2021-02-26 23:56 Gaga\'s dogs recovered safely.Tweet Tweet
2021-02-26 22:54 Israel said very pleased with US strikes in Syria: 'Biden is not Obama' The Times of IsraelTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 22:54 CBS News bangs regime change drums now that Biden is in officeTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 22:54 Watch the regime propaganda machine operate in real timeTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 22:43 Michigan GOP Lawmakers Demand Investigations Into Whitmer’s Handling Of Nursing Homes As Cuomo Scandal Unfolds The Daily CallerTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 22:43 Mark Meadows Says Donald Trump CPAC Speech Will Start Planning for 'Next Administration'Tweet Tweet
2021-02-26 22:43 Will Biden embrace Third Worldism foreign policy?Tweet Tweet
2021-02-26 22:43 Biden faces growing left-wing mutiny?Tweet Tweet
2021-02-26 22:43 Trump to go after Biden in highly anticipated CPAC speechTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 22:43 Saudi crown prince 'approved' Khashoggi murder operation: US intel reportTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 22:43 Trump prepares to go nuclear on enemiesTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 22:43 Renew Normal – StoneTossTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 22:43 Trump is 'planning for his next administration and his kids are top of the list', ex-chief of staff saysTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 22:10 Student Group Sues Yale for Discrimination, Revives Trump-Era Case - Washington Free BeaconTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 22:10 Progressive leftists apoplecticTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 22:10 The Left is losing patience with the president's 'important partner' Joe ManchinTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 22:10 Rush To Judgment Trailer on VimeoTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 22:10 'Rush to Judgment' Director: Reporters Fear Our Film - Hollywood in TotoTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 22:10 Cenk Uygur is the first rat to jump off S.S. BidenTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 22:10 House Democrats brace for floor fights with raw post-riot emotions - POLITICOTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 22:10 Says it allTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 22:10 ‘Hard to see the path out’: Cuomo besieged as crises grow - POLITICOTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 21:05 Yas Kween:A military increasingly dependent on Black women is now changingTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 21:05 Its HER Army now: Military eases rules so female soldiers can be prettierTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 20:43 Rachel Levine's Imminent Confirmation Proves Transgenderism Is America's New State Religion - RevolverTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 20:40 For a crematorium worker, COVID-19's mounting toll is measured in ashes and anguishTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 20:38 LAPD probes whether violent heist of Lady Gaga's dogs was targeted attackTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 20:30 FAA seeks $27,500 fine from passenger for hitting flight attendantTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 20:28 US drops key obstacle to global digital tax: TreasuryTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 20:20 Czech Republic declares new state of emergency POLITICOTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 20:08 Golden Globes overshadowed by ethics controversy and criticism over lack of diversity Golden Globes 2021 The GuardianTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 20:08 Beware of social media: warning for UK dog owners as thefts rise Animals The GuardianTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 20:06 Tourists are welcome in Oaxaca, Mexico. Their increasingly bad behavior is not.Tweet Tweet
2021-02-26 20:00 Coronavirus restrictions ease in some of Mexico's most popular tourist cities ahead of spring break seasonTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 19:56 ICE investigators used private utility database covering millions to pursue violations.Tweet Tweet
2021-02-26 19:54 As USPS delays persist, bills, paychecks and medications are getting stuck in the mailTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 19:50 Cops: Girl, 12, Sold Stun Guns To Classmates The Smoking GunTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 19:48 VarietyTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 19:36 Virgin Galactics Potential UK Partner Uninterested in Space Tourism ObserverTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 19:34 Exclusive: White House preparing order for enhanced airport screenings for EbolaTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 19:16 Capitol Mystery: Who's Blocking the Evidence? - RevolverTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 19:16 We Are So Happy: Migrants Stranded by Trump Are Finally Entering the USTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 19:05 Hawley calls for breakup of Big Tech 'oligarchs,' companies that 'sold us out to China'Tweet Tweet
