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2022-06-23 06:42:04 As Jan. 6 committee targets Trump, his consternation at McCarthy grows
2022-06-09 15:22:04 McCarthy says 'everyone in the country' responsible for Jan 6 when pressed if it was Trump's fault Daily Mail Online
2022-06-06 16:24:06 Trump ignites a fury from his MAGA base after endorsing Kevin McCarthy for re-election
2022-06-03 13:52:05 Opinion Many Reporters Think Kevin McCarthy Is Dumb. Why Cant They Say So? - POLITICO
2022-05-27 16:46:04 McCarthy questions Jan. 6 panels legitimacy in response to subpoena The Hill
2022-05-24 10:16:05 Kevin McCarthy claims Biden rarely takes his calls. What does it mean if the House flips?
2022-05-04 23:02:03 McCarthy wanted to phone Biden and called Trump Jan. 6 actions 'atrocious and wrong' in leaked audio Daily Mail Online
2022-05-04 17:58:08 Kevin McCarthy audio: 25th Amendment 'takes too long' - CNNPolitics
2022-04-27 13:46:05 House Republicans give McCarthy standing ovation, brush off tapes The Hill
2022-04-26 17:42:11 McCarthy Feared G.O.P. Lawmakers Put People in Jeopardy After Jan. 6 - The New York Times
2022-04-26 17:42:11 McCarthy Feared G.O.P. Lawmakers Put People in Jeopardy After Jan. 6 DNyuz
2022-04-26 08:14:05 Richard Nixons message to Kevin McCarthy: The truth always comes out
2022-04-24 13:52:03 Elizabeth Warren: "Kevin McCarthy is a liar and a traitor"
2022-04-23 22:18:07 McCarthy Rapid Response to Audio Shows Trumps GOP Stranglehold
2022-04-23 13:32:05 McCarthy's push to ascend to House speaker relies on Trump AP News
2022-04-23 12:00:05 GOP Rep. Kevin McCarthy scrambles to contain fallout from leaked tape on Trump and Jan. 6
2022-04-23 11:50:03 Kevin McCarthy and the intoxication of power
2022-04-22 13:14:06 Why Trump might give McCarthy a pass on Jan. 6
2022-04-22 12:14:05 McCarthy Said Trump Acknowledged Some Responsibility for Jan. 6 DNyuz
2022-04-22 12:10:04 NYT reporters say they have more damaging tapes of Kevin McCarthy after releasing audio of him planning to ask Trump to resign over Jan. 6
2022-04-22 07:22:05 Maddow Plays Recording After GOP Leader Denied.
2022-04-22 07:22:05 Audio: McCarthy said he would urge Trump to resign AP News
2022-04-21 08:06:06 \'Son of a B*tch\'.
2022-03-30 16:30:04 McCarthy Says Cawthorn \'Exaggerated\' Claims About Cocaine, Orgies.
2022-01-21 09:20:04 Kevin McCarthy's path to speakership enters final but treacherous leg - CNNPolitics
2022-01-14 16:14:05 CNN Airs McCarthy Saying The Don Admitted Responsibility for Capitol Attack.
2022-01-12 22:54:05 1/6 panel requests interview from GOP leader Kevin McCarthy AP News
2022-01-12 15:58:04 Jan. 6 select panel to seek McCarthy's testimony - POLITICO
2021-12-02 07:40:03 McCarthy faces headaches from far-right House GOP TheHill
2021-11-26 09:20:11 Trump's influence looms over McCarthy's race to be next House speaker - CNNPolitics
2021-11-25 11:48:03 Rep. Greene Says McCarthy \'Doesn\'t Have Votes\' to Become Speaker.
2021-09-04 12:54:03 Kevin McCarthy and Paul Ryan, divided over Trump, see different futures for the Republican Party
2021-09-02 18:00:04 Kevin McCarthy among GOP lawmakers whose phone records 1/6 select committee asks to be preserved - CNNPolitics
2021-08-02 21:28:06 Pelosi and McCarthy relationship hits a new low
2021-08-02 20:36:04 Dems ask McCarthy to recant Pelosi taunt as tensions rise
2021-07-26 12:16:03 McCarthy says 'we'll see' when asked if he will punish 'Pelosi Republicans' Kinzinger, Cheney Daily Mail Online

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