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2019-02-04 08:00:01 Crossing Norway's fjords is going to get easier with world's first submerged floating tunnel - ABC News
2019-01-31 07:14:09 China launches a rocket from a SUBMARINE in incredible world first - Mirror Online
2019-01-28 15:34:04 How the world's first vegan hotel suite at Hilton London Bankside is helping animal lovers sleep easy Style Magazine South China Morning Post
2019-01-18 17:02:03 World\'s first floating IMAX installed on NFL owner\'s superyacht.
2019-01-16 20:46:03 World's first robot hotel fires half its 'annoying' non-human workforce Metro News
2019-01-16 19:12:04 The world's first artificial meteor shower is set to fly over Japan to
2019-01-03 06:40:04 China lands spacecraft on 'dark' side of moon in world first
2019-01-01 18:04:03 The World's First Jetpack Racing League is Poised to Take Off in 2019 Digital Trends
2018-12-18 06:46:04 Man set for world's first head transplant CANCELS surgery after falling in love - Mirror Online
2018-12-14 21:30:01 Bionic Eye: Phoenix 99 ready for human trial in world first Daily Star
2018-12-12 18:16:04 Israeli startup Aleph Farms says it made world's first lab-grown steak - Business Insider
2018-12-11 09:00:04 San Fran Creates World\'s First Trans District.
2018-12-06 11:20:06 Australia gets world-first encryption busting laws - Security - iTnews
2018-12-06 06:48:04 World's first honey bee vaccine seeks to save dying pollinators - SFGate
2018-12-04 16:22:03 Worlds first sex robot for women launched complete with customisable penis, fake stubble and Brad Pitts chiselled torso
2018-11-26 09:16:04 Gene-Edited Babies: China Scientists Claim On Worlds First Gene-Edited Babies Sparks Denials
2018-11-21 16:47:55 Watch how a scan takes 3D images of the whole human body at once in a world first Daily Mail Online
2018-11-20 09:34:03 Lexus creates the worlds first filmed advert entirely scripted by AI TechRadar
2018-11-19 23:18:04 Worlds second case of rat hepatitis E in humans reported in Hong Kong, two months after local resident revealed as first patient South China Morning Post
2018-11-16 11:58:01 World's first oral sex robot studies hours of porn to create top 10 techniques - Mirror Online
2018-11-16 11:56:10 The worlds first oral sex robot named Autoblow A.I. has been created by analysing hundreds of hours of porn
2018-11-09 08:46:05 The 'world's first' A.I. news anchor has gone live in China
2018-11-01 15:06:05 The Worlds First Underwater Hotel Villa Opens in the Maldives Architectural Digest
2018-10-30 11:30:05 The world's first humanless warehouse is run only by robots
2018-10-23 13:04:06 China world's largest amphibious plane does first water takeoff test - Business Insider
2018-10-16 18:20:10 U.S. Is Worlds Most Competitive Economy for First Time in a Decade - WSJ
2018-09-30 09:16:05 S.African lion cubs conceived artificially in world first
2018-09-28 06:02:04 World\'s first human case of rat disease.
2018-09-27 00:08:19 World's first flying cars set to go on the market with pre-sales next month Daily Mail Online
2018-09-06 10:10:07 Porn site launches Cardi-Bot - the world's first SEX ROBOT you can get 'down and dirty with' over camera - Mirror Online
2018-08-13 08:24:04 At worlds first cold temperature gym, you still feel the burn
2018-07-31 06:28:04 Apple could become the world's first TRILLION-dollar company today - Mirror Online
2018-07-24 21:24:19 Cryptocurrency news: Chris Kelsey 'will be world's first trillionaire' Daily Star
2018-07-18 06:52:05 Scientists develop \'world first\' melanoma blood test.
2018-07-06 15:46:05 Founder of worlds largest hedge fund says first day of the war with China has begun - MarketWatch
2018-06-26 14:08:05 Meet Shudu, the world's first digital supermodel - SFGate
2018-06-19 20:38:05 Wealth of world's millionaires tops $70 trillion for first time -
2018-06-07 11:48:11 Vladimir Putin talks Third World War and Russia's first World Cup in four-hour long TV call-in show
2018-06-04 17:46:07 Immunotherapy cures late-stage breast cancer in world first: study
2018-05-19 09:14:07 Russia unveils world's first floating nuclear power station
2018-04-24 07:56:08 Robots greet customers at world's first personless bank branch where humanoids manage EVERYTHING - Mirror Online
2018-04-23 13:40:04 Afghanistan Veteran Receives World's First Full Genital Transplant, Johns Hopkins Officials Say - NBC4 Washington
2018-04-22 13:04:11 Space mining asteroids to produce world's first TRILLIONAIRE Daily Star
2018-04-17 07:40:05 Robot to run for mayor in Japan in 'world first' promising 'fairness and balance' for all residents - Mirror Online
2018-04-17 07:32:05 \'World\'s first urine test\' to spot cancer.
2018-03-11 11:32:05 Book details Al Gores quest to become worlds first carbon billionaire Lavishly profited off climate lobbying Climate Depot
2018-02-22 19:32:04 Debt for dolphins: Seychelles creates huge marine parks in world-first finance scheme Environment The Guardian
2018-02-17 10:54:05 World's first human-sheep hybrids pave way for diabetes cure and mass organ transplants
2018-02-09 09:44:05 Human Eggs Developed In The Lab In World First
2018-01-31 18:46:05 Children receive new ears grown from their own cells in world first The Independent

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