2022-01-14 23:56 Well, well, well WHO selected Cass Sunstein to head Covid Psychological Response UnitTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 23:56 Full thread is worth the readTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 23:56 US demands explanation as Russia begins new exercises near Ukraine RT Russia & Former Soviet UnionTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 23:56 Turns out no one cares about Jan. 6 unless liberal PMCs harangue them pundits hardest hitTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 23:56 Virginia-Based Voter Suppression Group Paid Thousands to Voting Rights 'Champion' Marc Elias - Washington Free BeaconTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 23:56 Biden Admin Creates Creepy Database Of Unvaxxed Who Request Religious ExemptionsTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 23:45 Nearly half of Ontarios Covid-19 patients admitted for reasons unrelated to virus RT World NewsTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 23:45 Megyn Kellys basic neocon preconceptions corrected by bold guestTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 23:45 Unvaccinated to face special tax in Canada RT World NewsTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 23:45 Triple jabbed Swiss marathon record holder and Olympic athlete diagnosed with myocarditisTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 23:45 Italian bishop bans unvaccinated priests from distributing Holy Communion - LifeSiteTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 23:24 Timcast IRL - Bank TERMINATES MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell's Bank Accounts w/Darren Beattie - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 23:24 Lincoln Project HUMILIATED After New York Times Calls Failed Super PAC 'Defunct' - Washington Free BeaconTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 20:00 Severely Malnourished Horses Seized From Grand County Property CBS DenverTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 19:54 Omicron Slows in Early U.S. Hot Spots, Offering First Hopes of a Peak - WSJTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 19:52 As Omicron fuels surge, U.S. students stage walkouts to protest in-person classes ReutersTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 19:50 U.S. grocery shortages deepen as pandemic dries suppliesTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 19:50 Scripted TV Series Count Reaches All-Time High in 2021 The Hollywood ReporterTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 19:44 DeSantis: My biggest mistake was not objecting to the Trump administration's calls for a national lockdown HotAirTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 19:42 Thieves loot freight trains in Los Angeles with impunityTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 19:32 Ohio's new congressional map overturnedTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 19:32 Four Years Later, Republicans Pay the Price for Ignoring the Deplatforming of Laura Loomer - National FileTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 19:32 N.Y. Rep. John Katko becomes latest pro-Trump-impeachment Republican to opt out of reelection bid Just The NewsTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 19:22 Biden team regroups after court loss on COVID shots-or-test AP NewsTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 19:20 White House: Russia prepping pretext for Ukraine invasion AP NewsTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 19:11 Microsoft called out for new 'woke' feature - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 19:00 Must See Hilarious Public Speaking Challenge: Biden Vs. DeSantis DM CLIPS Rubin Report - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 19:00 'You should be ashamed of yourself!' Judge chews out cancer patient, 72, who's too weak to clean property and even says she'd like to throw him in jail - TheBlazeTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 19:00 Satan's Primary Target Revealed: The Destruction of the FamilyTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 19:00 In March 2020, my 18-year-old was told not to return to her ultra-liberal, elite, East Coast university that she had worked her ass off to get intoTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 19:00 'Shame has befallen our nations capital': Congressman 'will not comply' with DC vaccine mandate Washington ExaminerTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 19:00 Viral video shows suspended professor's profane rant: 'You people are just vectors of disease to me' so 'keep your f***ing distance' - TheBlazeTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 19:00 Mike Lindell: Bank dumping my businesses, charitiesTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 19:00 Horowitz: Why is West Virginias governor touting the shot that failed him and not the monoclonal antibodies? - TheBlazeTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 19:00 These are the big liars: Steve Hilton - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 19:00 Don t Talk to the PoliceTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 18:00 Hospital System Backs Off Race-Based Treatment Policy After Legal Threat - Washington Free BeaconTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 17:48 Facebook parent Meta reportedly facing another antitrust probe - CNETTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 17:40 Marines OK first religious exemptions for COVID-19 vaccine AP NewsTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 17:28 Live updates: Novak Djokovic visa and Australian Open 2022Tweet Tweet
2022-01-14 17:10 Yeshiva University, the Jewish College Basketball Powerhouse - WSJTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 16:56 Covid surges in 44 states are now slowing as experts predict cases to top out in the coming weeks Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 16:40 Boris Johnson's 'wine time Fridays' - No10 staff held drinks EVERY week during pandemic - Mirror OnlineTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 16:28 London Breed criticizes white progressives in San FranciscoTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 16:14 CNN Airs McCarthy Saying The Don Admitted Responsibility for Capitol Attack.Tweet Tweet