2021-02-26 18:00 U.S. diplomat openly calls for Christian nation-states, rails against Jews - POLITICOTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 17:50 Citing Racial Inequities, Boston Public Schools Suspend Advanced Learning ClassesTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 17:36 FDA panel endorses Johnson & Johnson vaccine in 22-0 vote - POLITICOTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 17:26 DOJ Opens the Door to Seeking New Domestic Terror PowersTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 16:56 Andrew Yang rushes to help photographer during assault on SI FerryTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 16:50 White House and press are at odds over plan to charge reporters for coronavirus testingTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 16:36 Biden doesn't penalize crown prince despite promise to punish senior Saudi leaders - CNNPoliticsTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 16:32 Welfare Nation: Americans' Income Tumbled In January Excluding Government Handouts ZeroHedgeTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 16:22 Buzz: Liz Cheney says include pro-Trump media in Jan. 6 investigationTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 16:22 Congressman Matt Gaetz takes Liz Cheney to taskTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 16:12 S. Jersey man admits organizing neo-Nazi group The Bases synagogue vandalism campaignTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 16:06 Questions About Legality, Precedent.Tweet Tweet
2021-02-26 15:56 The Long-Term Economic Costs of Lost Schooling - WSJTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 15:50 Have you seen Her Majestys head? Bust of the Queen desecrated in Victoria, B.C. National PostTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 15:38 France says stands by U.S. air strikes against Iran-backed ...Tweet Tweet
2021-02-26 15:20 US airstrike, first under Biden, kills Iran-backed militiaman militia reserves right to retaliateTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 15:04 Why Lady Gagas Dognapping Has Stumped Pet DetectivesTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 14:54 Vinyl Record Sales Increased Almost 30% in 2020, RIAA Says PitchforkTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 14:44 What Happens When Facebook Slows the News Flow - WSJTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 14:40 Why Are Prosecutors Keeping a Huge, Secretive DNA Database in Orange County?Tweet Tweet
2021-02-26 14:28 4 men convicted in 1993 WTC bombing have had sentences cutTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 14:22 Event featuring cancel culture critic James Lindsay cancelled by Harvard University club The Post MillennialTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 14:22 RevealedTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 14:22 Trump shares plans for new super PAC in Mar-a-Lago meeting - POLITICOTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 14:22 Tucker: Left's 'disinformation' campaign is destroying America - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 14:22 New Hampshire will confiscate voting machines that shorted Republicans by 6% of votes News LifeSiteTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 14:22 Thread by @joshgerstein on Thread Reader App Thread Reader AppTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 14:22 FULL VIDEO: Tucker Carlson compares left's 'disinformation campaign' to QAnon - Breaking911Tweet Tweet
2021-02-26 14:12 U.S. to Impose Sweeping Rule Aimed at China Technology Threats - WSJTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 13:52 Ta-Nehisi Coates to write new 'Superman' filmTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 13:44 REPORT.Tweet Tweet
2021-02-26 13:38 Poll: Americans of all political persuasions and religions oppose easy access to abortionTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 13:38 Excommunicate Joe BidenTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 13:38 A Catholic Sinner Seeks CommunionAnd Happens to Be PresidentTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 13:38 Pro-life doctor’s medical license reinstated after he was suspended for refusing to do late-term abortion News LifeSiteTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 13:34 Biden administration preparing another tent facility to cope with border influxTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 13:27 WSJ: Rush Limbaugh was the original cancel culture targetTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 13:27 Rush Limbaugh: A Conservative for the Ages. Human EventsTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 13:26 Nearly Half of U.S. Population 65 and Older Has Received a First Covid-19 Vaccine Dose - WSJTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 13:16 U.S. intelligence concludes Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman approved killing of journalist Jamal KhashoggiTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 12:54 REVEALED: Texas Republicans Decided Not To Winterize Power Grid Because Of Global Warming - National FileTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 12:54 When men have a good fightTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 12:54 Twitter flags CPAC website as unsafeTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 12:38 Russia, ally of Syria, fumes at U.S. airstrike against militia group - Washington TimesTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 12:28 EU coronavirus summit: Vaccine certificates expected by summer News DW 25.02.2021Tweet Tweet
2021-02-26 12:28 Vaccination 'passports' may open society, but inequity loomsTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 12:24 US strike, first under Biden, kills Iran-backed militiamanTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 12:08 COVID-19 cases and deaths are starting to rise again. How worried should we be?Tweet Tweet
