2021-04-05 23:55 Essay Content is Strongly Related to Household Income and SAT Scores: Evidence from 60,000 Undergraduate Applications Center for Education Policy AnalysisTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 23:55 FascinatingTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 23:55 Poll: Lisa Murkowski Losing to GOP's Kelly Tshibaka by Double DigitsTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 23:44 Rep. Matt Gaetz: The swamp is out to drown me with false charges, but I'm not giving upTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 23:44 Russiagate 2.0?Tweet Tweet
2021-04-05 23:22 DOJ quietly acknowledges there was no sedition at the US Capitol – Law OfficerTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 23:22 Chavin Trial: Police Chief admits Chauvin’s knee was on Floyd’s shoulder blade – Law OfficerTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 23:22 Chauvin Trial Day 6 Wrap-Up: Chief Says Neck Restraint Not Trained, But Does It Matter?Tweet Tweet
2021-04-05 23:22 The Brave New World Has Been Realized – Roosh ValizadehTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 23:22 Western Medicine Is Dead – Roosh ValizadehTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 23:22 All hell will break loose if Chauvin not convicted, buildings will be ‘on fire,’ says model, BLM activist – Law OfficerTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 22:38 Tiger kills yet another person in Bardiya, this time a mahout involved in rhino countTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 22:16 Sen. Joe Manchin Endorses Cheap-Labor Amnesty - 'For the Children'Tweet Tweet
2021-04-05 22:16 Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Says Social Media Companies Do Not Have Right to Ban Protected SpeechTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 22:16 US Grant To Wuhan Lab To Enhance Bat-Based Coronaviruses Was Never Scrutinized By HHS Review Board, NIH Says The Daily CallerTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 22:16 Justice Clarence Thomas Just Signaled That Hes Ready to Nuke Social Media - WayneDupree.comTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 22:16 Listen to BeattieTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 21:33 China creates its own digital currency first for a major economyTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 21:33 China Is Danger Close to US in AI Race, DOD AI Chief Says - Defense OneTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 21:33 China's Huawei Is Winning the 5G Race. Here's What the United States Should Do To Respond Council on Foreign RelationsTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 20:49 Woke Corporations have 'Boot on Neck' on American's LibertiesTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 19:44 South Dakota Governor Issues Final Veto on Transgender Sports BillTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 19:44 Governor vetoes transgender bill, calls measure a 'product of the cultural war'Tweet Tweet
2021-04-05 19:44 Real cause isnt hard to guessTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 19:12 Sorry...Tweet Tweet
2021-04-05 19:10 Sorry...Tweet Tweet
2021-04-05 18:02 With 100% Capacity Allowed, Rangers See Packed Stands For Home Opener At Globe Life Field CBS Dallas / Fort WorthTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 18:00 Stimulus Check Update: Will There Be A Fourth Relief Payment? CBS DetroitTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 17:56 Derek Chauvin Absolutely Violated Policy, Minneapolis Police Chief SaysTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 17:48 U.S. Retires Planes Used to Monitor Russia Under Open Skies Treaty - WSJTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 17:34 Pfizer halts corona vaccine shipments to Israel after failure to pay - The Jerusalem PostTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 17:10 China Creates its Own Digital Currency, a First for Major Economy - WSJTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 16:52 Matt Gaetz Lashes Out at Media, DC Swamp Amid Sex ScandalTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 16:42 Covid rule-breaker 'dies after exercise punishment' - BBC NewsTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 16:32 Florida Crews Race to Prevent Collapse of Wastewater Reservoir - WSJTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 16:28 Cart - RevolverTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 16:28 Cart - RevolverTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 16:22 Walgreens Not Following U.S. Guidance on Pfizer Vaccine SpacingTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 16:12 Saudi to allow only 'immunised' pilgrims to Mecca - France 24Tweet Tweet
2021-04-05 15:54 The New Shortage: Ketchup Cant Catch Up - WSJTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 15:44 Southwest Pilot Michael Haak Accused Of Exposing Genitals In Flight CBS Dallas / Fort WorthTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 15:36 TX Gov Abbott Declines Invitation To Throw First Pitch At RANGERS Opening Game.Tweet Tweet
2021-04-05 15:34 Two teenage girls accused of car-jacking and killing Uber Eats driver 'reach plea deal' Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 15:34 Syrian Militant and Former Al Qaeda Leader Seeks Wider Acceptance in First Interview With U.S. Journalist FRONTLINE PBS Official SiteTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 15:34 New report raises questions about Capitol police officers deathTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 15:34 Prison planet.Tweet Tweet
