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2021-01-27 16:56:06 Feds To Reimburse States For Vaccine Duty By National Guard Members WYSO
2021-01-27 10:10:03 Five or six doses? Controversy over Pfizer vaccine vials - France 24
2021-01-27 08:30:03 Mexican TV host gets COVID shot in Florida amid vaccine tourism
2021-01-27 08:02:04 Tensions rise as AstraZeneca, EU hold vaccine delivery talks
2021-01-27 07:58:04 Philadelphia let college kids distribute vaccines. The result was a disaster, volunteers say.
2021-01-26 22:20:03 AstraZenecas Vaccine Testing Stumble Draws Investor Lawsuit
2021-01-26 21:16:05 Vaccine Rollout Misses TSA Screeners, Air-Traffic Controllers
2021-01-26 18:00:04 Philadelphia Health Commissioner Calls Claim Of Philly Fighting COVID CEO Taking Home Bag-Full Of Vaccines Disturbing CBS Philly
2021-01-26 13:32:03 Oregon Weighs Race-Based Vaccine Preferences
2021-01-26 06:36:04 Wealthy couple chartered a plane to the Yukon, took vaccines meant for Indigenous elders, authorities said
2021-01-25 22:28:03 Brussels threat to UK jab supplies as health chiefs tell Pfizer to tell them of vaccine exports Daily Mail Online
2021-01-25 21:28:03 Hollywood Actors in COVID-19 Vaccine Scramble: 'It's the Hunger Games' - Variety
2021-01-25 11:38:03 Cats and dogs may need to get Covid vaccine to stop spread of virus, scientists say
2021-01-25 08:48:03 Covid vaccine: Moderna working on booster shots for South African strain
2021-01-24 15:46:03 Vaccine supply hinders expanding beyond 100 million shots goal, Biden health official says
2021-01-24 06:06:03 Californian dies hours after getting COVID-19 vaccine, prompting probe
2021-01-23 09:04:05 New Pandemic Plight: Hospitals Are Running Out of Vaccines DNyuz
2021-01-23 08:32:05 The Latest: French doctors: Don't talk on public transport
2021-01-22 12:48:06 Buyer Beware: COVID Vaccines Netting Big Bucks Online CBS Los Angeles
2021-01-22 12:24:11 United Airlines CEO wants to make Covid vaccines mandatory for the company's employees
2021-01-22 08:18:07 Lucky few hit COVID-19 vaccine jackpot for rare extra doses
2021-01-22 06:42:03 Texas doctor stole coronavirus vaccine, gave it to his family and friends, authorities say
2021-01-21 16:26:03 Joe Biden Snaps at AP Reporter Zeke Miller for Asking About His Vaccine Plan
2021-01-21 15:58:04 Says He Had Brief Side Effects From Second Dose.
2021-01-21 13:26:03 Seniors waiting for COVID vaccine mistaken for 'illegal rave'
2021-01-21 12:20:07 Biden COVID czar calls Trump vaccine planning 'so much worse than we could have imagined' TheHill
2021-01-21 09:52:04 New coronavirus variants may cut vaccine effectiveness
2021-01-20 17:14:03 Biden Team Sees Virus Vow at Risk on New Strain, Vaccine Stumble
2021-01-20 16:22:04 As U.S. Mourns 400,000 Lives Lost, Mayor De Blasio Wants Approval To Use Vaccine Earmarked For Second Doses For First Shots CBS New York
2021-01-20 14:50:04 AMAZON now offers to help.
2021-01-18 14:56:03 Bolsonaro Accelerates Vaccine Plan as Popularity a Takes Hit
2021-01-18 14:10:04 After allergic reactions at 1 clinic, California pauses use of large batch of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine KTLA
2021-01-18 10:52:07 The Trump administration bailed out prominent anti-vaccine groups during a pandemic
2021-01-16 22:14:03 Governors' anger grows as federal vaccine stockpile vanishes Vaccine governors Tony Evers Government coronavirus pandemic The Independent
2021-01-15 15:52:03 Biden to deploy FEMA, National Guard to set up Covid vaccine clinics across the U.S.
2021-01-15 14:56:03 Covid-19 Vaccine Leaders Waited Months to Approve Distribution Plans - WSJ
2021-01-15 12:00:12 Americans Have Unrealistic Expectations for a COVID-19 Vaccine - Nextgov
2021-01-15 10:42:05 Vaccine reserve was already exhausted when Trump administration vowed to release it - Portland Press Herald
2021-01-15 10:08:05 Trump's vaccine delay is getting suspicious
2021-01-15 10:06:04 How Young People Are Jumping Ahead of Granny.
2021-01-14 13:24:05 NY Rep. Espaillat diagnosed with COVID-19 after getting vaccine
2021-01-14 13:16:03 Coronavirus: 67-year-old jabbed with five doses instead of one - The Jerusalem Post

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