2021-01-12 21:12 Banks, partners flee Trump brand in backlash to attackTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 21:10 US Covid-19 Death Toll Hits New Daily Record Of Nearly 4,500: Johns Hopkins Barron'sTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 21:04 Barbara Comstock Calls on Trump to Resign: 'We Are in Danger'Tweet Tweet
2021-01-12 20:54 Trump's US-Mexico border wall: A promise kept?Tweet Tweet
2021-01-12 20:52 WhatsApp stresses privacy as users flock to rivalsTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 20:40 Los Angeles health officials advise some residents to wear masks at home as COVID-19 outbreak spreadsTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 20:38 Protest threats in multiple cities pose Inauguration Day challenge for GuardTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 20:36 Lauren Boebert, Capitol Police in standoff over bag - Washington TimesTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 20:31 OKeefe claims scalpTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 20:20 Armie Hammer's wife is 'shocked and sickened' by actor's 'kinks' Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 20:16 Pence rejects calls to invoke 25th Amendment to remove Trump TheHillTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 20:06 4,056 DEATHS IN DAY.Tweet Tweet
2021-01-12 19:49 Italy to Rebuild the Colosseum with Retractable Floor ArchDailyTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 19:38 Kevin O'Leary on why he won't invest in bitcoin: It's a 'giant nothing-burger'Tweet Tweet
2021-01-12 19:38 Squad members complain that Republicans gave them CovidTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 19:38 Goldman Sachs says Bitcoin is on the path to maturityTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 19:38 Man Has Two Login Attempts Left to Access $220 Million in Bitcoin Before It's All LostTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 19:38 Gab appears to flirt with Elon Musk in tweetTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 19:38 People have lost roughly $140 billion in Bitcoin because they forgot their passwords or got locked out of accounts, and would-be millionaires are struggling to access their walletsTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 19:38 Just a moment...Tweet Tweet
2021-01-12 19:34 CNN Scores Fourth Best Week Ever From Days Surrounding Capitol Chaos DeadlineTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 19:28 FBI considers putting some of those who attacked the Capitol on no-fly list - KTVZTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 19:17 Thread by @jmartNYT on Thread Reader App Thread Reader AppTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 19:17 Rep. Liz Cheney Will Vote to Impeach President TrumpTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 18:48 CNN, MSNBC Beat Fox News in Monday RatingsTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 18:48 US to require all arriving passengers to get COVID-19 testTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 18:48 US prosecutors weighing sedition charges in Capitol riotTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 18:44 Three U.S. House Republicans declare support for impeaching ...Tweet Tweet
2021-01-12 18:00 Republicans In Pennsylvania Changing Party Registration Following Deadly Insurrection At US Capitol CBS PhillyTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 17:54 The Latest: GOP Rep. Cheney says she will vote to impeachTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 17:52 'Anti-gravity' experiment defies physics using one simple trickTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 17:52 The weird physics of upside down buoyancy - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 17:52 Six park rangers ambushed and killed in Congo gorilla reserveTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 17:50 U.S. Representative Cheney says will vote to impeach TrumpTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 17:42 Pentagon chiefs warn troops to follow the law in wake of Capitol assault - POLITICOTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 17:42 NY Dem Accused of 'Strangling Wife' Turns Himself In to Authorities - Washington Free BeaconTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 17:31 Ruling spares man who executed three women after romantic rebuffTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 17:31 Federal Judge Halts Executions For 2 Men Recently Diagnosed With COVID-19 HuffPostTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 17:30 MCCONNELL PLEASEDTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 17:24 CNN Grounds Its Long-Running Airport Network - VarietyTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 17:20 But for how longTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 17:14 House installs metal detectors to check lawmakers after Capitol riotsTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 17:10 Irony alertTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 17:10 Beattie: Twitter should be viewed as a de facto government agencyTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 17:10 Bruce Willis asked to leave pharmacy for not wearing a maskTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 17:10 Mostly peacefulTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 17:10 Self-awareness check?Tweet Tweet
