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2019-04-14 09:48:03 CBS staffers worry network can't afford Gayle King deal
2019-04-14 08:44:07 US-Russia chill stirs worry about stumbling into conflict
2019-04-06 11:24:03 Obama: I worry progressives may undercut Democratic allies TheHill
2019-03-26 07:06:04 CHS: A mysterious syndrome that makes marijuana users violently ill is starting to worry doctors - Business Insider
2019-03-22 06:30:03 Alarms sound after 6 suicides by Chicago cops over 8 months: Its definitely worrying and demands attention - Chicago Tribune
2019-03-11 10:18:04 Boeing Max 8: Southwest, American stand by plane as flyers worry
2019-02-23 13:44:05 As 2020 candidates turn left, some Democrats worry about the...
2019-02-18 16:50:01 Worrying About Deficits Falls Out of Style - WSJ
2019-02-11 08:16:03 Half Of Parents Worry Flu Shot Makes Children Sick, Third Believe It Doesn't Work At All - Study Finds
2019-02-06 07:58:07 Russia Starts to Worry Maduro's Grip Is Slipping in Venezuela
2019-02-05 11:08:01 Pelosi Aide Tells Insurance Executives Not to Worry About "Medicare for All"
2019-01-20 05:58:04 DRC Ebola outbreak: The worrying new developments, explained - Vox
2018-12-25 17:04:03 Why We Should Worry about the Cult of RBG - POLITICO Magazine
2018-12-21 10:54:03 What should worry Trump most: Republican allies are turning on him -Axios
2018-12-20 08:14:03 Poll: Democrats, GOP agree US is divided, worry over Trump, key issues
2018-12-10 22:18:02 Republicans beginning to worry about Trump re-election
2018-12-10 08:04:03 The next worry for U.S. stocks: shrinking profit forecasts Reuters
2018-11-04 21:14:06 Migrants camped at border worry caravans will shut them out
2018-10-25 07:38:04 Democrats worry about a 2016 repeat in House races - GreenwichTime
2018-10-13 11:04:07 Minnesota Dems worry about Ellison allegations as state AG race tightens TheHill
2018-10-01 09:56:09 CNN: Time to Start Worrying?
2018-09-05 21:58:10 Tesla bond hits record low, stock slips as investor worry deepens Reuters
2018-08-09 21:56:04 Pelosi is the star of GOP attack ads, worrying Democrats upbeat about midterms - SFGate
2018-06-18 06:30:05 As Nashville Rapidly Expands, Residents Worry the Metropolis Is Growing Too Fast - WSJ
2018-06-08 07:42:05 Just two MONTHS of stress can affect male sperm quality, worrying study reveals - Mirror Online
2018-06-04 07:14:05 Business economists worry about possible recession in 2020
2018-05-15 08:48:05 Worry grows as new pig virus poses possible threat to humans
2018-04-20 12:46:11 Is it time to worry about human cloning again? Life and style The Guardian
2018-04-19 08:06:05 Trump allies worry Cohen will flip - POLITICO
2018-04-16 22:14:05 What's in those seized records? Trump's biggest new worry
2018-04-12 23:24:05 Trump's allies worry that federal investigators may have seized recordings made by his attorney - Chicago Tribune
2018-04-10 11:54:05 DERSHOWITZ: Targeting lawyer should worry us all.
2018-02-24 14:32:04 Mueller Is Gaining Steam. Should Trump Worry? - The New York Times
2018-02-22 15:56:05 Nearly half of parents worry child is addicted to mobile devices
2018-02-09 06:50:04 Even the Tech Elite Are Worrying About Tech Addiction - The New York Times
2018-02-07 08:04:10 Winter Olympics 2018: Norovirus hits Pyeongchang to add to cold worry Metro News
2018-01-30 22:02:10 Health officials worry that the Super Bowl may become one giant flu festival BGR
2018-01-21 17:24:13 Scientists worry chronic wasting disease will spread to humans Rare
2018-01-18 18:10:42 Democrats worry GOP tax law will cause CA exodus The Sacramento Bee
2017-12-30 16:06:05 EU's east-west schism 'is a bigger worry than Brexit'
2017-12-29 07:54:04 Record Breaking Winter Cold? Dont Worry, the Climate Explainers Have it Covered Watts Up With That?
2017-12-26 06:38:04 Winds of worry: US fishermen fear forests of power turbines
2017-12-22 19:54:02 Activists worry Democrats are giving up their best chance on DACA - Vox
2017-12-06 20:12:05 Citizens Worry After Ad Claims Voting Records Public.
2017-11-14 21:28:07 There's something weird going on that's worrying the markets
2017-11-08 22:12:07 Republicans worry about a Trump backlash that delivers Dems a wave in 2018 McClatchy Washington Bureau
2017-11-07 11:40:13 N.J. Voters Worry About Taxes as They Elect a New Governor - WSJ
2017-11-04 11:28:25 Both Bush Presidents Worry Trump Is Blowing Up the G.O.P. - The New York Times
2017-11-01 07:20:05 As China aims for 'world-class army', Asia starts to worry
2017-10-25 21:44:28 Rosie O'Donnell Breaks Her Silence on Donald Trump: "I Seriously Worry Whether I Will Be Able to Live Through His Presidency" W Magazine

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