2021-03-11 23:49 Texas GOP Stands with Free Speech Platform Gab Against Greg Abbott and RINO Vice Chair - Big League Politics : Big League PoliticsTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 23:27 When Harry Became Sally - Encounter BooksTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 23:27 Amazon bans books that frame homosexuality, transgenderism as mental illnessesTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 23:06 Californias proposed ethnic studies curriculum urges students to chant to Aztec deity of human sacrificeTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 23:06 When Filmmakers Ignore the Political Right, Is That Financially Wrong? Hollywood ReporterTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 23:06 Stacey Dash Apologizes for 'Mistakes' as Political CommentatorTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 23:06 Son watches ailing 83-year-old moms sexual assault on webcam: reportTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 23:06 Beauty Brand Ulta pulls Teen Vogue ads over new editor-in-chiefs politically incorrect tweetsTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 21:08 Recording reveals details of Trump call to Georgia's chief elections investigatorTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 21:06 Biden vaccine victories build on Trump team's workTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 21:02 For some, wearing a mask is liberatingTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 21:00 Justice Dept seeks to build large conspiracy case against Oath Keepers.Tweet Tweet
2021-03-11 20:56 Next Biden agenda items on immigration and infrastructure already running into troubleTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 20:52 Schumer puts gun control on Senate agenda - Roll CallTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 20:50 L.A. is primed for disaster, but COVID-19 took it to another levelTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 20:44 Harold Bloom - How to Read and Why - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 20:38 Newsom Recall Says Over 2 Million Signatures Collected, Reaching Goal DeadlineTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 20:36 I love people: 91-year-old police officer still patrolling in Arkansas with no plans to retireTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 20:36 US had its coldest February in more than 30 years, NOAA reportsTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 20:36 Michelle Obama considering retirement from public lifeTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 20:34 Majority of NY state lawmakers now call for Cuomo to resignTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 20:33 WATCH LIVE Biden addresses nation on anniversary of coronavirus lockdowns - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 20:22 Bacteria know how to exploit quantum mechanics, study findsTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 20:22 Article: Harassment claims are just an excuse for Dems to dump Cuomo without admitting his catastrophic failureTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 20:22 Biden sets May 1 target to have all adults vaccine-eligibleTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 18:23 Harsh truth: Gormans poetry is terrible even in EnglishTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 18:23 'Not suitable': Catalan translator for Amanda Gorman poem removed Books The GuardianTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 18:12 Reagan National Defense Survey The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & InstituteTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 18:12 Biden executive order provides free transgender surgery to military members - TheBlazeTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 18:12 The Military Is Resuming the Diversity Training That Trump Banned Military.comTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 18:12 'We're going to lose fast': U.S. Air Force held a war game that started with a Chinese biological attackTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 17:56 Resignation demands grow as police get Cuomo groping reportTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 17:44 Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney Has Honest Conversation With CBS3s Jessica Kartalija After Challenging Year CBS PhillyTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 17:40 Press Secretary Smites Fox Host That Dissed Diversity in U.S. Military > U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE > Defense Department NewsTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 17:30 Minor leagues experimenting with robo umps, larger basesTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 17:12 US Coronavirus: A year after the pandemic was declared, US Covid-19 numbers are way too high to relax just yet, CDC director warns - CNNTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 17:08 China Lays Plans to Tame Tech Giant Alibaba - WSJTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 16:58 Police posed as reporter in phone call with hostage takerTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 16:40 Bedbugs aboard a Navy sub is making life uncomfortable, crew saysTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 16:22 Live Action Role-Playing Love Triangle Ends in Pipe Bomb AttackTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 16:10 Georgetown fires white law professor for saying black students 'always' bottom of the class Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 16:01 Scientists want to build a sperm bank on the moonTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 15:58 Jeep unveils long-awaited Grand Wagoneer SUV topping $111,000Tweet Tweet