2021-01-12 17:10 Twitter whines that Ugandas decision violate basic human rights days after shutting down Trump supportersTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 16:59 Caitlin Johnstone: Journalists who smear Assange are pure scumTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 16:59 Flashback: Mainstream media confidently called Weaver homosexual allegations a smear and a lieTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 16:59 Welcome to the New Imperial Capital of the Second RepublicTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 16:52 Rep. John Katko becomes first House Republican to back Trump impeachment - syracuse.comTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 16:48 LIVE: President Trump Delivers Remarks in Alamo, TX at the 450th Mile of New Border Wall 1/12/21 - YouTubeTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 16:40 McConnell is said to be pleased about impeachment, believing it will be easier to purge Trump from the G.O.P. - The New York TimesTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 16:38 The Lincoln Project's Predator The American ConservativeTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 16:38 Analysis: No evidence of planned huge uprising of pro-Trump armed protests in all 50 statesTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 16:26 Top military leaders condemn 'sedition and insurrection' at Capitol, acknowledge Biden winTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 16:14 Astronomers observe the death of a distant galaxy for the first time - CBS NewsTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 16:04 BioNTech creates a multiple sclerosis vaccine Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 15:56 Trump speaks: Be careful what you wish forTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 15:54 Public Radio Stations Rebuke 'Times' For 'Caliphate' Podcast's Ethical Lapses : NPRTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 15:42 A former Olympian was among the mob that stormed the Capitol. His Team USA jacket gave him away.Tweet Tweet
2021-01-12 15:42 Lawmakers Were Feet and Seconds Away From Confrontation With the Mob in the Capitol - WSJTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 15:32 Top military officials preparing rare message to US forces in the wake of the Capitol attackTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 15:22 Chinese Covid-19 Vaccine Is Far Less Effective Than Initially Touted in Brazil - WSJTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 15:08 Superspreader swinger party busted in South Central LATweet Tweet
2021-01-12 14:52 Pro-Trump Protester Heckles Chuck SchumerTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 14:34 CIA releases UFO black vault documents: See them onlineTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 14:26 CA stadiums, fairgrounds to be transformed into mass COVID-19 vaccination sites KTLATweet Tweet
2021-01-12 14:02 Exclusive - Luxembourg, EU snub Pompeo in final Europe trip, diplomats sayTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 13:58 U.S. Expected to Require Covid-19 Tests for All International Visitors - WSJTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 13:58 Is His Purpose To Intimidate Or Show Off: Palmetto Bay Resident Drives Military-Style Tank Through Residential Streets CBS MiamiTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 13:48 International travelers 'may need to test Covid negative before flying to US'Tweet Tweet
2021-01-12 13:40 Scoop: Biden inaugural returns cash from ex-senator-turned-foreign agent - AxiosTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 13:06 Jimmy Fallon Drew the Smallest 'Tonight Show' Audience Ever Last NightTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 12:52 FBI report warned of 'war' at Capitol, contradicting claims that there was no indication of looming violenceTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 12:50 Democrats plan a spending blowout, but hurdles remain - Roll CallTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 12:46 Elon Musk Blames Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg For Capitol Riot ObserverTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 12:42 Wall Street Visionaries Provide Chilling Views on Next Big RiskTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 12:34 'Supremely self-absorbed': Isolated Trump unlikely to mount an aggressive impeachment defense - POLITICOTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 12:32 FBI warns of plans for nationwide armed protests next weekTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 12:32 Trump says 'tremendous anger' in nation over impeachmentTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 12:32 Analysis: Trump abdicating in the job he fought to retainTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 12:32 Extremists move to secret on-line channels to plot.Tweet Tweet
2021-01-12 12:02 SHOCK VIDEOTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 11:52 Left-wing agitators push psy-opsTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 11:52 Florida puts New York to shame in rational pandemic policiesTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 11:52 Trump: Impeachment efforts over Capitol riot causing 'anger'Tweet Tweet
2021-01-12 11:20 Power Over Profits: Heres The Dirty Little Secret Behind The Medias True Business Model - RevolverTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 11:20 Greenwald: how Silicon Valley, in a show of monopolistic force, destroyed ParlerTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 11:20 Just a moment...Tweet Tweet
2021-01-12 11:08 Fascism andTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 11:00 Greener Pastures Dont Appeal to All Who Left NYC - WSJTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 11:00 Trump disavows any responsibility for his supporters' Jan. 6...Tweet Tweet