2021-02-26 12:06 Facebook, Instagram users fueled by 'likes' are similar to 'lab rats seeking food' - Study FindsTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 11:50 Live Nation Boss Says Concerts to Return This Summer SPINTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 11:39 Apple revamps syringe emoji to make vaxx friendlyTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 11:39 Coming soon to a dystopia near youTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 11:39 Europe must hurry up with Covid-19 health certificates or Apple & Google could get there first, EU Commission president warns RT World NewsTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 11:39 Fauci says 'serious talks' happening so that people vaccinated for COVID-19 can socialize together Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 11:39 UK looks set to embrace World Economic Forum's idea of immunity passportsTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 11:39 Europe also inching closer to Covid passports digital verification certificatesTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 11:34 Symptomatic South Carolina elementary student who visited school nurse was held in storage closetTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 11:32 Prince Harry blames \'toxic\' British media for Royal split.Tweet Tweet
2021-02-26 11:32 Facebook's News Blockade in Australia Shows How Tech Giants Are Swallowing the Web - NextgovTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 11:32 Watch Prince Harry Tell James Corden I will never walk away from Royal Family, but left London because it was destroying my mental health Showbiz411Tweet Tweet
2021-02-26 11:30 Tennessee bill mandating school athletes align with their sex at birth heads to state's HouseTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 11:28 CPAC: Massive golden statue of Trump holding star wand delights crowds as ex-president set to make comeback speechTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 10:58 CPAC Organizers Heckled For Asking Attendees to Wear MasksTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 10:54 'Spooky' AI tool brings dead relatives' photos to lifeTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 10:50 Solar cars: Driving on sunshineTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 10:44 Zombies are everywhere in South Korea, feeding on fears and anxieties National heraldmailmedia.comTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 10:42 LAPD probes whether violent heist of Lady Gaga's dogs was targeted attackTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 10:26 Explosion strikes Israeli-owned ship in Mideast amid tensionTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 10:22 Ted Cruz mocked by Senate colleagues with locker room memes: reportTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 10:02 Israeli cargo ship hit by unexplained explosion in Gulf of Oman The IndependentTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 09:52 'Night owls' twice as likely to perform poorly at work, take disability than 'early birds' - Study FindsTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 09:44 Real or fake? Forged documents add another headache to COVID-19 vaccine rolloutTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 09:42 Billie Eilishs New Documentary Offers an Intimate Glimpse Into Her Meteoric Rise VogueTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 09:32 Social media: Users who are desperate for likes are 'similar to lab RATS seeking food', study claims Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 09:14 The wave of covid bankruptcies has begunTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 09:14 Russia says U.S. gave only a few minutes warning before strike in SyriaTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 09:08 Late for my jab: 88-year-old caught going 191 km/h in France - France 24Tweet Tweet
2021-02-26 09:06 With new podcast, sex work comes out of the shadowsTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 08:46 Female shopper whips off her THONG and wears it as a Covid facemask after supermarket staff refused to serve herTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 08:34 COVID-19 cases and deaths are starting to rise again. How worried should we be?Tweet Tweet
2021-02-26 08:12 Hes goodTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 07:56 Nathan Lane Teases The Birdcage Sequel: This Idea Is So GoodTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 07:36 'Golden Calf' Trends After Massive Statue Of Trump Is Wheeled Into CPAC: WATCH - Towleroad Gay NewsTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 07:30 Russians Escape North Korea on a Hand-Pushed Railcar DNyuzTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 07:18 Elephant kills zookeeper with blow from trunk in SpainTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 07:16 2 US Navy warships in Mideast hit by coronavirus outbreaksTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 07:06 Charlotte Gainsbourg says Serge would struggle with today's censorship - France 24Tweet Tweet
2021-02-26 07:02 Paris eyes three-week Covid-19 lockdown in bid to then reopen everythingTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 06:42 As fractures emerge among Proud Boys, experts warn of a shift toward extremist violenceTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 06:40 Falling sperm counts 'threaten human survival', expert warnsTweet Tweet
2021-02-26 00:20 Mob boss Peter Gotti dies in prison.Tweet Tweet

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