2021-09-06 20:36 Young American men giving up on the college scamTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 18:05 We Will Be Going Back: Lindsey Graham Tells Stunned Reporter US Will Re-Invade AfghanistanTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 18:00 15 Miami-Dade Public School Staff Members Die Of COVID In Just 10 DaysTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 17:48 First responders nationwide resist COVID vaccine mandatesTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 17:44 Taliban accused of murdering pregnant Afghan policewoman in front of her familyTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 17:44 Bombshell Twitter thread exposes the international Covid racketTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 17:44 About those spike proteinsTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 17:44 FBI informant ran Satanic Neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen division got paid handsomely to radicalize troubled youthTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 17:44 The Wire actor Michael K Williams found dead in NYC apartment surrounded by drug paraphernaliaTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 17:44 DHS: White Americans support the Taliban and are poised to carry out terror attacks at any momentTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 17:40 New mu COVID variant now found in 49 U.S. statesTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 17:33 The press cant sink any lowerTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 17:30 Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park closed through Tuesday after 6-year-old dies on rideTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 17:20 New Orleans: Seniors left in dark, hot facilities after IdaTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 17:10 Michael K. Williams, 'The Wire' & 'Boardwalk Empire' Star, Dead at 54 - Rolling StoneTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 16:56 In world first, Cuba starts Covid jabs for toddlers - France 24Tweet Tweet
2021-09-06 16:46 Woman Claims She Got Kicked Off Flight for Her Outfit, Alleges Weight DiscriminationTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 16:26 Threats & Leaks: New Documents Show Just How Crazy the Georgia Recount Fiasco GotTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 16:10 Actor Michael K. Williams found dead in NYC apartmentTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 16:00 China flies 19 nuke bombers and fighter jets into Taiwan air space for 'invasion' war games sparking WW3 fearsTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 15:56 Article: Afghan women prefer Taliban stability over mayhem, tyranny of U.S. occupationTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 15:56 They are giving rights to Kabul women, and they are killing women hereTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 15:48 Telosa: Marc Lore and Bjarke Ingel unveil plans for 5-million-person city in the American desert - CNN StyleTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 15:24 New York Fashion Week is back in person -- masked and vaxxedTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 15:24 Lindsey Graham Says the U.S. 'Will be Going Back into Afghanistan'Tweet Tweet
2021-09-06 15:16 Unemployment Benefits Expire for Millions Without Pushback from BidenTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 14:54 Forget Tiger Moms. Now China's 'Chicken Blood' Parents Are Pushing Kids To Succeed : NPRTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 14:44 Why a Covid-19 Vaccine for Children Is Taking So Long - WSJTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 14:41 Renegade MAGA candidate takes aim at Biden gun controlTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 14:40 A Generation of American Men Give Up on College: I Just Feel Lost - WSJTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 14:30 The Left Fears Grassroots ConservativesTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 14:30 Roll up your sleeves and say MOOOOOOTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 14:30 Classic JonesTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 14:20 Coyotes flood US border with EcuadoriansTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 14:19 New Franklin Project is toxic dark-money cesspool offshoot of Lincoln ProjectTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 14:19 Israeli health officials to provide Biden FDA with ammunition pushing 3rd and even 4th round of boostersTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 14:19 Already vaccinated against Covid-19? Experts say you're protected, even without a booster shotTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 14:19 BBC presenter Lisa Shaw died of Covid vaccine complications, coroner finds BBC The GuardianTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 14:19 Fauci suggests Americans will need to be triple-vaxxed to be considered fully vaccinatedTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 14:04 From Cradle to Grave, Democrats Move to Expand Social Safety Net DNyuzTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 13:58 Titusville 16-year-old fighting COVID pneumonia in both lungs at Arnold Palmer ICUTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 13:56 GOP Rep rips Biden for his vacation as US stalls 6 Glenn Beck-group planes with Americans on board Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 13:47 Italians may soon face mandatory COVID shots - LifeSiteTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 13:47 Biden asks DOJ to find ways to limit Texas heartbeat law, says life doesnt begin at conception - LifeSiteTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 13:47 DO NOT COMPLYTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 13:47 20 states sue Biden administration over radical transgender mandates - LifeSiteTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 13:47 The Jeffrey Epstein case is why people believe in Pizzagate [2019 article]Tweet Tweet