2021-01-12 10:56 Alabama fans spill into Strip in Tuscaloosa celebrating national title win over Ohio State - al.comTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 10:56 New interactive map reveals how American hospitals are overwhelmed with COVID patients Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 10:46 Rules of the last 50-50 Senate might not bind this one - Roll CallTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 10:42 No Regrets: A Capitol Rioter Tells His Story From InsideTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 10:38 World governments condemn tech-induced censorship of President Trump, plan to regulateTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 10:38 Moldbug: Big Tech has no power at allTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 10:22 Voice of America reassigns White House reporter after she sought to question Mike PompeoTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 10:18 Surge in U.S. Home Prices Eases in Sign Pandemic Rally May CoolTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 10:16 Steve Wynn and Lawyer, United over Trump, Break Ties in Messy Spat - WSJTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 10:00 General Motors unveils Cadillac flying car and shuttle concepts at CESTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 09:55 The boot is coming down hard and fastTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 09:55 The Destruction of Parler Exposes One of the Biggest U.S. Shams... - RevolverTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 09:44 Trumps personal bank closes his $5.5m account and calls for his resignationTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 09:42 Rapper Azealia Banks digs up dead cat Lucifer from grave to 'bring her back to life' as horrified fans watchTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 09:28 Sheldon Adelson, casino magnate who influenced policy from D.C. to Jerusalem, dies at 87Tweet Tweet
2021-01-12 09:24 With Movie Theaters in Limbo, NETFLIX Plans Biggest Year Yet.Tweet Tweet
2021-01-12 09:10 House Democrats Briefed On 3 Terrifying Plots To Overthrow Government HuffPostTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 09:08 Cops Warn of Assassination Plot.Tweet Tweet
2021-01-12 09:00 The Worlds Largestand America's PriciestHome Is Ready for Its Close-up Architectural DigestTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 08:48 Intestinal bacteria may affect severity of COVID-19: studyTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 08:42 Lost Passwords Lock Millionaires Out of Their Bitcoin Fortunes DNyuzTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 08:42 Snowflake Shaman gets his wish: Judge grants horn-headed Capitol rioter his special organic diet Daily Mail OnlineTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 08:41 Sheldon Adelson dead at 87Tweet Tweet
2021-01-12 08:30 StaggeringTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 08:18 Las Vegas Sands Corp. CEO Sheldon Adelson dies Las Vegas Review-JournalTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 08:12 Casino mogul and GOP megadonor Sheldon Adelson has died at age 87Tweet Tweet
2021-01-12 07:58 Acting DHS chief Chad Wolf stepping down TheHillTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 07:58 Wolf helped push myth of white supremacist threatTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 07:48 Biden faces full plate of calamities in office - Laredo Morning TimesTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 07:44 House speeding to impeach Trump for Capitol 'insurrection'Tweet Tweet
2021-01-12 07:44 Bodies pile up at crematorium in Germany's virus hot spotTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 07:36 How China Won Trump's Trade War and Got Americans to Foot the Bill Financial PostTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 07:20 Wall Street Visionaries Provide Chilling Views on Next Big RiskTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 07:16 May Be Shielded by Klan Speech Ruling.Tweet Tweet
2021-01-12 07:06 Facebook Warns Employees Not to Wear Company Gear In Public After Banning TrumpTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 06:56 Chinas Economy Surges, and So Does Its Currency DNyuzTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 06:46 Scientists create the world's first 'empathetic' robotTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 06:44 Trumps banks cut him offTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 06:44 One ugly ducklingTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 06:44 FBI hypes danger of armed protests in 50 statesTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 06:36 Trump's border wall construction created new weakpoints along the Mexico border, sources say, undermining his attempt to claim victoryTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 06:23 Harmony at Gunpoint – Slope of HopeTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 06:23 We Have Been Harmonized - Kai StrittmatterTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 00:23 Epidemiologist Says Influenza Cases Are Being Counted as COVID-19 – Summit NewsTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 00:23 UK Government May Only Let People Out ONCE A WEEK – Summit NewsTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 00:23 ANTIFA Terrorists Celebrate Patriot Ashli Babbitts Execution by Cop: She Deserved It - Big League PoliticsTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 00:12 Pray for ParlerTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 00:12 Parler faces down the gauntletTweet Tweet
2021-01-12 00:12 Mmmm-hmmm das rightTweet Tweet

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