2021-03-11 15:50 With 'big one' coming, quake alert system launches in OregonTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 15:39 Russia throttles Twitter speed in banned content standoff, threatens blockageTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 15:32 NYS Assembly speaker lays groundwork for possible Cuomo impeachmentTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 15:20 Israeli Strikes Target Iranian Oil Bound for Syria - WSJTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 15:06 Even Trumps Defense Secretary During the Capitol Riot Blames Him for Inciting ItTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 14:56 Cuomo allegations: New York State files police report in Albany over groping claim at executive mansion Fox NewsTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 14:40 Harry, Meghan, and the Pact Between the Royals and the Press The New YorkerTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 14:26 Killer Spills the Entire Plot to Murder Investigative JournalistTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 14:10 Meet 'Gen C,' the Covid generation - CNNTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 13:58 Why $4-a-Gallon Gas May Be Coming Your Way This SummerTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 13:38 Cuomo Sexual Harassment Accusation Is Referred to Albany Police - The New York TimesTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 13:26 Distracted Guard, Gate Malfunction Allowed Intruder to Board Aircraft at Joint Base Andrews Military.comTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 13:16 Modern Life Is Messing With Our Microbiomes, but Science Is Fighting Back - WSJTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 12:58 Royal Navy warships head huge international fleet in show of force against Russia - Mirror OnlineTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 12:56 Judge tosses suit over 'race-norming' in NFL dementia tests Nation stltoday.comTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 12:56 Flashback 2016: N.F.L. Concussion Payouts Have Lenders CirclingTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 12:44 Cesar Millan wants to help Bidens dogs feel at home in the White House - MarketWatchTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 12:32 Military leaders hit Tucker Carlson over 'divisive' remarks on women in military TheHillTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 12:32 Europe waits for Covid vaccines like pioneers in a Western as third wave sees cases rocket 50% amid EU jab shamblesTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 12:16 Clueless' Stacey Dash Has Now Turned On TrumpTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 11:56 Michael Cohen has SEVENTH meeting with Manhattan DA as Trump investigation ramps up.Tweet Tweet
2021-03-11 11:56 Trump faces criminal, civil investigations after White HouseTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 11:48 Democrats urge Republicans to pass bills expanding gun background checks - Washington TimesTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 11:46 Boston Marathon Bomber Sues Over Treatment In Prison CBS BostonTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 11:44 Senior members of military call out Tucker Carlson for mocking women serving in armed forces: His words 'don't reflect our values' - CNNTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 11:42 For First Time Since Start Of Pandemic Senior Living Residents Can Hug Loved Ones CBS DenverTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 11:34 Black Americans most concerned about COVID-19 as public health threat, but vaccine skepticism still high - Study FindsTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 11:34 Critical Update: Lets Talk About UFOs - NextgovTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 11:18 Europe waits for Covid vaccines like pioneers in a Western as third wave sees cases rocket 50% amid EU jab shamblesTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 11:14 Red-state bills to stop online censorship could backfire, conservative lawyers warnTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 11:10 Coronavirus: We should have seen COVID-19 pandemic coming - Deseret NewsTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 11:00 COLORADO SNOWSTORM: Major snowstorm on track for this weekend with bullseye in the Foothills; Thursday morning updateTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 10:56 Special Investigation: Infiltrating the election – Wisconsin SpotlightTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 10:56 Why did Green Bay Mayor turn citys Central Count over to DNC operatives from Hollywood and Brooklyn?Tweet Tweet
