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2018-10-18 14:08:06 How Autonomous Vehicles Will Reshape Our World - WSJ
2018-10-05 18:40:05 See the stylish and confusing vehicles from the Paris Auto Show
2018-10-04 19:52:05 Latest self-driving vehicle guidelines let industry self -police
2018-09-19 08:20:05 Weirdest Driverless Vehicle: This Is The Weirdest Driverless Vehicle Youve Ever Seen
2018-09-16 13:48:05 Terminal four at Sky Harbor evacuated due to suspicious vehicle
2018-09-01 09:00:04 Apple Discloses Minor Crash Involving Self-Driving Test Vehicle - BloombergQuint
2018-08-08 16:24:04 New York City votes to cap Uber and Lyft vehicles
2018-07-30 16:54:05 Duterte watches luxury vehicles destroyed in Philippines smuggling crackdown
2018-07-09 13:26:27 Radioactive material stolen from vehicle in Mexico City - NZ Herald
2018-07-02 16:12:06 Woman crashes vehicle through fence in Great Falls - KRTV News in Great Falls, Montana
2018-06-28 11:08:13 Dog 'trapped inside hot truck at McDonald's for 40 MINUTES desperately honks vehicle's horn' - Mirror Online
2018-06-20 19:46:05 The 'stealth sheets' that can hide soldiers and even vehicles from infrared cameras Daily Mail Online
2018-06-14 06:02:05 Uproar over Australian army vehicle flying swastika flag
2018-06-06 07:46:05 SNAP: Man Rams SUV Into Vehicle Repeatedly, Jumps On Top, Tears Off Parts.
2018-06-06 06:12:04 Soldier Leads Virginia Police on Bonkers Mid-Speed Chase in Stolen Armored Vehicle
2018-05-29 17:10:05 Tesla on Autopilot Crashes Into Laguna Beach Police Patrol Vehicle KTLA
2018-05-21 13:40:05 Palestinian crowd pelts US vehicle with eggs
2018-05-13 20:20:04 Bounce House Carrying 9-Year-Old Blown by Winds Onto Highway 395 in Adelanto, Striking Vehicle KTLA
2018-05-04 17:58:05 Again! Self-driving vehicle involved in crash in Chandler - Arizona's Family
2018-05-01 11:40:04 Pentagon To Beat Uber, Tesla In Race Over Self-Driving Vehicles - Bloomberg Quint
2018-04-25 20:20:07 VA nominee considers withdrawing as new allegations emerge of drinking, wrecking government vehicle - The Washington Post
2018-04-18 15:10:05 Driver strips naked, dances in street after causing 5-vehicle...
2018-04-13 17:22:04 Sweden builds first ever electrified road for charging vehicles as they drive The Independent
2018-04-03 12:38:05 Some Wisconsin police are returning military vehicles
2018-03-26 12:38:07 Two Army brigade combat teams will get to test an autonomous robot vehicle this year
2018-03-20 14:12:05 Apples autonomous vehicle fleet has nearly doubled in the last two months TechCrunch
2018-03-18 18:32:05 Why Self-Driving Vehicles Are Going to Deliver Pizzas Before People Fortune
2018-03-10 09:22:04 Military vehicles to roll through Washington in parade
2018-03-06 20:30:04 Californians have attacked self-driving vehicles on San Francisco streets, DMV says The Sacramento Bee
2018-02-27 06:32:05 German Court Rules Cities Can Ban Vehicles to Tackle Air Pollution - The New York Times
2018-02-23 17:32:05 Vehicle rams security gate at White House Daily Mail Online
2018-02-21 19:40:04 Tesla accused of knowingly selling defective vehicles in new lawsuit - The Verge
2018-02-20 13:24:05 Vehicles Stuck On Interstate After Big Rig Leaks Tar.
2018-02-14 13:32:05 NSA: Several hospitalized after vehicle tried to enter
2018-01-25 07:58:05 After crash, injured motorcyclist accuses robot-driven vehicle of negligent driving - The Washington Post
2018-01-20 16:22:05 SNAP: Naked Man Causes Traffic Backup On Highway, Throws Debris At Vehicles.
2018-01-02 16:58:05 New York City to install 1,500 bollards to prevent vehicle ramming attacks
2017-12-28 08:02:04 Introducing the DF-17: Chinas Newly Tested Ballistic Missile Armed With a Hypersonic Glide Vehicle The Diplomat
2017-12-18 12:12:10 Vehicles Struck.
2017-12-14 13:30:05 France school bus crash: Four dead after train collides with vehicle in Perpignan Daily Star
2017-11-06 08:12:05 Church shooter killed himself after vehicle chase, sheriff tells CBS
2017-11-05 17:08:04 UPDATE: Sutherland Springs Shooter NOT FROM AREA - Vehicle Ran Off Road Into Field
2017-10-31 17:16:05 Vehicle Terror Attacks Becoming Normal The Daily Caller
2017-10-31 15:38:08 Multiple people reportedly hit by vehicle in Lower Manhattan, 1 in custody New York's PIX11 / WPIX-TV
2017-10-23 06:44:05 London introduces charge on most polluting vehicles Reuters
2017-09-13 20:20:05 15 Marines injured after amphibious assault vehicle bursts into flames
2017-09-05 20:06:05 Self-driving car vote in House will map out vehicles' future
2017-09-01 18:32:05 Car 0, grizzly 1: Bear survives without even a limp in crash that totals vehicle - Calgary - CBC News
2017-08-31 12:20:09 US Navy leader considers unmanned vehicles to increase power

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