2022-06-09 23:59 Russian Ops in Ukraine (June 9, 2022): Russian Gains, Ukrainian Grain, Kiev Admits Losses - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 23:59 MoA - Biden's Foreign Policy Is One Big MessTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 23:59 MoA - How Russia Can (And Will?) De-NATO-size EuropeTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 23:59 Darren Beattie storms onto Fox News to deliver an eager Tucker the truthTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 23:59 MoA - Ukraine Beyond Day 100 - Breaking Resistance, Deep Operation, A New CountryTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 23:59 MoA - Some Other People's Thoughts On The U.S. Role In The Ukraine And EuropeTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 23:59 MoA - Washington Starts Blame Game Over Defeat In UkraineTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 22:43 Tucker Carlson Tonight - 6/9/22 Straight Full Hour Great Episode!! Jan 6th BS etc..Tweet Tweet
2022-06-09 22:43 West's Media U-Turn in Ukraine as Reality Sets In - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 22:43 Busted: Biden's "Minster of Truth" Nina Jankowicz Participated in Secret NATO-Funded Cabal to Subvert Western Democracies Using Disinformation as Cover - RevolverTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 22:32 The Washington Post's week from Hell Fox NewsTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 22:00 400 Bad RequestTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 22:00 archive.phTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 22:00 Welcome to Tom Cruises Flight School for Top Gun: Maverick - The RingerTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 21:49 How Top Gun: Mavericks Breathtaking Practical Effects Were Achieved - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 21:49 OneRepublic - I Aint Worried (From Top Gun: Maverick) [Official Music Video] - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 21:49 Top Gun: Maverick NEW Official Trailer (2022 Movie) - Tom Cruise - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 21:49 Top Gun versus Sergeant Bilko? No contest, says the Pentagon World news The GuardianTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 21:32 US Capitol riot probe puts Trump at heart of attempted coup Malay MailTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 21:14 Trump calls deadly insurrection 'greatest movement' in US historyTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 21:08 Climate change: New Zealand's plan to tax cow and sheep burps - BBC NewsTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 21:06 Cabinet Discussed Removing Him From Office.Tweet Tweet
2022-06-09 21:02 U.S. Capitol riot hearing shows Trump allies, daughter rejected fraud claimsTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 20:48 \'These people should be put to death\': Texas pastor calls for LGBT people to be executed.Tweet Tweet
2022-06-09 20:46 Man unhappy with haircut allegedly shoots Kansas City barber: court recordsTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 20:44 The Race for One Alaska Seat Is So Packed, Even Santa Claus Is RunningTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 20:42 As California coronavirus hospitalizations rise, Bay Area divided on mask rulesTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 20:16 Proud Boys, Tarrio blast sedition charge as politically orchestratedTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 20:14 Strikes and Labor Shortages Leave European Airports in ChaosTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 20:08 China Ties at Lowest Moment Since 1972, US Ambassador SaysTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 20:06 Gasoline Futures Set a Record as Pump Prices Verge on $5Tweet Tweet
2022-06-09 20:02 Janet Yellen Rejects Idea Corporate Greed Is to Blame for Inflation Financial PostTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 19:58 NOONAN: The Boiling Over of America.Tweet Tweet
2022-06-09 19:52 You can now try on digital versions of shoes from Amazon with new virtual reality feature The US SunTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 19:36 LIVE.Tweet Tweet
2022-06-09 18:03 June 8, 2022Tweet Tweet
2022-06-09 18:03 June 8, 2022Tweet Tweet
2022-06-09 18:03 Anger Management: How the news is destroying usTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 18:03 June 8, 2022Tweet Tweet
2022-06-09 18:03 Goldman Sachs-backed firm buys Florida community of single-family homes for $45 million Fox BusinessTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 18:03 One of lifes mysteriesTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 18:03 June 8, 2022Tweet Tweet
2022-06-09 18:03 June 9, 2022Tweet Tweet
2022-06-09 18:03 a descent into middle school antics Bari WeissTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 18:03 2 workers fall into chocolate tank at Mars plant in PennsylvaniaTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 18:03 The Washington Post's week from Hell Fox NewsTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 18:03 The Washington Post Fires Felicia Sonmez Amid Week of InfightingTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 18:03 Twitter and the Department of Homeland Security: Alex Berenson is cracking the caseTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 18:02 'Nothing to suggest' US will have a recession: YellenTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 18:00 Police Rush to Britney Spears' Wedding as Ex-Husband Jason Alexander Crashes ItTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 17:52 Florida Wife Scrolled Dating App After Fatally Stabbing Hubby, Prosecutors AllegeTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 17:40 NASA gets serious about UFOsTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 17:28 New Study: Mask Mandates Associated With Increased Covid Death RateTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 17:28 This was going to be a state propaganda machine: Josh Hawley - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 17:28 Inquiring minds want to knowTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 17:28 Hawley: Biden Administration Lied About Disinformation Board -- 'Set Up to Go After You'Tweet Tweet
2022-06-09 17:18 FDA Sued Over Hiding Records From Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Approval.Tweet Tweet