2021-04-05 15:34 THAT is why law-abiding citizens buy millions of these firearms. Amy Swearer To House Judiciary - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 15:34 Meanwhile, in the USTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 15:34 MI6 flies transgender flag at its HQ for first time as boss 'C' praises trans and non-binary spies Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 15:22 Possible second breach at toxic wastewater reservoir in Florida.Tweet Tweet
2021-04-05 15:12 NYC first in nation to end qualified immunity for policeTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 15:12 Alan Dershowitz TV: Stripping qualified immunity an outrageTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 15:12 Ex-NYPD Commish Ray Kelly: Mayor de Blasio has destroyed NYCTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 15:04 Border Patrol arrests two terrorist suspects in California amid migrant surge - Washington TimesTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 15:01 Georgia Republicans Surrender to Woke DeltaTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 14:56 Vice President Kamala Harris Lists in Washington, D.C. - WSJTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 14:34 Undercover Video Of Clandestine Luxury Dinner In Paris Prompts Police Inquiry : Coronavirus Updates : NPRTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 14:28 Florida Racing To Stop Toxic Flood Of Contaminated Wastewater – CBS MiamiTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 14:28 CBS Attempts To Controversialize Florida Governor Ron DeSantis For Doing Exceptional Job With COVID Response - The Last RefugeTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 14:28 Washington Post: Death data vindicates DeSantisTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 14:28 Prosecutors Ask Jurors To Dismiss George Floyd Autopsy Findings – JONATHAN TURLEYTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 14:26 Generation Unemployed: Graduates Again Face Pandemic-Scarred Future : NPRTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 14:18 Lawyer for Minneapolis cop says George Floyd ‘killed himself’Tweet Tweet
2021-04-05 14:18 LIVE: Chauvin Trial Day 6 Will State Offer Proof of Cause of Death?Tweet Tweet
2021-04-05 14:14 End the hygiene theater, CDC saysTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 14:10 Sorry...Tweet Tweet
2021-04-05 13:56 'Dont mock the weak,' says excavator operator who helped unblock Suez Canal The NationalTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 13:56 White People Keep Posing As People of Color for CloutTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 13:44 Allen Police Find 6 Dead, Say Suicide Pact Shared On Social Media Mentions Killing Family CBS Dallas / Fort WorthTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 13:34 How the Fed took control of the economy - AxiosTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 13:28 Johnson Eases Lockdown But Foreign Travel on Hold for U.K.Tweet Tweet
2021-04-05 13:23 Yes, There Is Such Thing As Gender Identity Ideology, And Saying So Is Not ViolenceTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 13:14 Netanyahu says trial is an attempt at a 'judicial coup' - The Jerusalem postTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 13:12 Michelle Malkin Rebukes The Lefts War on Whites in Scathing Expos - Big League PoliticsTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 13:12 Boris Johnson is Anti-Religion Armstrong EconomicsTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 13:12 A psychologist speaksTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 13:12 ABC loves ‘Satan Shoes,’ promotes twerking with the Devil to ‘combat homophobia’ Opinion LifeSiteTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 13:12 Idaho fights to stave off MarxismTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 13:12 Watch Michelle at her bestTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 12:40 LKY's brilliant reply on free press - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 12:40 Phony pastor and false teacher Reverend Senator Raphael Warnock deletes blasphemous and heretical Easter tweet after backlashTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 12:40 Traumatized journalists are now declaring themselves a marginalized groupTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 12:40 Tracey: Journalists are centering their trauma because it enables them to acquire powerTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 12:40 Rubio asks MLB commissioner if he will give up Georgia golf membership following All-Star game decisionTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 12:36 Michael D'Antonio: Trump Entering His Fat Elvis PeriodTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 12:29 Justice Thomas compares Big Tech platforms to common carriers fires shots at Amazon possible antitrust claim?Tweet Tweet
2021-04-05 12:29 Poll finds Clarence Thomas is GOP's most popular Supreme Court Justice TheHillTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 12:18 Justice Thomas grumbles over Trump's social media ban - POLITICOTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 12:12 A Florida bar owner didn't get in trouble for banning masks. But a strip show landed him in jail.Tweet Tweet