2021-09-06 13:47 Huge crowds as Toronto police officers join rally for freedom against vaccine passports - LifeSiteTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 13:47 Harvard's new chief chaplain does not believe in God, claims US politics is his true religion - LifeSiteTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 13:44 A curtain divides male, female students as Afghan ...Tweet Tweet
2021-09-06 13:36 Justice Department will 'protect' abortion seekers in TexasTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 13:26 Flash flood watch for New Orleans as half a million residents still without power - ABC NewsTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 13:26 DOJ Retreating In Court From Defending Biden Admin Anti-White Discriminatory Racial PreferencesTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 13:15 220 medical journals use public health pretext to push climate change agendaTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 13:08 As El Salvador adopts bitcoin, its young president is dismantling democracyTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 13:04 Dave Is Left Speechless After Tucker Admits This (Pt. 1) Tucker Carlson MEDIA Rubin Report - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 12:54 German ambassador to China, Jan Hecker, dies News DW 06.09.2021Tweet Tweet
2021-09-06 10:56 Iconic French New Wave actor Jean-Paul Belmondo dies aged 88 (lawyer)Tweet Tweet
2021-09-06 10:45 September 5, 2021Tweet Tweet
2021-09-06 10:45 September 5, 2021Tweet Tweet
2021-09-06 10:44 Larry Elder argues slave owners are owed reparations during appearance on Candace Owens showTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 10:40 Back on the Trail, Sanders Campaigns for a Legislative Legacy DNyuzTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 10:26 Shortages of supplies and workers will delay Gulf rebuildingTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 10:06 1073-HP Porsche Mission R Previews Customer Racing's EV FutureTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 09:26 Pandemic has been a spiritual boon for some, and Rosh Hashanah 2021 shows what's changedTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 09:24 New Orleans 911 Dispatcher Accused Of Repeatedly Hanging Up On Emergency Callers National BETTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 09:24 Fashion Week returning to New York with in-person energyTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 09:22 Cryptos Rapid Move Into Banking Elicits Alarm in Washington DNyuzTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 09:04 Treasured US West trout streams wither amid heat, droughtTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 09:02 The German ambassador to China, Jan Hecker, dies News DW 06.09.2021Tweet Tweet
2021-09-06 08:34 Brazil: warning Bolsonaro may be planning military coup amid rallies Brazil The GuardianTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 08:32 Inside Skunk Works, Lockheeds super-secret weapons facility - POLITICOTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 08:24 California recall: Betting markets swing in favor of Gavin NewsomTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 08:22 Abbott approval rating wanes as most Texans say state on 'wrong track' TheHillTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 08:04 After unrelenting summer, Biden looks to get agenda on trackTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 07:38 No cashiers, please: Futuristic supermarket opens in MideastTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 07:34 From lockup to landslide: meet DC's first leader elected from jail - France 24Tweet Tweet
2021-09-06 07:34 In Covid-swamped Texas, patients die stranded in rural clinics - France 24Tweet Tweet
2021-09-06 07:30 Six Palestinian militants escape from high-security Israeli prison ReutersTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 07:24 Ida's death count rises while 600,000 still lack powerTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 07:22 Montenegro teeters on brink of civil war as Serbian Orthodox priest takes helmTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 07:20 Former UK PM Blair warns West should prepare for bio-...Tweet Tweet
2021-09-06 07:12 Bitcoin Price Pump Movement Grows Ahead of El Salvadors AdoptionTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 07:12 Quebecers arent having itTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 07:10 Brazil on Edge as Bolsonaro Tells His Base to Take to the StreetsTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 07:06 Action on Climate Change Is Urged by Medical Journals in Unprecedented Plea - WSJTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 07:01 Colleges break their promises to vaxxed studentsTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 06:48 The Strange Tale of the Freedom Phone, a Smartphone for Conservatives DNyuzTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 06:46 A Cautionary Tale for the New Roaring Twenties DNyuzTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 06:36 More than 7 million Americans to lose jobless benefits on Labor Day TheHillTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 03:05 Canadians screwed no matter who winsTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 03:05 Colorado U. calls perfectionism and sense of urgency indicators of white supremacyTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 03:05 Was Guinea coup leader our guy?Tweet Tweet
2021-09-06 03:05 Canada's Conservatives announce vaccine passports if they win the electionTweet Tweet
2021-09-06 03:05 Edinburgh computer science students banned from using popular coding names "Alice and Bob" for being "too Western"Tweet Tweet

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