2021-03-11 10:50 Survey: Fremont Home To The Happiest Residents In U.S. CBS San FranciscoTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 10:50 Shrewd and sharp, empathetic and disarming: How an Oprah interview went from must-see TV to cultural phenomenonTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 10:45 Transgender Health Care in the U.S. Military and Veterans Health Administration Facilities SpringerLinkTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 10:45 New Book Confirms Fauci's NIH Funded Wuhan Bat-COVID Experiments At Understaffed Chinese Lab ZeroHedgeTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 10:45 Transgender surgery is now free for military, thanks to Biden executive orderTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 10:44 Chinas Jaded Techies Find a Hero in Elon Musk DNyuzTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 10:34 Patreon suspends Regime-skeptic investigator Whitney Webb for misinformationTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 10:23 A statue of Trump as Buddha is trending on China's online shopping platform Taobao with the slogan 'make your company great again'Tweet Tweet
2021-03-11 10:23 ‘Trump Buddha’ Statues Are Trending In Chinese Online Marketplaces The Daily CallerTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 10:23 Gonna need a bigger boatTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 10:18 Digital artwork sells for record $69 million at CHRISTIE\'S first NFT auction.Tweet Tweet
2021-03-11 10:12 Democrats Push Gun-Control Measures Opposed by Republicans - WSJTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 09:56 CNN Eyes September for Employees to Return to American OfficesTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 09:44 Crystal Ball Causes House Fire Near Wisconsin Dells WCCO CBS MinnesotaTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 09:26 Wurst case: Burglar caught over bite from German's sausageTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 09:22 Saving Joel Silver: The Twisted Saga That Entangled Ari Emanuel, Ron Meyer, Anthony Pellicano and Even Mohammed bin Salman Hollywood ReporterTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 09:04 14-hour days and no bathroom breaks: Amazon's overworked delivery driversTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 08:44 Prince William defends Royal Family in first official engagement since Meghan and Harry interview Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 08:35 COVID stimulus price tag: $17,000 per person, $69,000 per familyTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 08:22 COVID-19 Vaccines Are the Last Frontier of Pandemic Scolding - The AtlanticTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 08:18 Prince William defends UK royal family against racism claimsTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 08:06 Homebuyers Are Heading to Florida During Covid, But Nearly As Many Are Moving Out - WSJTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 08:02 Tesla camera catches attempted carjackingTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 07:44 Mysterious shaking again rattles San Diego County - The San Diego Union-TribuneTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 07:38 A year on, WHO still struggling to manage pandemic responseTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 07:36 Biden Prepares Nationwide Victory Lap to Promote His Rescue PlanTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 07:30 Will the coronavirus ever go away?Tweet Tweet
2021-03-11 07:28 Brazil hospitals buckle in absence of national virus planTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 07:19 Is this what its come to?Tweet Tweet
2021-03-11 07:08 Any time youre readyTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 07:08 Is this it?Tweet Tweet
2021-03-11 07:08 Biden seeks to chart a path out of the pandemic in prime-time addressTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 07:06 Am I in Manhattan? Or Another Sequel to Blade Runner? DNyuzTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 06:57 Elon Musk explains why Starship SN10 exploded as SpaceX preps for SN11 launch TheHillTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 06:57 Tucker defends Piers Morgan: He's an inspiration to all of us - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 06:57 Try, try againTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 06:57 Boom! SpaceX Starship SN10 explodes shortly after landing - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 06:54 Biden seeks his moment with pandemic address TheHillTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 06:44 'We're going to lose fast': U.S. Air Force held a war game that started with a Chinese biological attackTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 06:38 Here are the states with the longest and shortest life expectancies, according to the CDCTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 06:35 Governor Greg Abbott Claims Anti-Semitic Social Media Platform Gab Has No Place in Texas - Big League Politics : Big League PoliticsTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 06:35 Texas GOP cancels its GAB accountTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 06:35 Gov Abbot bizarrely smears Gab as an anti-Semitic platform that has no place in TexasTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 06:13 He holds firmTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 06:13 Piers Morgan Put Under Investigation After Saying That He Didn’t Believe A Word Of Meghan Markle’s Interview – JONATHAN TURLEYTweet Tweet
2021-03-11 01:20 Woke lefties slapfight each other over SubstackTweet Tweet

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