2022-06-09 17:18 [VIDEO] President Trump's Former Speechwriter Just Shared a Jan 6 Clip That'll Have Kinzinger Crying AGAINTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 17:18 Inflations Got Legs – The American SunTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 17:18 He knewTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 17:18 Solicitation VDARE.comTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 17:18 Price of Food in America Set to Spike in the Fall: Goya CEO on Looming Food CrisisTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 17:18 Warning: Beastly jab causes deadly prion diseasesTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 17:16 Felicia Sonmez Exits Washington Post Amid Week of InfightingTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 17:10 The Washington Post fires reporter Felicia Sonmez - CNNTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:36 Stocks fall sharply, Dow drops more than 600 points ahead of pivotal inflation dataTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:28 Putin pretends to be a historian again: he says he must "return territories"Tweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:22 Multiple People Killed in Shooting at Washington County Manufacturing Plant NBC4 WashingtonTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:20 As El Salvador's president tries to silence free press, journalist brothers expose his ties to street gangsTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:08 The more gasoline rises above $5, the greater risk there is of recessionTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Joe Biden trust plumets poll shows hitting support for support for Ukraine in America Politics News Express.co.ukTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Thread by @ggreenwald on Thread Reader App Thread Reader AppTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 archive.phTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Dems: Teens Can Kill Babies, Get Sterilized But Not Defend ThemselvesTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Bulgaria Says "We've Done Enough" On Ukraine Aid As NATO-EU Cracks Deepen ZeroHedgeTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Twitter submits to Musk, will release data on spam accountsTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Ezra Miller accused of grooming, abusing teen as parents get protective orderTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 The paradox at the heart of mathematics: Gdel's Incompleteness Theorem - Marcus du Sautoy - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 David Cronenberg’s ‘Crimes of the Future’ Is a Collection of Garbage ObserverTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Novavax peddles same junk under different nameTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 How GOP Legislatures Can Copy Johnny Depp and Defang the Lying Press Tomorrow With One Simple Trick - RevolverTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Doctors trying to determine why many young people are suddenly dying Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Jan. 6 committee aims to show 'Trump was at the center' of plot to overturn election with primetime hearing Fox NewsTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Berenson: Modernas omicron-specific boosters fail miserablyTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Grassley, Hawley press DHS on Disinformation Board partnership with big tech to censor content Just The NewsTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 What Happened to This Small Village Told to Accept 1500 'Refugees'? - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 The Shamelessly Shallow Guide On How To Be A Trophy Wife Evie MagazineTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Coulter: Finally, a liberal gun proposal I supportTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Shipping Stocks Crash After JPM Points To Latest Freightwaves Recession Alert ZeroHedgeTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 New Democrat immigration policy just droppedTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Thread by @GanucheauAdam on Thread Reader App Thread Reader AppTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Steve Bannon on the warpathTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Thread by @feliciasonmez on Thread Reader App Thread Reader AppTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Are There Any Adults at the Washington Post? Nope, Just Big Liberal BabiesTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Thread by @RatUtopian on Thread Reader App Thread Reader AppTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Top Gun: Maverick A Review @im_1776Tweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 A lot of socioeconomic factors at play hereTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Thread by @eugyppius1 on Thread Reader App Thread Reader AppTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Letter Reveals Joe Biden's Failed 'Disinformation Governance Board' Was Making Plans To Censor All Americans Who Hold Opposing ViewsTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 archive.phTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 We could watch this all day yeehawTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Tucker Carlson visits redneck Disney WorldTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Manchin Poised to Break No-tax-hike PromiseTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 West's Media U-Turn in Ukraine as Reality Sets In - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Thread by @abigailmarone on Thread Reader App Thread Reader AppTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Trump-backed Ryan Zinke barely holding on after not bothering to campaignTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 archive.phTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Massive Antifa crime bustTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 'Joker' sequel confirmed, Joaquin Phoenix back as supervillainTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: The Subordinate Citizen The Daily CallerTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Its called a binturong apparentlyTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Thread by @718Tv on Thread Reader App Thread Reader AppTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 He likes itTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Thread by @jdelreal on Thread Reader App Thread Reader AppTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 ESPN host calls Christian players ‘bigots’… – CITIZEN FREE PRESSTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 The Texas School Shooting Is Proof Our Society Is Crumbling Into an Existential Crisis - RevolverTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Sloth Bear Kills Couple and Feasts on Their Remains for HoursTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Blake Masters takes out the trashTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Tucker Carlson: What is going on here? - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Tucker: Peter Navarro is a brave man and hes not shutting upTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Grassley, Hawley press DHS for more details on Disinfo Board after whistleblower provides docs Fox NewsTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Bro-Epistemology: How to appraise the truth in an age of informationTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Man Reportedly Melts In Half After Falling Into Molten Iron The Daily CallerTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Morgan Wallen Crushes Yet Another Record The Daily CallerTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 As a great American once said, the press is the enemyTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Mo. AG Uncovers Systemic Use Of Racist Curricula In Public SchoolsTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Max Blumenthal: Weird Nina is such a disgraceTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Democrat-turned-Trump Republican wins landslide victory: People don't want Biden's 'dysfunctional America'Tweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 So this is what de-mining of a beach looks likeTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Sen. Kennedy on Gas Prices: 'It'd Be Cheaper to Buy Cocaine and Just Run Everywhere'Tweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Josh Hawley: Bidens board plans to censor DOMESTIC questions about Jan. 6th, Covid masks, Covid death jabTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 German Antifa attacks workers at retail store of brand popular with so-called far rightTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Russia develops new doomsday weapons - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Prince Charles Upset Queen Elizabeth Isnt Dead Yet - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Marjorie Taylor Greene Goes Off on Lindsey Graham for Pledging to Vote on Gun Reform: Helping Biden Pass His Communist AgendaTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Cultural Drift From Reality, and Depp Fallout, with Red Scare Hosts Anna Khachiyan & Dasha Nekrasova - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Thread by @pikeypilled on Thread Reader App Thread Reader AppTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 CBC: Ukraine soldiers abandoned, exhausted, outgunned, overrunTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 'We Build the Wall' case ends in mistrial after juror's 'political bias,' 'government witch hunt' allegations Fox NewsTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Biden Colludes With Bill Gates and CCP to Take Jobs From Deserving American College Graduates - RevolverTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Just a robbery or something else?Tweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 The Biggest Reshuffle Of Oil Flows Since The 1970s ZeroHedgeTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Thread by @baronichitas on Thread Reader App Thread Reader AppTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Thread by @RWApodcast on Thread Reader App Thread Reader AppTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Oregon overdoses reach record highs after decriminalization of hard drugs The Post MillennialTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 WATCH: MSNBC host shuts down Mo Brooks challenge to debate 2020 election fraud claims Washington ExaminerTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 ‘Stranger Things’ Boosts Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ Into U.S. Top 10 – DeadlineTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 The Cowardice of Uvalde Police Is Exactly What America Asked For - RevolverTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 California Democrat Has a Sick Response to Texas Lawmaker Wanting to Protect Kids From Drag ShowsTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 EXCLUSIVE: Missouri GOP Congresswoman Angling for Trump's Senate Endorsement Wrote Scathing Private Letter Blaming Him for January 6Tweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Coudnt be AmericaTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Warship sunk off NC in ‘astounding’ shape, experts say News, Sports, Jobs - The Nashua TelegraphTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Brookings places retired general on leave amid FBI probeTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Two Professors Found What Creates a Mass Shooter. Will Politicians Pay Attention? - POLITICOTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Suspect Arrested Near Kavanaugh House Charged With Attempted Murder ZeroHedgeTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Wake up, babe new Nemets Twitter spaceTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Bulgarian government destabilised as coalition partner withdraws EuronewsTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 FeistyTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Nicholas John Roske: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know Heavy.comTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Russian ruble below 60 againTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Holden Saige Foreman weighs in not a Babylon Bee characterTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Rumors of Pope Francis resignation intensify amid appointment of new cardinals, unusual trip - LifeSiteTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Yes, unironicallyTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Trump Pentagon first offered National Guard to Capitol four days before Jan. 6 riots, memo shows Just The NewsTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 Gaetz: Would rather trim Pelosi's 'toenails with my teeth' than dine with Schiff Washington ExaminerTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:01 So trueTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 16:00 Lancaster County, PA, M&M facility rescue: Two people trapped in waist-high CHOCOLATE after falling into tank at factory The US SunTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 15:50 Spain to begin monkeypox vaccination of close contactsTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 15:36 Michigan officer to face murder charge in fatal shooting of black man.Tweet Tweet
