as fire destroys at least 1,000 structures in Northern California town of Paradise - Los Angeles Times
2018-09-20 19:26:04 Strain of fungus which destroys plastic could help tackle worlds waste mountain World News
2018-09-07 07:46:05 Post Malone cheats death AGAIN as high speed crash destroys Rolls Royce two weeks after plane scare
2018-07-28 08:20:06 Wildfire destroys 500 structures, nearly levels community
2018-07-09 18:13:02 McConnell Destroys Democratic Opposition To Potential SCOTUS Nominee: The Apocalypse Hasnt Come Yet [VIDEO] The Daily Caller
2018-06-19 12:20:04 US-led coalition destroys Islamic State narcotics cache including 300,000 so-called Jihadi pills
2018-05-12 14:00:05 IDF destroys terror tunnel in latest air strike - Arab-Israeli Conflict - Jerusalem Post
2018-05-07 08:24:04 Lava destroys five homes in Hawaii after Kilauea volcano erupts Daily Mail Online
2018-05-07 07:22:08 Hawaii volcano destroys dozens of homes, forces evacuations
2018-02-10 14:40:04 WATCH: Israel downs Iranian drone, destroys its operating base - Arab-Israeli Conflict - Jerusalem Post
2018-01-01 15:10:05 Blaze destroys hundreds of cars, melts floors of Liverpool parking garage Reuters
2017-12-13 17:42:04 Bel-Air wrestles with homeless crisis after encampment fire destroys multimillion-dollar homes - LA Times
2017-12-10 07:48:05 Israel says it destroys Hamas tunnel using new techniques
2017-10-19 15:54:05 Fiery explosion destroys two food carts in Portland.
2017-08-26 09:44:05 Hurricane Harvey flood fears as piercing 130mph winds make way for torrential rain after Category 4 storm destroys buildings and brings ALLIGATORS on to the streets
2017-02-16 20:16:04 President Donald Trump Destroys Main Stream Media at Press Conference!!! - YouTube
2017-01-20 08:30:08 Islamic State destroys famous monument in Syria's Palmyra: antiquities chief Reuters
2017-01-20 08:20:08 ISIS Destroys Part of Roman Amphitheater.(NYT)
2017-01-03 07:38:05 Tucker Carlson destroys leftist on Russian election hacking claims
2017-01-02 21:04:14 Chillies could help beat cancer as research finds capsaicin destroys diseased cells - Mirror Online
2016-12-29 22:52:18 Teen Destroys Buzzfeed Cucks Views On 2nd Amendment
2016-12-24 09:02:04 This is How the U.S. Government Destroys the Lives of Patriotic Whistleblowers
2016-12-07 12:36:07 Trump Destroys Leftists In Swing State Recount Attempted COUP
2016-11-26 16:52:04 Watch as Jim Harbaugh goes ballistic, destroys his headset after an offsides call -
2016-10-21 14:10:05 Trump Destroys Hillary / Secret Democrat Battle Plan
2016-10-10 13:26:04 Hillary Destroys Syria, Blames Russia
2016-10-04 06:58:04 Completely Unsustainable: Obamacare Destroys Middle Class, Rising As Much as 67%. Just in 2017
2016-10-04 04:06:03 This Report Destroys Obamacare

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