2021-04-05 12:08 Some COVID-19 patients get second shot at life thanks to lung transplants National heraldmailmedia.comTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 12:00 Stir-Crazy Adults Breathe New Life Into Hula Hoops - WSJTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 11:56 THOT PATROL: Rep. Gosar Calls Paywall Porn Site OnlyFans Out, Citing Mann Act - LoomeredTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 11:56 The More You Joe: Get Something Done - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 11:56 Californians are shaken awake by magnitude 4 earthquake and aftershocks which hit LA before dawn Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 11:56 Government Launching War on Terror 2.0 and the Target is You - Steve Bannon's War Room: PandemicTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 11:52 Man used samurai knife to kill elderly family member in Bellwood: prosecutorsTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 11:48 An Epic Debate on Trump and True Evangelicalism The New RepublicTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 11:46 Colby Hall on Newsmax: GOP Rejects Matt Gaetz After ScandalTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 11:42 Fauci: Federal government won't require COVID vaccine passports - AxiosTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 11:23 How Car Chase Scenes Have Evolved Over 100 Years Movies Insider - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 11:20 P.J. O’Rourke: The Price of Freedom: What COVID Has Cost Us – American ConsequencesTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 10:54 Vatican digs illegal tunnel to 'exhume King David's DNA and bring Messiah back to life' - Daily StarTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 10:54 'Like a Hypersonic Missile': Enigmatic Black Triangular Object Spotted in California Skies - Sputnik InternationalTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 10:40 Palm Beach County Mansions Scooped Up in Hot Pandemic MarketTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 10:32 'Double mutant' COVID-19 strain emerges in CaliforniaTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 10:20 Shocking photos capture the horror of the ISIS Mozambique massacre that left one Brit dead Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 10:18 Worlds Worst COVID Death Rate Sends Czechs Back Into Cold War MiseryTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 09:50 Defendant No. 1 or Next Prime Minister? Netanyahu Divides Israel DNyuzTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 09:46 Casey Affleck Is Mounting a Comeback Despite Sexual-Harassment ClaimsTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 09:45 Memphis woman goes ham waiting for beefTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 09:45 Twitter shadowbans outspoken conservative actress Gina CaranoTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 09:45 Relocation of All-Star Game will cost Georgia $100 MILLION in tourismTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 09:38 The Dark Rangers of the Loneliest Road in AmericaTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 09:35 Twitter suspends GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene shortly after she tweets Easter Message, He is RisenTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 09:35 Hunter Biden Admits He Smoked Parmesan Cheese After Mistaking It for CrackTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 09:35 Coca-Cola banned from Georgia Republicans' offices after criticism of voting law - Washington TimesTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 09:35 Have to answer to the Coca-Cola company - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 09:28 Most people can't tell the difference between screams of joy and screams of terror - Study FindsTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 09:10 In Iran Nuclear Talks, Familiar Cast of Characters Faces Fresh Problems - WSJTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 08:54 Flurry Of Earthquakes Shake Lennox, Largest Measuring 4.0M CBS Los AngelesTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 08:34 Meet Arizona's water one-percenters Arizona The GuardianTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 08:10 Revenge Of The WinkleviiTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 08:04 Earthquakes Rattles Los Angeles Area Los Angeles, CA PatchTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 08:02 Half of Republicans believe false accounts of deadly U.S. Capitol riot: Reuters/Ipsos poll ReutersTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 08:00 Iran arrested 'Israeli spy' in Eastern Azerbaijan - report - The Jerusalem postTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 07:52 Denver dabbles with magic mushrooms, but using them to treat mental health disorders remains undergroundTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 07:50 GMC's newly-unveiled Hummer EV SUV is 830HP of electric 'supertruck' EngadgetTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 07:46 Italians stage fake kidnapping, get sold to real jihadistsTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 07:40 Trial in Floyd's death expected to turn to ex-cop's trainingTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 07:35 Talented trioTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 07:18 Jordan's Prince Hamza says in voice recording will disobey ...Tweet Tweet
2021-04-05 07:16 Taiwan reports new incursion by Chinese jets into defence ...Tweet Tweet
2021-04-05 07:13 Iran talks set up delicate dance for Biden team TheHillTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 07:02 Covid mutants multiply as scientists race to decode variationsTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 07:00 Janet Yellen to call for global minimum tax rate in first major address - AxiosTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 06:48 My Life in Israels Brave New Post-Pandemic Future DNyuzTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 06:40 Fears grow WW3 could be triggered 'in a month' as Russian military seen 'on the move' - Daily StarTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 06:40 Russia is amassing unprecedented military might in the Arctic - CNNTweet Tweet
2021-04-05 01:03 April 4, 2021Tweet Tweet

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