2022-06-09 15:22 McCarthy says 'everyone in the country' responsible for Jan 6 when pressed if it was Trump's fault Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 15:12 This Robotic Finger Has Skin Made From Living CellsTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 14:58 NTSB, FAA investigating tour helicopter crash on Hawaii Island lava field that left 6 injuredTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 14:50 Diabetes may increase long COVID risk; COVID while pregnant linked to baby brain development issuesTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 14:38 Rental Market Tracker: Typical U.S. Asking Rent Surpassed $2,000Tweet Tweet
2022-06-09 14:26 Stitch Fix shares sink as company lays off 15% of its salaried employeesTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 14:20 Trump and Unreleased Video Expected to Be Focus of First Jan 6. HearingTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 14:06 After leak, Supreme Court seethes with resentment and fear behind the scenes : NPRTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 13:54 Shooting outside Gadsden school leaves suspect dead, police officer suffers minor injuries - al.comTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 13:44 Dems meddle in Senate primary to advance hardline MAGA Republican - POLITICOTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 13:32 US advances probe of Teslas running into emergency vehicles AP NewsTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 13:20 Ukraine war latest: Britons captured by Russian forces sentenced to death - BBC NewsTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 13:10 The Ukraine War is Becoming Putin's Vietnam TimeTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 12:50 Harrowing surveillance footage shows brutal hazing of University of Missouri student Danny Santulli Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 12:40 FBI raids home of Nicholas Roske in Brett Kavanaugh caseTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 12:16 Tourist has 700,000 snatched off wrist outside Barcelona hotel Metro NewsTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 12:08 61-year-old man sucker punched in Brooklyn dies five days laterTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 12:08 Musks Twitter Bid Includes Financier Linked to Russian TycoonTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 12:00 Britney Spears is marrying Sam Asghari todayTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 11:52 Man who raps about robbing ATMs arrested for robbing ATMTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 11:48 Turkey threatens US allies and partners as Ukraine war gives Erdogan leverage Washington ExaminerTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 11:48 Inside the High-Stakes Race to Recover Qaddafis Ill-Gotten Billions Vanity FairTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 11:26 Man Who Allegedly Wanted To Kill Brett Kavanaugh Had Gun, Zip TiesTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 11:24 Fox News to cover Jan. 6 hearing 'as news warrants'Tweet Tweet
2022-06-09 11:14 Matt Drudge movie Cross Creek Cody Brotter Script Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky DeadlineTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 10:46 Musks Twitter Bid Leans on Financier Linked to Russian Tycoon - BNN BloombergTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 10:20 The biggest U.S. newspaper chain wants less opinion in its pagesTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 10:18 Will people watch?Tweet Tweet
2022-06-09 10:12 Will monkeypox spread as fast as COVID? The HillTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 10:10 Jan. 6 Capitol attack committee goes prime time with probe AP NewsTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 10:04 The rise of youth cage-fightingTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 09:58 New theory attempts to answer why humans don't always make the best decisions - Study FindsTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 09:42 Do Animals Dream?Tweet Tweet
2022-06-09 09:38 Gas prices hit $5 national average after rapid rise - ABC NewsTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 09:10 Welcome to the summer of robotsTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 08:42 Silicon Valley braces for the good times to end - CNNTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 08:40 Page not found - MSNTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 08:16 The Jan. 6 hearings' missing man: Mike Pence - POLITICOTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 07:54 American trust in government near historic lows, Pew findsTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 07:48 Smashed buildings in Mariupol produce 'caravan of death' AP NewsTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 07:40 \'Danger! mines\': Odesa popular beaches now off limits.Tweet Tweet
2022-06-09 07:24 Turkey's Erdogan warns Greece to demilitarize Aegean islands AP NewsTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 07:18 Sex helps men live longer - and has surprising health benefits for women, too - Daily StarTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 07:12 The Neuroscience Behind Why People See Ghosts and DemonsTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 07:02 Billionaire Larry Ellison Bought Hawaiian Island and Pushing Residents Out.Tweet Tweet
2022-06-09 06:52 Flight Attendants Can Bring Full Selves to WorkTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 06:48 Chinese Pilots Sent a Message. American Allies Said They Went Too Far. - The New York TimesTweet Tweet
2022-06-09 06:46 Jan. 6 Hearings Will Put Trump at the Center of Plot That Resulted in Capitol Riot DNyuzTweet Tweet

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