2022-01-14 16:04 The NFL has an extraordinary grip on Americas media diet - AxiosTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 15:56 Garbage and recyclables pile up as omicron takes its toll AP NewsTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 15:46 Boston Public Schools: Children Bundle Up for Class due to Open-Window Mandate National ReviewTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 15:38 Route 91: Uncovering the Cover Up of The Vegas Mass ShootingTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 15:38 Patient gets animal heart in breakthrough surgery RT World NewsTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 15:38 Perspective: Glenn Beck is battling COVID-19 again, and its bringing out the worst in his criticsTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 15:38 Germany must treat Ukraine like Israel Kiev RT Russia & Former Soviet UnionTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 15:36 Which States Are the Freest?Tweet Tweet
2022-01-14 15:12 Evidence shows appears in throat first.Tweet Tweet
2022-01-14 14:58 How Marc Benioff is transforming Time magazine - AxiosTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 14:28 California's next attempt at universal basic income could be on college campusesTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 14:20 WW3 fears over 'Russia's plot to justify Ukraine invasion' as expert warns escalating tensions may spark major conflictTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 14:13 Sound familiar?Tweet Tweet
2022-01-14 14:13 Pfizer Deepens Commitment to Genetic-Drug Future With Deals - BNN BloombergTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 14:13 Yup. You were duped. The CDC has said from jump only 6 percent of the total deaths are from Covid onlyTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 14:13 First US state to offer universal healthcare RT World NewsTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 14:02 Unvaccinated Glenn Beck gets COVID-19 for the second time - Washington TimesTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:51 Longtime CNN producer John Griffin slapped with $15M civil suit amid federal child trafficking case Fox NewsTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:51 'First-generation, low income' Rhodes Scholar busted for lying about privileged background and loses her scholarship: Report - TheBlazeTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:51 Woke lesson at public high school told students they're privileged if they're Christian, straight, or male. Now district reportedly is doing damage control. - TheBlazeTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:51 Kinzinger spankedTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:51 Russia & China set new historical record Moscow RT Russia & Former Soviet UnionTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:51 Right on cue: Pfizer CEO says omicron vaccine will be ready in MarchTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:51 Why America's Ruling Class Is So IncompetentTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:42 Prince Andrew forces Queen to defend Crown 'at all costs'Tweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:41 Food for thoughtTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:41 Another one bites the dust Minnesota School Boards Association formally terminates membership with the National School Boards AssociationTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:41 Columnist: Waukesha Massacre Undermined the Charlottesville MythTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:41 Biden Administration Hamstringing Trump's "Remain in Mexico" Policy After Court-Ordered Reinstatement - Big League PoliticsTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:41 The Time to Resist Vax Passports Is Now - The American ConservativeTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:30 US says Russia readying false-flag operation to invade Ukraine news.com.au Australias leading news siteTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:18 This Man Went Looking for a Date Who Could Infect Him With COVIDTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 NewsNation Poll: Voters trust in Biden, health officials eroding Morning in America - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 Infowars Officially Under Patriot Act Investigation for Organizing Peaceful MarchesTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 Durbin says Biden may have gone 'a little too far' in Georgia speech TheHillTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 And it seems hes getting his wishTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 archive.phTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 Biden just had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. And it's going to get worse.Tweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 3 women busted in drunken beatdown of Delta workers at JFK airport, feds sayTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 How is Pluto not a planet?Tweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 SkepticalTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 Malzberg Alan Dershowitz: Charges Against Baltimore Cops Won't Stick - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 Thread by @johnschreiber on Thread Reader App Thread Reader AppTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 NewsNation Poll: Voters trust in Biden, health officials eroding Morning in America - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 Cool way to do itTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 This one needs a laugh trackTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 Flashback: Mosby best known for egging on Freddie Gray BLM rioters in 2015 our time is nowTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 Yachts To Be Exempt From EU's Carbon Pricing Plan ZeroHedgeTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 Mayor Adams' jails commissioner fires widely praised investigator - New York Daily NewsTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 Ozzie liberals really hate it when you call them NazisTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 Board Of Health Officials Attempting To Get Police PowersTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 Skeptics unsatisfied with Ray Epps explanation, Kinzinger lashes out Washington ExaminerTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 What a trollololTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 Baltimore cop acquitted of all charges in Freddie Gray’s deathTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 It's a Ducey: The Inside Scoop on McConnell's Latest Scheme to Harm Trump and the MAGA Movement - RevolverTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 Karen Forces Airline To Investigate Pilot For 'Let's Go Brandon' Sticker After They Allowed BLM Pins - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 Quiet epidemic: Not-so-shocking spree of sex crimes by public school teachers in North CarolinaTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 Key moments in Novak Djokovic's Australian saga ReutersTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 Djokovic's visa canceled again, Australian officials seeking to detain tennis star Just The NewsTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 Right-wing Catholic boomlet grows: "Gun Girl" signs up with Mother Church Salon.comTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 Come Again, Kamala?Tweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 NYC probers indict suspects in $100M car insurance fraud - New York Daily NewsTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 Beautiful rescueTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 Teen riding NYC subway to school punched in face by bigot who proclaimed he hates MexicansTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 Granddaughter of Billy Graham Suffers 2 Heart Attacks - Todd StarnesTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 Political provocateur goes from pro-life atheist to full fledged Catholic who embraces motherhood - LifeSiteTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 "Parental rights" started on the Christian fringe now it's the GOP's winning issue Salon.comTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 German police face backlash for using Covid surveillance to track witnesses to a deathTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 Thread by @HazardHarringto on Thread Reader App Thread Reader AppTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 Stewart Rhodes Arrest Intensifies Questions Against HimTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 LIVE Tucker Carlson Tonight 1/13/22 FULL SHOW FOX BREAKING NEWS TRUMP January 13, 2021 - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 13:08 FedEx proposing anti-missile lasers for some planes - POLITICOTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 11:50 White House releases baffling polling memo.Tweet Tweet
2022-01-14 11:34 Helen Mirren Faces 'Jewface' Accusations Divide U.K. Jewish Community - VarietyTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 11:32 Britney Spears' interview with Oprah Winfrey 'in the works & she will tell ALL on family feud' after slamming Jamie LynnTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 11:26 Retail sales December 2021:Tweet Tweet
2022-01-14 11:26 The richest 0.00001% in America are getting richer - The PostTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 11:20 Conway Makes Case Why Donald Should Be Tried for Sedition.Tweet Tweet
2022-01-14 11:14 Newsom takes aim at DeSantis: 'We'd have 40,000 more Californians dead if we took his approachTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 11:12 Biden closes out Year 1 on an epic losing streak - AxiosTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 10:38 U.S. Considers Backing an Insurgency, After Battling One DNyuzTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 10:16 Johnson's office apologizes to Queen Elizabeth for party on eve offuneralTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 10:14 In vaccination battles, pro athletes become proxy players AP NewsTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 09:58 First on CNN: US intelligence indicates Russia preparing operation to justify invasion of UkraineUS intelligence indicates Russia preparing operation to justify invasion of Ukraine - CNNPoliticsTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 09:30 The most popular destinations for 2022 travel, according to expertsTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 09:18 Why Are Celebrities So Obsessed With Blood Right Now?Tweet Tweet
2022-01-14 09:12 Model Claims She Was Turned Into a Sex Doll Without Her PermissionTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 08:58 Mercedes EQS driven: The electric future of the S-Class Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 08:42 U.S. Retail Sales Slide Sharply as Inflation Weighs on Consumers - BNN BloombergTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 08:20 Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are among the most boring things in life, study findsTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 08:18 A 250-year-old walnut tree was chopped down in Ohio. A brother and sister were hit with felony charges.Tweet Tweet
2022-01-14 08:14 Tom Brady Tackled These Guys. They Still Cant Believe It. - WSJTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 07:34 Omicron leaves Germany on brink of recession as growth dips AP NewsTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 07:26 307 Temporary RedirectTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 07:22 Gene That Increases Risk of Dying From Covid Now IdentifiedTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 07:18 Bond Market Forecasts Bad Economic News - WSJTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 07:16 Walgreens, CVS Shut Some Pharmacies on Weekends as Omicron Strains Staffing - WSJTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 07:14 Vaccine Makers Pursue Omicron-Targeted Shots That Health Officials Say Might Not Be Needed - WSJTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 07:10 After Another Great Year for Stocks, Peril Lingers DNyuzTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 06:50 Drones Spray Holy Water at India Hindu Festival as Crowds Defy COVID RulesTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 06:44 Harris team looks to course changes to reset her political prospectsTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 06:44 Massive cyber attack hits Ukraine government websites - CNNTweet Tweet
2022-01-14 06:42 Australia cancels Novak Djokovic's visa again, upending tennis star's quest for record 21st Grand Slam titleTweet Tweet

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